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tony draper 24th Feb 2015 16:27

The really boring and totally pointless snippets thread XXVI
Buggah! that were complicated


BlueDiamond 24th Feb 2015 16:32

Okay, Captain ... all I had to do was delete my first post and, since it was the first one, the thread was automatically deleted so all is now shipshape and as it should be. :ok:

Limeygal 24th Feb 2015 16:35

And I got my shoes onboard :ok:

beaufort1 24th Feb 2015 16:36

Afternoon all. Glorious sunny one hereabouts, car thermometer was reading 10C. :)
SRT many years ago, the stair gate was left undone and I awoke to a fully grown Newfoundland laying across both my legs, I thought paralysis had set in overnight. :ouch:

IB4138 24th Feb 2015 16:38

Afternoon folks.

I now declare the bar on this fine ship open. :ok:

beaufort1 24th Feb 2015 16:39

Ooh good, mine's a large one. :ok:

tony draper 24th Feb 2015 16:41

Suns come out here now,hoofing it down five minutes ago. :uhoh:

Lon More 24th Feb 2015 16:45

stop boasting Beaufort; you'll frighten the horses.

Towel please. The water was cold and deep

AA SLF 24th Feb 2015 17:00

Wonder if a stateroom is still available - orf to lookie see. :rolleyes:

wings folded 24th Feb 2015 17:02

Which fellow passenger took my complimentary large single malt at the top of the gangplank? So I didn't get it? Heh?

handsfree 24th Feb 2015 17:09

Where's me new cabin ?

west lakes 24th Feb 2015 17:21

I dunno, get involved with a discussion at work and miss it all as I travel home, b ut I suppose this is a second one!

Solid Rust Twotter 24th Feb 2015 17:23

There are times one dreams of having a furkid squashing one's drumsticks, Mr Beaufort. Yer doesn't know how good yers has it....:ok:

Reaching over the side of the bunk to tickle the furry ears before drifting back off to sleep is one of those sublime comfort things one misses in the sandpit.

Octopussy2 24th Feb 2015 17:29

Yo ho me hearties!!!

Just off to stash my shoes in my bespoke cedar-wood closet in my de luxe cabin (a girl can dream) then I'll be back to toast the new voyage.

Exascot I trust you picked up some lemons to go with all that gin???

tony draper 24th Feb 2015 17:30

Dont think the new shoreside staff know they are supposed to lock the old thread and transfer it to the library at the end of the universe.
Yon old ship will be filling up wi dossers winos and down and outs of every ilk.:uhoh:
Answer for Mr Ian to question he shouted across just as the old girl went down(no sniggering) tiz a microsoft webcam studio special or summat it shoots filums in full HD

Whiskey Kilo Wanderer 24th Feb 2015 17:47

Steady as she goes
On the new Vessel Bridge Wing, just transfer the running fix from our previous vessel and confirm we are back on our great circle track.

IB4138 24th Feb 2015 17:49

I see that there will be several peeps on a charge come the morrow for continuing to occupy the old vessel. :ooh:

tony draper 24th Feb 2015 17:56

Forgot to say, well done number two, now giz me whistle back. :rolleyes:

Exascot 24th Feb 2015 18:26

I am trying to get all the bars stocked but Fluffy keeps interfering :eek:

Who put two young Thai girls into my executive cabin? I will continue with interviews tomorrow for services required.

Admiral, what is the name of our new ship? I can authorise Squiffy Pussy IV.

wings folded 24th Feb 2015 18:41

My cabin/broom cupboard contains, apart from two brooms (one badly worn, nearly down to the wood) approx 400 boxes of shoes, mostly of Floridian or Swiss origin, with a scattering of Australian ones.

Oh, and a pair of ballerina's pumps labelled US Rangers.

To whom do I complain?

angels 24th Feb 2015 18:42

I imagine a few of our recently joined pals will be scratching their heads!

Can you shove your milk bottle pic on the first post Drapes or is it a job done by a superior being who we miss??

wings, may I suggest that you search lifeboat number 5 for your gold watch....:p

4mastacker 24th Feb 2015 18:43

Phew! Just made it up the gangway. I went ashore off the old boat to purchase some victuals (both solid and liquid). When I came back, there was a fella with a ginormous musket stopping folks get on. Fortunately, he pointed at this fine vessel and told me I should get my @r$e on it sharpish before it leaves harbour!!

wings folded 24th Feb 2015 18:54

Can anybody reassure me that if Captain Schettino is aboard, his duties are limited to entertaining Balkan/Baltic/Eastern European lady pax.

A 45 degree list would send all those shoe boxes flying in all directions, which would sting a bit

SpannerInTheWerks 24th Feb 2015 19:26

Why does Tony Draper's number of Posts never change?

It's always 82!

lasernigel 24th Feb 2015 19:41

Wow that was a fast swim, Atlantic is a bit choppy at the moment.

Need to warm up and get some dry clothes.

Limeygal 24th Feb 2015 19:42

Uh-oh-Mr. Spanner said the P word.

Groundgripper 24th Feb 2015 20:21

Jet Blast is considered a sub-culture whose contributors are too lowly for their efforts to be worthy of recognition in terms of the number of their contributions which is reserved for those who inhabit the exalted world of those fora with technical discussions on matters aeronautical.

But they're not nearly as much fun:O


wings folded 24th Feb 2015 20:22

Where people talk absolute crap, unlike here where the conversations are highly uplifting.

fleigle 24th Feb 2015 20:25

Some bugger stole me Mars bar, it was the last
thing that I stowed in me kit bag and now its gone.... lookout !!


tony draper 24th Feb 2015 20:30

Micheal Angelo's picture of the milk bottle just used to appear by magic I know not from whence.:uhoh:

Groundgripper 24th Feb 2015 20:34

Micheal Angelo
Wasn't he in The Sopranos?


tony draper 24th Feb 2015 20:51

No I have pictures of all the Soprano characters on me bedroom wall, :rolleyes:
Actually I found the picture using proon search but its the wrong format I cant open it to send it forth to my bucket. :(
Says it's a JPG file worrever that is.:uhoh:
Here be the link if someone knows how to do puter stuff and change it to a proper file civilians know how to use.

Wodrick 24th Feb 2015 21:04

Only just, busy footie night


Steal away

beaufort1 24th Feb 2015 21:07


tony draper 24th Feb 2015 21:07

Wont let me save that to me desktop either says it's not a valid bitmap,worrever them is.:uhoh:

beaufort1 24th Feb 2015 21:08

Deja double view. :}

tony draper 24th Feb 2015 21:17

Right gorrit Mr Beaufort,transferred to first post, you are a diamond. :rolleyes:

johnfairr 24th Feb 2015 21:38

All a bit technical, this malarkey.

Bring back the days of Slasher, Singapore Girl, shoes and The Brothers . . . .


cockney steve 24th Feb 2015 21:43

everyone saying that the max. no. of entries is 10,000,- yet the last one is showing as 10,009......methinks someone has been had. a bit like those printers which say "ink empty, replace cartridge" even though the damned thing is visibly half full..

Well, Mr. Printer con-man, I use [email protected] printers nowadays and just rechip the cartridge or reset it. :p:ok: up yours.!

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