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tony draper 2nd Oct 2015 08:43

I don't believe it!!
?Transphobic? Midwives Must Say ?Birthing Individuals? To Not Offend Breastfeeding Transgender Dad

Why aren't the creatures who think this stuff up taken outside strapped to a post and dismantled using junior hacksaw blades.

MTOW 2nd Oct 2015 09:20

If you put it in a novel, any editor you put your manuscript to would laugh you out of the room. Even Tom Sharpe (of Blott on the Landscape fame) would hesitate to try something as outlandish as that.

Ancient Observer 2nd Oct 2015 09:37

I'm told there is lots of room for them in Syria. They could worry themselves silly about transgendering in Syria.

DX Wombat 2nd Oct 2015 13:39

Words fail me. :*

Ancient Observer 2nd Oct 2015 13:55

Which particular word has failed in this instance?

I thought that transgendering was rather a strong word. Unlikely to fail.

I bet you wanted to say "FFS". Again, strong words.

Caboclo 2nd Oct 2015 15:19

You can't deny nature. Those who try will only make fools of themselves.

AN2 Driver 2nd Oct 2015 23:24

Even Tom Sharpe (of Blott on the Landscape fame) would hesitate to try something as outlandish as that.
I think he would have had a good chuckle reading that article and possibly it might have found its way in the next "Wilt". I don't think he would have hesitated but it was too outlandish even for him. He was not exactly of the hesitant kind when it came to quite grotesque plots.... looking at some of the stuff he did in "The Trowback" or the "Wilt" series...

Sharpe is really missed in this crazy world.

ORAC 3rd Oct 2015 05:52

Walking Ballast 3rd Oct 2015 11:04

Seriously.....Sounds like a total c0ck up if you ask me!

Mallan 3rd Oct 2015 14:19

We're all going to hell in a hand cart.

fitliker 3rd Oct 2015 14:52

Rage bait .I wonder if that term will become all the rage :)

Dea Certe 3rd Oct 2015 22:19

Mr Draper, a book was written in 1976 by Marge Piercy titled "A woman on the edge of Time" that described a whole lot of what's happening today. Including lactating men. It was just a crazy dystopia when I read it back then but much of it has come to pass today. Eerie and scary.

ehwatezedoing 3rd Oct 2015 22:39

As much as I find a woman "donner la tété" to a baby natural to all its extend.
But a man lactating a baby (or pretending to) that is just plain sick, wrong, gross....

Here, I said it!

West Coast 3rd Oct 2015 23:59

Where does it end? I'd be cursed to have to live a long lifespan and find out the answer.

What's only talked about in the most icky of chat rooms will likely be the next human rights campaign.

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