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slowjet 25th Aug 2015 09:14

Careful Boing, K&C with a K might call you a moron. I think I was. I only had an MGB, British racing green (of course). Chick's who stumbled out of the Vanners with us seemed to prefer you Spitfire boys.

BOING 26th Aug 2015 03:29

Spitfire car rebuild in progress right now. Somehow there was a mistake in my parts collection and it ended up with a BMW 4 cylinder up front. I just tell the lookers that the BMW stands for Birmingham Motor Works.

Thinking of painting it BRG.

K&C probably thinks I'm in my second childhood! Wrong, I haven't finished the first one yet. :ok::ok::ok:


Krystal n chips 26th Aug 2015 07:27

" K&C with a K might call you a moron"

Not at all. I have enjoyed plenty of nights socialising shall we say and people do.

You do, however, more than qualify for the term moron when you subsequently ignore your responsibility for your own, and others, lives by driving, operating machinery, flying, driving a train, to name but a few examples, when you have been drinking.

Dead simple you might say.

AtomKraft 26th Aug 2015 07:47

Things have changed.

My chum (he's about 70, still likes a gargle) told me of a time when he staggered out the pub in Largs one sunny afternoon.

He was on his umpteenth attempt at unlocking his car when the policeman approached him. "Have you been drinking, sir?"

"'Course I bloody have", said Hughie.

"Well, be very careful" said the officer.

And he was. Like I say, things have changed.

slowjet 26th Aug 2015 12:54

K&C : I guess 80% of flyboys in the 70's were morons then. I don't recall a single airline incident. I don't recall any of us morons being involved in alcohol related incidents.ANY ! Point everyone is making is that alcohol will influence in an individual manner. Zero tolerance is a bit harsh and the very low limits imposed these days are pretty well a zero tolerance. OK, if that's the deal, we sign up to it. In the 70's, it was not the deal and I know of no-one who got hurt or hurt others. Balance dear boy. You do seem to be struggling with good sense on this topic. Pity. Most of your other posts are sheer delight. In N Korea, you won't even have access to a laptop. Careful. Cripes, I think you might even like that !

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