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Wodrick 28th Feb 2015 10:39

*Ibbie* have to visit the lottery shop then, girl who operates it is like a swarthy Jane Hill although, unlike Ms Hill, she is of similar proportions lower down. One thinks of the Italian Job and Benny Hill.

Limeygal 28th Feb 2015 13:12

Exascot-thoughts with you today

Ibbie-sorry to hear things are not good.

Sending some TRABBforce to those in need of it today.

Haven't seen a Wookie yet. Spotted a red shirt at the restaurant last night. Obviously on an away mission. I wondered if he realized that was probably his last meal. Historically, the red shirts never make it back!!

Groundgripper 28th Feb 2015 14:47

I've just realised that this ship has been named differently to the previous one, and not only by number. When I first boarded some years ago it was called
The Really Really Absolutely Boring and Totally Pointless Snippets of Information Thread.

By the time we'd got to the Mark XXIV version it had lost the 'Absolutely'

This time we've lost one 'Really' and 'of Information'

Is this due to Government cutbacks, an increase in taxation or did someone hire a passing itinerant signwriter to do a cut price job?:E

I realise there were problems in the old days with the name meeting itself coming the other way round the stern because of the relatively small size of the ship, but surely we have enough space these days, judging by the size of some of the staterooms on board?:eek:

How can we offer Trrabforce if we don't have an A in the name?


Exascot 28th Feb 2015 15:36

Thanks everyone particularly for PMs. My father was very traditional and religious. If he knows that his last rites were from a lady vicar he would come back and haunt her. I think that what did him in was their last vicar just becoming the first Bishop of the Church of England. Personally no objection. I have an ex-girlfriend who is now a vicar :p

Sorry, I have had a few beers, but 'I once [email protected] a vicar' is always a good way to bring a dinner party conversation to a screaming halt.

EDDNHopper 28th Feb 2015 16:47

Thoughts are with you, Exascot!

EDDNHopper 28th Feb 2015 16:50

And indeed, someone's nicked half this thread's title! I want my money back!

IB4138 28th Feb 2015 17:17

Sorry to learn of your loss Exascot.

Self medication with anti-inflamatories has got me walking without pain again.

sitigeltfel 28th Feb 2015 17:18

Originally Posted by beaufort1 (Post 8883610)
New hammer drill arrived yesterday but the chuck mechanism doesn't work so I'm having to send it back. :(

Is it a Bosch perchance? Lots of gripes about them on review sites. No matter how tight you clamp the drill bit, the bloody chuck always slackens off. :oh::*

tony draper 28th Feb 2015 17:21

Sorry to learn of your loss Mr Exascot.:(
I couldn't get the full thread title into the space allocated for it and I panicked.:{

beaufort1 28th Feb 2015 19:10

sitigeltfel no a B&D, the chuck wouldn't move at all, then I removed the screw bolt which held the chuck mechanism to the main shaft which wouldn't do up again. Frustrating, but another replacement on the way and I hope the 12.00 + postage will be refunded. ;)

angels 28th Feb 2015 19:50

Evening. Okay here. The weather people had been threatening torrents of rain but there's been some drizzle and that's about it. In fact the heating is off and I have the back door open to clear the remnants of the smoke from the frying pan. Lucky I like my bacon well done. :O

Exascot, sincere commiserations. But ( and I know this is corny) a good innings and at least the struggle is over.

It's not often that one sees the words 'I panicked' in a post by Drapes!! :eek:

Edited to add I have just closed the back door and it is absolutely peeing down....

ricardian 28th Feb 2015 20:08

RNLI Stromness were in action last night

Also a very quick tour of the boat

redsnail 28th Feb 2015 21:14

So sorry Exascot, good vicar story though. :ok:

tony draper 28th Feb 2015 21:19

A sunny day long ago.

Lon More 28th Feb 2015 21:24

Is that Walford Mr. D.? Must be a long dead relly of the owner of the chippy.

lasernigel 28th Feb 2015 21:35

Good day all. Ben a few showers here today.

Sorry for your loss Exascot.

Thoughts with you as well Ibby.

Some cracking old photos there.:ok:

Can we edit the thread name back to what it was when I first joined one wonders, or do we have to wait for the next ship???

tony draper 28th Feb 2015 21:41

No it's the top of the Lang Stairs in the Toon Mr Nigel.:)
It used to be the Mods who fettled the thread title if a arse was made of it. :(
This is the other side of that strangely shaped house,apparently they had lunatic architects in those days as well. :rolleyes:

Tankertrashnav 28th Feb 2015 22:43

I've just been watching Reginald D. Hunter in Georgia in his series about music from the South.

37 years after they were formed I have just discovered who the B52s are. I was previously only dimly aware of their existence because they had the same name as the bomber.

It never ceases to amaze me how much stuff I don't know :(

G-CPTN 28th Feb 2015 22:51

You're never too old to learn.

It is several Centuries since there were people who knew everything that there was to be known.

Blacksheep 1st Mar 2015 00:10

Yep! definitely resembles Thamel on a quiet day. My word, how far we have come in such a short time.

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