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sitigeltfel 3rd Sep 2015 09:16

Now, just another sad and, frankly, emotive statistic, but formerly.......a human being.
Where were your bleatings when this was occurring?

I'm sorry but this pseudo-guilt is vomit inducing.
A picture of a dead toddler and shreik.. the shock horror! Do any of these guilt mongers give stuff about children being donned with suicide vests and sent to ask a US soldier for candy before being remotely detonated ?
or the 74 children executed by ISIS in June.
No they dont give a stuff because it's not an image they can see. They would rather potificate about one dead child than tackle the problem.
Using a dead child for a guilt trip is really the lowest of the f*****g low.

Flashback: April 2015 | Media Guido

TractorBoy 3rd Sep 2015 09:40

Now, just another sad and, frankly, emotive statistic, but formerly.......a human being.

How many more there are like this poor soul we may never know....

Still, he won't be a threat to you Mail reading, "Wisteria Lane" existence now will he.?

Shocking images of drowned Syrian boy show tragic plight of refugees | World news | The Guardian
Given that the family (who wanted to escape the war in Syria) were in Turkey at the time, which is a safe country for them, why didn't they stay there rather than risk the lives of their 2 children crossing to Greece? Perhaps it's because Turkey doesn't have a Welfare State system?

vctenderness 3rd Sep 2015 09:48

I get really annoyed by this. I have. Home near Bodrum and can assure you it is perfectly safe. It is also a majority Muslim country but others are welcome so no persecution.

The top people smuggler in Turkey lives openly in Izmir which is a bus ride away from Bodrum and the areas he operates in are well known. What are the Turkish authorities doing about it? Sweet FA!

The poor little lad shouldn't have drowned bit his parents are to blame along with the scum people smuggler and the Turkish police. It sure as hell ain't the UK's fault

tony draper 3rd Sep 2015 10:48

As throughout history the vast majority of those people who arrive as they invariably will, will be inflicted on those who are already at the bottom of our societies ladDer certainly not upon or anywhere near the class of those who will make these decisions,no skin off their noses,the pot already stretched thin will stretch a bit more,the decision makers get their cut from the top, again no skin off their noses.
The old reasoning shoved out used to be well those at the bottom will move up a rung and the new proles will then occupy the position ie jobs housing environmental niche previously occupied by them.
Trouble is there is no ladder now.
If those people are allowed into Europe it is the start of the collapse of the whole edifice, you can forget the western liberal democratic reasonably affluent way of life most of us have experienced for your grandchildren.

skydiver69 3rd Sep 2015 10:50

Why aren't Syrians and Iraqis being welcomed with open arms by their fellow Muslims in Saudi or Kuwait? They have money and land, but it wouldn't be something to do with them being a different sort of Muslim would it (Alawite/Sunni/Shi'ite)?

Wyler 3rd Sep 2015 11:22

The UAE, Saudi and Qatar are awash with money and resources so why are they not opening their arms up for these poor souls? Jordan is skint (I used to live there) and yet they have taken more than a million.
I notice in this country the religious fraternity are very quick to rant at the Government for lack of action. Every town has a church so why do they not open their doors every day as feeding centres and stay open at night as hostels. Is that not a true Christian response to this kind of crisis? Too busy talking baout women as Bishops and the lead on their roofs.
Don't look for any leadership from our Politicians either, not a backbone between them and as for the great EU - nothing more than a paper tiger. All words, policies and NO joined up action.
A desperate situation.
Wars have started for much less.....watch this space.

funfly 3rd Sep 2015 11:37

Contrary to my usual liberal attitudes, I wonder if the reaction to anyone attempting to illegally enter any country is to refuse them entry and return them to the point of exit.

There are legal ways of requesting adoption by any country and I welcome all immigrants who go down this route, in fact the UK has benefitted from this over the years.

I have recently changed my mind on this.

If a destitute person arrived at my own door I would give them nourishment but I wouldn't let them stay with me.

