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tony draper 25th Feb 2015 08:02

Morning peeps,bluish sky out there this morning,one is almost afraid to say tinternet seems ok this morning.
You appear to be skilled in that sort of work Madam Blue Diamond so one is considering giving you a break from the stout sail canvas underpants and knicker workshop this trip and setting you the task of knitting wooly covers for the anchors.
Victorian Sculpture,made by artists in flat caps wi feckin big hammers. :ok:

IB4138 25th Feb 2015 08:18

Morning all.

Too much brown sauce on sausage sarnie this morning, as it has dribbled on to my sweatshirt cuff. :rolleyes:

Very windy overnight. Collected many fallen lemons on the dog walk.

Exascot 25th Feb 2015 08:38

We have three pelicans on the lagoon at the moment. Below is the view from the bar at the safari camp yesterday lunchtime, you can just about make out the three pelicans in the distance.

deptrai 25th Feb 2015 09:04

Thank you, unnamed German airport security, for letting my 10 year old daughter keep her 200 ml cough syrup, that she hadn't put in the checked in luggage because her mother told her its important she takes it. Seriously, no irony, great guys. Faith in humanity restored.

BlueDiamond 25th Feb 2015 09:50

That's a win, deptrai! Well done those officers. :ok:

You appear to be skilled in that sort of work Madam Blue Diamond so one is considering giving you a break from the stout sail canvas underpants and knicker workshop this trip and setting you the task of knitting wooly covers for the anchors.
One admits to a certain degree of proficiency in that area, Captain. I recently made a cobra-knot belt for my nephew from paracord and I have a couple of Turks Head "woggles" here that I made in different colours for tidying the ends of my scarves. In addition, I am actually very good at knitting (can knit just about anything actually). Looking forward to an extended break from handling that stout canvas though ... it is SO rough on the fingers! Not to mention other places ...

Once the fluffy pink anchor covers are finished one shall commence work on a matching bonnet for the radome. :ok:

Solid Rust Twotter 25th Feb 2015 09:56

Sweet Underpants of Hekla, Mr Ascot!:ooh:

It's been a long winter wherever those pale ntombezaans are from. Might want to warn them to go long on the suntan lotion and short on the exposure. Ten minutes in direct sunlight could kill them...

Avtrician 25th Feb 2015 10:11

Bring back the days of Slasher, Singapore Girl, shoes and The Brothers . . . .
I do believe that boarding passes were issued and sent ( By Royal Mail), they should have them one day.

Sorry for the delay in reporting, the frangible thwistle managed to engage the reverse widget causing a hiccup in the Tardis reactor. I think Bluey has been making hard landings in Paris again, and the Frogs havd been using the back panels as a pissoir.

I think there has been a mistake with my cabin, I ordered a non share, and good lighting. This isnt good enough. How does one get black n white lighting???


angels 25th Feb 2015 10:18

Morning. Wet here, but going to dry up later apparently.

exascot - I can't see the bally pelicans at all! But what I do see are loads of women, but no men. Can you not control yourself man?!

drapes - Sorry I put you to a load of grief with the milk bottle. The place isn't the same without it. Thanks to those who assisted.

lon - That is naughty, nicking a man's Mar Bar from his lunch box.

Reminds of me shortly after I started work as a messenger and some of the chaps nicked a quiet bloke's banana. When he realised it was gone, he pronounced, "This has ruined my day." Walked out to the nearest pub, tied one on and went home.

He came in the next day at the usual time and nothing was ever said. No-one ever nicked his banana again either for fear that within this quiet man lurked a tortured soul that would do heinous and painful things to anyone he caught pinching his banana....:ooh:

Checkboard 25th Feb 2015 10:45

the Monkey's Fist is solid and was often used to add weight to a rope before throwing it.
I think the FSL is more interested in applying the monkey's fist to the ship's discipline system than chucking a rope away :ooh: :E

Blacksheep 25th Feb 2015 11:10

Cabin's OK. It isn't en-suite but there's always the porthole. :rolleyes:

...those who inhabit the exalted world of those fora with technical discussions on matters aeronautical.
Being of a technical persuasion, engaged in Avionics wizardry for half of the entire history of powered flight and a MRAeS, one used to post in the technical fora, but gave it up as a bad job. I could no longer put up with the amateurs and MS Flight Simulator nutters who infest the formerly hallowed halls. PPRuNe is not the place it was in the days when Danny owned and ran it. Could also be why we're missing a certain someone these days.

Its so much nicer in TRABB and one meets a nicer class of people here.

Avtrician 25th Feb 2015 11:23

One has had a word to the Purser, I think he was trying to trick me. This is my new cabin, the other was for the stokers I believe.. Dont know why we have stokers, this ship is powered by a Tardis Time warp reactor, dont need stoking..

I will untie the Pursers thumbs tomorrow, just before he takes that long walk off a short plank.


joy ride 25th Feb 2015 11:56

You dirty rotten swines, you. I do not like this "Being left all alone in a sinking ship" game. I called for my captai all night: "Captain Schettino", I called, "Where are you Captain Schettino?" but he and everyone else had jumped ship, you dirty rotted swines. ;)

Morning all.

Lon More 25th Feb 2015 12:10


the dreaded deading is approaching.

handsfree 25th Feb 2015 12:14

Was volunteered as a bag carrier for a foray to Mr T. Esco's Emporium this morning. I thought the day was a right off but NO there in the freezer I did espy Holland's Steak and Kidney puds and what is more these were made with Guinness.

I've just tried one and am now a very happy bunny. :)

BlueDiamond 25th Feb 2015 12:26

Nice cabins, hf and Avi ... I've chosen this one ...


Avtrician 25th Feb 2015 12:37

Yours is a bit of a blank slate Bluey

Joy Ride, we have had complaints from the cleaners, seems you have had a nice refreshing swim and are now dripping gallons of salt water every where. Please go to your cabin and clean up or you may end up in the stokers quarters

joy ride 25th Feb 2015 12:48

I have just my bath, oooooeraghhh, <<sploooosh>>>.....I have fallen in the water.

ricardian 25th Feb 2015 12:55

Handsfree - you tried just one? Commendable restraint

lonkmu 25th Feb 2015 13:22

Talking of bottles falling from the sky here is a funny scene from: The Gods Must be Crazy

Watched this as kids in SA - SRT will remember well


BlueDiamond 25th Feb 2015 13:29

Hmmm ... that's really interesting, Avi ... the pic showed okay when I first put it up but now as you say, it's a blank slate. Okay, let's put it into Photobucket first and do it that way. Here we go ... ta daaaaaaaaa. :)


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