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rgbrock1 9th Apr 2015 17:43

US Politics Hamsterwheel v2.0
Lonewolf made me do it. :}

So, to start off this new thread any comments on the announcement of Rand Paul to his running for the GOP nomination?

How about Ben Carson's up and coming announcement as well?

Or are we already resigned to the Jebster?

11Fan 9th Apr 2015 17:54

Dude, had you posted 53 more times on that old thread, (assuming I didn't post), you would have been the highest poster.

Go check it out. Just hit total number of posts.

rgbrock1 9th Apr 2015 17:58

But dude, the thread no longer exists. At least so I've been told.

vulcanised 9th Apr 2015 19:42

At least this one doesn't try to redirect to Neverland.


con-pilot 9th Apr 2015 19:48

Okay, I'll jump in with a wrong prediction. Par for the course for me.

Anyway, looks like the Democrats have a one trick dog and pony show for 2016 and its name is Hillary. So other than 'I'm an Indian' Warren, do the Democrats have anyone else that can or will run in 2016?

As Hillary is getting pretty tarnished.

As for the Republicans?

McCain again? No way.

Romney? Nope.

Ran Paul? A maybe...

Scott Walker? A real long shot, don't think so.

Cruz? Dead in the water.

Ben Carson? A long shot that could pull it off.

So, a Hillary vs Paul?*

In any case, I think Hillary has so much baggage that even the MSM cannot ignore or cover all of it up. Even though NBC is trying its best.

* I blew it big time in 2008. Had Hillary vs Rudi. :\

Lonewolf_50 9th Apr 2015 20:40

I'd vote for Ben, but we have yet to see what skeletons some enterprising political operative will drag from his closet.

The game is now afoot!

Rand Paul: my response to him is "meh."

Hillary: no, madam, you are not entitled to the Oval Office.

airship 9th Apr 2015 22:06

If this reincarnation of US politics etc. is to have any more sense than the last one, you must all first arrive at a consensus on:

What represents the good, the bad and the ugly?

For starters: Republicans or Democrats; Russians or Americans; Socialists, Communists, Capitalists or anarchists; Israelis or Palestinians; pro-gun or anti-gun; Christianity, Islam or Jewish; Catholics or Protestants; non-believers, Christians, Mormans or Muslims - monogamous or not...

I'll take a guess that few here are willing to make any effort to re-examine their own positions. Beginning with all the US Republicans, 100% capitalist, pro-gun, pro-Israel, Christian and (mostly monogamous) for whom all real beer comes from either Milwaukee or Missouri... :p

I'll leave y'all to fight it out amongst yerselves mi amigos:

MTOW 9th Apr 2015 22:39

An outsider's view: unless some unpalatable skeletons do appear from his closet, the GOP would be crazy not to put Ben Carson up as Veep - and if he handles that thankless job as well as he's handled himself in this public speaking to date, he might just be a contender for the top job eight (or even four?) years later.

And anyone but a late middle aged white guy, particularly if he's Mormon, as their presidential candidate.

West Coast 10th Apr 2015 04:58

I've been thinking the same. With BC in the number 2 position, the far right box will be checked. These days, you don't go from private citizen to President without a stop or 12 in govt service of some, sort so he's not gonna be the top name on the ticket in the general election.

A plus is he's a reletive unknown and hopefully not too many skeletons.

rgbrock1 10th Apr 2015 12:48

Let us not forget Mr. Chris Christie who seems to be making motions now for a run. If that happens we would conceivably have a GOP nomination field containing:

1. The Jebster
2. Ben Carson
3. Chris Christie
4. Rand Paul

So, with the 4 names above, who would YOU choose?

PS: airship? Real beer does NOT come from either Milwaukee or Missouri. Real beer comes from Das Vaterland. Jawohl!!!!

tony draper 10th Apr 2015 12:56

Does it make any difference? I been reading some secret organization called the illuminators or summat just tells em what to do.:E

rgbrock1 10th Apr 2015 12:59

Tony D.

That's the Illuminati. Yes, it's all one big fat conspiracy. :}

Tying this in with that 'other thread' perhaps there's a big black hole which hovers over Washington DC sucking all brain cells out of those who live in either the White House or the Capitol building. :}:E

Lonewolf_50 10th Apr 2015 13:13

Originally Posted by airship (Post 8938371)
I'll take a guess that few here are willing to make any effort to re-examine their own positions.

That would include thine own self.

As for the reference to the Spaghetti Western, the entire American political class is The Ugly.

West Coast 10th Apr 2015 16:24

So, with the 4 names above, who would YOU choose?
Too early yet. Have to listen while they tear each up.

West Coast 10th Apr 2015 16:26

I'll take a guess that few here are willing to make any effort to re-examine their own positions.
Kinda like Obama was against gay marriage until he was for gay marriage? No politics, just an evolution of opinion, right?

obgraham 10th Apr 2015 20:25

I like Ben Carson. Man of integrity with a great personal story.

But by what stretch of alternative imagination is he qualified to be President?

Lonewolf_50 10th Apr 2015 20:54

He's as qualified as a certain "community activist" turned senator. :}
(Grenade pin has been pulled ... )

ORAC 10th Apr 2015 20:59

Rashomon Meets Rouhani, or Oh, Obama You’ve Done It Again!

Lonewolf_50 10th Apr 2015 21:12

The first third of the article was OK.
Once he got past the dumb blond joke, it went down hill.
His in print performance of analingus upon Dr Kissinger and G. Schultz (both able diplomats, sure) was where he began to go wrong.
On the other hand, some of the points he made were valid in terms of how Iran is fitting in, or not, with its neighbors and the world's leading.

Too much of that hit piece was just yelling at Obama, and not a sober analysis of the deal -- which is yet to be released in final form -- in detail.

PS: The Kissinger Schultz article was pretty good.

West Coast 10th Apr 2015 23:08

He's as qualified as a certain "community activist" turned senator.
(Grenade pin has been pulled ... )
Lets hope we collectively learned a lesson. Getting harder and harder to find a white person who admits they voted for him, and I'm asking Californians.

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