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SASless 5th Oct 2017 00:14

Liberal Logic....colored by Race.....the Mind doth boggle!

Former First Lady Michelle Obama said that many people "don't trust politics" because the Republican Party is “all men, all white.”
Wookie is being put forth as the being the next Democratic Presidential Candidate....you cannot make this stuff up!

Lonewolf_50 5th Oct 2017 03:28

Originally Posted by oicur12.again (Post 9912164)
Im not really sure you fully understand how maths works!

When your IQ hits 50, sell.

Hempy 5th Oct 2017 13:52

Originally Posted by Lonewolf_50 (Post 9914700)
When your IQ hits 50, sell.

You are West Coast and I claim my £5...

Actually, I retract that. At least your insults are (questionably) humorous.

Cazalet33 5th Oct 2017 14:35

Even the Exxon guy recognises that Trump is a moron.

jack11111 5th Oct 2017 23:43

Las Vegas shooting: NRA calls for more regulation of bump stock devices used by shooter - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Apparently NRA gives permission for Congress and Trumpet to talk about enhancement devices.

lomapaseo 6th Oct 2017 00:30

Apparently NRA gives permission for Congress and Trumpet to talk about enhancement devices.
A smart move

The non-carrying public will think the problem is mostly solved and go back to everyday life of blaming Obama.

parabellum 6th Oct 2017 03:19

The idea behind the NRA move, so I read in this morning's news, is to keep the changes Administrative and in Republican hands, rather than Legislative, this latter would require a vote in the House and involve the Democrats too.

KelvinD 6th Oct 2017 07:48

Trump seems to be at the top of his game. If only one could figure out just what the game is! Now he wants to tear up the Iran nuclear deal on the grounds (among others) that Iran is an exporter of terrorism around the Middle East. Taking just one example, Yemen, how does he square this? On the one hand there is Saudi Arabia, (and possibly the US) raining terror on an almost daily basis upon civilians. On the other hand, Iran has been supporting the opposition. Which one is the terrorist? And when did Iran last bomb schools etc in Syria?
Will somebody please explain to that idiot that politics is more than attention seeking sound bites? When history is written, decades from now, people will look at his reign and probably conclude he has brought the office of the President into disrepute.

Hempy 6th Oct 2017 17:55


SASless 6th Oct 2017 18:25

Seems Obama's fair haired boy....Bergdahl...is going to offer a Gulty Plea to Desertion and Misbehavior Before the Enemy....and face up to a Life Sentence on the second charge...and five years on the first.

10 U.S. Code § 899 - Art. 99. Misbehavior before the enemy
US Code
Authorities (CFR)
prev | next
Any member of the armed forces who before or in the presence of the enemy—
(1) runs away;
(2) shamefully abandons, surrenders, or delivers up any command, unit, place, or military property which it is his duty to defend;
(3) through disobedience, neglect, or intentional misconduct endangers the safety of any such command, unit, place, or military property;
(4) casts away his arms or ammunition;

(5) is guilty of cowardly conduct;
(6) quits his place of duty to plunder or pillage;
(7) causes false alarms in any command, unit, or place under control of the armed forces;
(8) willfully fails to do his utmost to encounter, engage, capture, or destroy any enemy troops, combatants, vessels, aircraft, or any other thing, which it is his duty so to encounter, engage, capture, or destroy; or
(9) does not afford all practicable relief and assistance to any troops, combatants, vessels, or aircraft of the armed forces belonging to the United States or their allies when engaged in battle;
shall be punished by death or such other punishment as a court-martial may direct.
(Aug. 10, 1956, ch. 1041, 70A Stat. 69.)

The Sultan 6th Oct 2017 23:52


Never giving up being a cuck can you? Obama returned an American soldier which was his duty, did not pardon him which he could have, and let the military handle it.

galaxy flyer 7th Oct 2017 00:29

Originally Posted by The Sultan (Post 9916946)

Never giving up being a cuck can you? Obama returned an American soldier which was his duty, did not pardon him which he could have, and let the military handle it.

Why do you say that just for pointing out the facts?


galaxy flyer 7th Oct 2017 01:39

There is no safety for honest men except by believing all possible evil of evil men."
Edmund Burke
Reflections on the Revolution in France


Two's in 7th Oct 2017 01:50

I'm all for parading Begdahl's misconduct in public, in fact it will be a handy reference to compare how much damage a Sergeant can do, selling himself to the enemy, when compared to General Mike Flynn, Trump's 3* National Security Advisor. At least Flynn has allegedly committed treason for money, a far more palatable reason to Americans than selling yourself for ideology alone.

SASless 7th Oct 2017 15:28

Two....I suppose you missed Flynn is being investigated by the FBI and DOJ with a view towards Criminal Prosecution for violations of Federal Law.

The Media damn sure pays far more attention to Flynn than they did Bergdahl as to objectively examine Bergdahl requires examination of Obama and his administration's handling of the release of Five Top Taliban Terrorists in exchange for Bergdahl which I am sure you would prefer not be made public as it would take away from the coverage on Flynn.


The Sultan 8th Oct 2017 20:06

Pence Anti-First Amendment

VICE PRESIDENT MIKE Pence says he left Sunday's 49ers-Colts game at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis over protesting that took place during the national anthem.
Looks like fake christian Pence is going against Jesus’s teachings/actions by attacking their rights outlined in the first amendment because of “patriotism”. This is funny as he and Cheeto along with their Russian masters are accelerating their destruction of America.

obgraham 8th Oct 2017 20:56

What "rights" would that be, sultan?
Does he not have a "right" to stay or leave, or is it your view that the rest of us should be required by law to watch these rich thug morons?

Two's in 8th Oct 2017 21:16

Well actually SAS, I regard both events as politically driven stupidity, but if we are to focus on the security of the nation, you can't just focus on the Democratic acts of stupidity. You could argue that we have a reasonable idea of what the 5 taliban are going to be doing now released (nothing good for us), but we don't have a clue what damage or national security threat is posed by our conniving with the Russians. Putin has played senior members and former members of this Administration like cheap fiddles. He has us distracted, lacking clear global strategies, and distrusted by former allies. While all this happens, we lose focus on Ukraine, Eastern Europe and the Crimea allowing Putin free rein in those areas - sanctions my a$$. Russia has been providing North Korea with military assets since the shooting war in the 50's, and it's hard to believe Putin isn't keeping that particular fire stoked for his own purposes. Again, while we are tied up with Kim we are not paying attention in other places. It's a masterstroke of global strategy, for the price of a couple of dodgy business deals, secret dossiers and pandering to egg-shell thin egos, he gets to control global events. The Bergdahl deal was a mistake on a tactical level (he should have been left to his chosen fate) but we have yet to find out the strategic damage being wrought by idiots who think the former head of the KGB can be colluded with for profit.

KelvinD 8th Oct 2017 23:39

Quote of the week: Sen Bob Corker; "The White House has become an adult care center".

Dea Certe 9th Oct 2017 00:52

Pence’s protest appears to be staged flounce. Then a quick trip in a private jet at tax payer expense, I’m told.

How bad is going to get?

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