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dazdaz1 8th Jun 2015 15:18

Mock EU vote/In/Out
No diversifying, Yes or No.

Should the UK remain in the EU.

YES or NO?

keyboard flier 8th Jun 2015 15:21


MadsDad 8th Jun 2015 15:25



CargoMatatu 8th Jun 2015 15:28


Effluent Man 8th Jun 2015 15:30

No (Ten characters)

goldfrog 8th Jun 2015 15:37

Oh! yes quite definitly

Smeagol 8th Jun 2015 15:43

No, No, No....Does that count for 3 votes?

farsouth 8th Jun 2015 16:00


papajuliet 8th Jun 2015 16:04

Definitely NO.

BruisedCrab 8th Jun 2015 16:06

Unless the PM pulls of a miracle, NO.

Fox3WheresMyBanana 8th Jun 2015 16:30

Non, Nein, Nei, Nej, Não, Nie, όχι

rgbrock1 8th Jun 2015 16:34

Originally Posted by Fox3WheresMyBanana (Post 9004442)
Non, Nein, Nei, Nej, Não, Nie, όχι

You forgot, Nyet. :}:E

beaufort1 8th Jun 2015 16:40

No, best thing we ever did not joining.;)

om15 8th Jun 2015 16:51

Possibly, or there again possibly not, it all depends

cavortingcheetah 8th Jun 2015 17:00

Liberty or Death!

Curious Pax 8th Jun 2015 17:02


If the %age on this thread is less than 80% in favour of leaving (given the demographics of Jetblast contributers) then a national referendum will almost certainly vote to stay in the EU!

Managed Descent 8th Jun 2015 17:14

No, we managed for millenia and can do it again. The EU is the world's biggest confidence trick.

vee-tail-1 8th Jun 2015 17:29

Yes ... but if the English want to leave good luck to them ... the Celtic alliance will send them food parcels ;)

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