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west lakes 24th Feb 2015 21:51

everyone saying that the max. no. of entries is 10,000,- yet the last one is showing as 10,009......methinks someone has been had.
An earlier version of the softwear did limit a thread to 10,000 posts, though it does not any more does not matter as tradition of XXV TRABBs means that we stick to that figure.

Not 'cos we have to, because the regulars and the FSL want to.

tony draper 24th Feb 2015 21:58

Threads used to be limited to 100 posts, Danny pounced on em at 100 and snip! they were gone.
Summat to do with the server as was the later 10,000 limit

IB4138 24th Feb 2015 22:05

Excellent result at the Emptyhead. Well done Barca.

tony draper 24th Feb 2015 22:11

Buggah! forgot that was on, was watching Deadwood anyway.:uhoh:

Capn Notarious 24th Feb 2015 22:44

In December I received a book about knots.
Not proficient enough for shipboard work.
But I have started hanging up the green bottles; for the choir to sing about.

G-CPTN 24th Feb 2015 22:57

My deceased brother was, when he was a youth, a scout (Baden Powell type).
He 'made' a knot which was a complete sphere (on the end of a string 'tail').

tony draper 24th Feb 2015 23:07

A Turks Head?:)

G-CPTN 24th Feb 2015 23:17

Originally Posted by tony draper
A Turks Head?


redsnail 25th Feb 2015 00:53

Better get some shut eye. In 24 hours time I'll be in Russia....

tony draper 25th Feb 2015 00:58

I have a feeling that in 24 hours Russia could be here.:uhoh:

meadowrun 25th Feb 2015 01:06

Better get that bitmap thingie sorted Mr. D. Most pic files are Jpeg.
Bitmap went out with steam powered hefalumps.

BlueDiamond 25th Feb 2015 02:29

Forgot to say, well done number two, now giz me whistle back.
Here ya go, Captain Draper, sir ...


... I've even made a nice, new lanyard for you. :ok:

He 'made' a knot which was a complete sphere (on the end of a string 'tail').
That's called a Monkey's Fist knot, like so ...


And a Turk's Head is like this ...


The Turk's Head is "hollow" and often used as woggles by scouts, and the Monkey's Fist is solid and was often used to add weight to a rope before throwing it.

Exascot 25th Feb 2015 05:13

Morning folks. Buck's Fizz served in all bars for breakfast to celebrate our first day aboard. This will continue for 24 hrs to cater for all time zones. Visiting other shipmates time zones is encouraged. :ok:

My father in the UK seems to have stopped his roller coaster ride. Me thinks he will not pick up again. But, as the consultant said, 'He's a tough old bugger'.

Solid Rust Twotter 25th Feb 2015 05:47

...did anyone remember Fluffy's cat food.

Hasn't he moved into LB #5 until Fluffy's done with the one in the chain locker?

gupta 25th Feb 2015 05:57

Permission to board? - sorry about running late

handsfree 25th Feb 2015 06:53

Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night all
(that should cover everyone).

I must say I'm quite pleased with my new cabin.
Hope everybody else is as happy with their accommodation.


alisoncc 25th Feb 2015 07:32

Mine is similar, except the bed is on a rotating platform allowing it to be orientated using Feng Shui principles.

Lon More 25th Feb 2015 07:33

Some bugger stole me Mars bar, it was the last
thing that I stowed in me kit bag and now its gone.... lookout !!
Fried it with bacon egg and a square slice for breakfast, Thanks

Lon More 25th Feb 2015 07:52

Knot sure what this one is.Nice narrowboat fender though


Wodrick 25th Feb 2015 07:57

Morning all, the first of the next seven months voyage (about)

A beautiful, if breezy, morning. Very good vis for the morning and the Dark Continent clearly visible. This is very rare as it is usually an evening event.

Car serviced but has a problem with the Timing Chain, deferred, NSA.

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