Octopussy2 3rd Sep 2015 11:42

Wyler if you're talking about UK churches, then the refugees have to be let in by the government before the churches can act in the way you're suggesting.

maliyahsdad2 3rd Sep 2015 12:01

Originally Posted by MTOW (Post 9103643)
The faces of refugees then and now ? News

Sadly, for far too many of the young men leaving the country of their birth for Europe, the US or Australia, the only thing they didnít like about life in their home countries was that THEY were not the ones wielding the whip hand there.

So they come to the West with a clear plan to address that small problem in the new lands they have self-selected.

At least hats will make a comeback, If you still have a head to put it on.

maliyahsdad2 3rd Sep 2015 12:03

Originally Posted by Krystal n chips (Post 9103890)
Now, just another sad and, frankly, emotive statistic, but formerly.......a human being.

How many more there are like this poor soul we may never know....

Still, he won't be a threat to you Mail reading, "Wisteria Lane" existence now will he.?

Shocking images of drowned Syrian boy show tragic plight of refugees | World news | The Guardian

They were already safe in Turkey, The family were escaping Turkey to Kos!

G-CPTN 3rd Sep 2015 12:06

Originally Posted by maliyahsdad2
The family were escaping Turkey to Kos!

Apparently intending to travel to Canada . . .

tony draper 3rd Sep 2015 12:28

Bloke on th Telly just said we should be willing to do what Germany is doing,
What that then, first you reduce the European population by about 20 million?

G-CPTN 3rd Sep 2015 12:46

Migrants crisis: Unease as Czech police ink numbers on skin - BBC News

SOPS 3rd Sep 2015 12:54

Funny you should mention 20 million, Mr Draper. Some talking head fron the UN was just on the news here, saying the EU should prepare to accept another 20 million people! These guys are living in some sort of parallel universe. Where does he think they will go?

That is the equivalent of taking every person, and I mean every person in Australia, and moving them to Europe. And then having them all go on welfare.

On another point, a lot of the video I see, these ' poor down trodden people', are all talking on their mobile phones. Where are they getting the SIM cards from? Who is paying the bills?

It's like those that were arriving on boats in Australia. They had sat phones and were already talking to lawyers while still at sea.

Andy_S 3rd Sep 2015 13:08

If it were just a question of the migrants currently in Europe being absorbed, and that were the end of the problem, I'd say yes - let's do it.

The trouble is that they'll just keep on coming. Especially once the recent arrivals start making plans to bring over their wider families and friends to join them. There's already a lot of evidence that the current wave of migrants, rather than simply being satisfied with arriving in a place of safety, are demanding to be allowed to settle in particular countries

I've said this before, and I'll repeat it - we cannot solve the worlds problems by importing them to Europe.

Peter-RB 3rd Sep 2015 14:03

Just look at the men,..they are mostly of mid 20/30 years of age range, to me they could be an army(disguised) on the move, all with mobiles, all talking on them ..to whom, and why.. Why do many hide there faces when confronted with TV and press cameras, big trouble will afflict our country so we must not let any more into our COUNTRY.

we will all live to regret it, if our head politicos back down and let em in.

SpringHeeledJack 3rd Sep 2015 14:05

I've only skimmed the thread, at least the day's offerings and it seems to me that slowly it's dawning on even the most kind-hearted of us, that a new situation has developed and it goes beyond any recent experiences. Something needs to be done and it seems to me that there's a foul smell about. Yes, there are war refugees, but as has been pointed out the majority of the illegal would-be immigrants seem to be overwhelmingly male, between 20 and 30yrs old and from Africa and/or a 'stan' country.

It is social engineering, but with mal intent as it's goal.

In my social circle, those with the most worth and strangely with the least contact with anyone who has a swarthy complexion seem to be the most vehemently liberal in their views :hmm: I see things on a daily basis that have long indicated to me that a change is happening and it's only now going somewhat parabolic in nature. As has been said, let every supporter of these 'future assets' host them indefinitely at their cost and in their own home with their family.


G-CPTN 3rd Sep 2015 14:23

Hungarian police order refugees off train heading to Austrian border | World news | The Guardian

G-CPTN 3rd Sep 2015 14:34

Migrants refuse to leave train near Hungary camp - BBC News

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