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lasernigel 6th Apr 2015 07:31

Good morning all. Overcast and a dampness in the air.

Enjoyed the footie yesterday, just hope the same can be said for tonight!

tony draper 6th Apr 2015 08:40

Morning peeps beautiful start here like a late spring day,of the footy I shall say naught,think I myself may indulge in a soft boiled egg and soldiers a bit later,settle for a cuppa and a ciggy for now. :)

IB4138 6th Apr 2015 09:02

Morning folks.

Restless and painful night that was. Limping about again and even some pain whilst sitting this morning. Couple that with an extremely sore throat and I am not very happy and quite short tempered, to the point where war has been declared on any inanimate object that don't behave it's self.

In addition with these stupid off-set Easter holidays in the UK and the EU, my quarterly pension is showing as being in my UK bank account,last Friday 3rd, as it should. However that day and today are UK holidays and the value date for my, MY MONEY, is shown as tomorrow,the 7th. Some should have been converted and be in my Spanish bank this morning, but no chance till the morrow and if the rates plunge,it's tuff on me. Soddin Easter, banks and holidays! :mad:

handsfree 6th Apr 2015 09:12

Good morning Ibbie :E

(Hope the knee feels better soon)

PAXfips 6th Apr 2015 09:18

Monies in bank accounts are not yours. :\

tony draper 6th Apr 2015 09:33

After today I would keep very careful toot on your pensions,one month it wont turn up but you'll get a nice letter saying you funds have been transferred as per your instructions to your new bank in Nigeria.
The financial industry spivs must be rubbing their hands together this morning.

IB4138 6th Apr 2015 09:54

Mrs IB saw a blackbird yesterday looking in through the closed back door,stood on the step.

This morning,I assume the same blackbird has hopped through the open door into the kitchen to Molly's food bowl and helped itelf to some dry foodbefore exiting the way it came in.

Never a camera to hand when you want one.

tony draper 6th Apr 2015 10:09

Down in the clarts.:uhoh:

PAXfips 6th Apr 2015 10:15

IB: like that? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6iFufXkDBEQ

Wodrick 6th Apr 2015 10:23

Sat waiting in the horspital for an 1120, at least my form has gone in the right door

IB4138 6th Apr 2015 10:25

No,through back door, turned left into kitchen, right to dog bowl, grabbed one piece of food in beak then retraced steps. Outside it broke the food up and ate it, before flying off.

Fareastdriver 6th Apr 2015 10:47


That's not a real seagull. It didn't crap all over the floor.

Lon More 6th Apr 2015 10:50

Looking for some old boaty songs found this

and this http://gerald-massey.org.uk/Canal/c_chapter_14.htm

Because my flat in Folkestone is only occupied about one week in four seagulls took over the balcony. I had to wait until the end of the nesting season to evict them and put up netting. I removed over one rubbish bag of guano. Half way through the Op. stopped for coffee and found a small seagull had returned, presumably it had flown in so just returned it to the sky, which it didn't seem to like as it directly assumed a negative RoC. Next morning there were just a few feathers by the door.

IB4138 6th Apr 2015 10:53

Going out for more meds at the pharmacy and liquid pain killer at the local.

tony draper 6th Apr 2015 11:04

Talking about movies a while back and of the same movies that are endlessly repeated on the Telly,some good films we very rarely see, ie The Bargee,Harry Corbett and a whole raft of Brit actors about the last days of the working canal boats in the sixties,I think I have seen it once on the TV.

lasernigel 6th Apr 2015 11:27

The Bargee,
You can still get the DVD on the South American river site.

Or have a watch of this.

?rel=0" frameborder="0" gesture="media" allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen>

handsfree 6th Apr 2015 12:46

Thanks for the canal clips, gentlemen. The season is approaching and it's always good to catch the right mood music. :ok:

You can tell we've got a couple of new cookery books.
Todays fayre is Whittingham Buttons which are a Northumberland biscuit with a difference. You use custard powder along with the flour. Just about to come out of the oven and the smell is wonderful.

A thick country soup made with lots of root veg, lentils, split peas and barley etc and some sourdough baguettes on the go at the moment to accompany it.

Once I get the bread into the proof stage I can get out and mow the lawns.
A couple of hours should be enough.

Lon More 6th Apr 2015 12:56

Handsfree you might find Songs of the Inland Waterways interesting. Such gems as The Fray Bentos tinned pie

Fallen trees block your way
The propeller’s stuck fast
Or the pound it has simply run dry
There're no pubs close at hand
Fresh food’s sell-by’s long past
So get out the Fray Bentos tinned pie

Some ideas of a British canal holiday
May be gleaned from a glossy Blakes guide
The reality offers experiences new
Like the famous Fray Bentos tinned pie
Every boat on the system carries these pies
Some use them as ballast I’m told
They are useful because they never get used
For emergencies only they’re stored

When provisions are low and there’s no food left fresh
There’s a desperate search for some ‘eats’
We could eat the tinned pie some wag suggests
With puff pastry and its dubious meats
You can’t eat the tinned pie, comes quick the retort
For emergencies only it says
We may have no food but we will not starve
There’s a take-away ten miles that way

The emergency comes and the pie must be ate
We’re marooned just before Tixall Wide
Though the circular tin looks so inviting
With no opener we can’t get inside
When I throw the tin overboard Dame Fortune smiles
I just cannot believe my good luck
To go with the store-cupboard soy sauce and rice
We can now add one crispy dazed duck!

handsfree 6th Apr 2015 13:45

Very good, Lon :D

Every few years I get a yearning for a tinned Fray Bentos pie, usually when Mrs HF is safely out of the way, and I'll indulge myself.
Always, but always, it is a huge disappointment but by the time the yearning come upon me again I'll have forgotten and the moment will once again be relived.
It's not only me either. It must be a thing men do.

Strange :confused:

Wodrick 6th Apr 2015 13:52

Well that is that, nip to the local health place, visit the vampire and we operate. One month she says, we will see.

Provisions then and Chicken Saag para el noche.

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