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421dog 25th Dec 2014 02:15

Christmas flying Stories
At around 0200 on Christmas morning in 1986 or so, I was flying a Cherokee IFR on top across central Illinois to my family farm after my midnight gig as a choir conductor at the Christmas eve service,

It was absolutely dead, and the Chicago center controller was a bit chatty.

He told me there was a primary target at my 12 o'clock and about 10 miles.

convinced that I had the traffic I told him so.

Over the next 45 minutes, he issued multiple updates and I acknowledged them, sure that I had the plane in question.

Just west of my destination, he called the traffic again, and I confirmed that I had it in sight.

A couple seconds later, he stated: "N147**,

Disregard... the traffic has resolved into 9 separate targets..."

"It's no doubt a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer."

" Maintain 2300 and fly heading 360 to intercept the 32 R localizer, Cleared for the approach, Merry Christmas."

pigboat 25th Dec 2014 02:51

Something similar 421.

Our company used to do a Christmas student haul with our corporate F-27 for those employees who had kids away at university. We'd start around December 18th with a couple of extra sections to the sched flights, then run a clean up flight on the 23rd or 24th. One year I got the December 24th flight, scheduled back at home around 2300. Just prior to descent the copilot picked up the mike and called center, asking if there was any other traffic in our area. Moncton replied in the negative and asked if we had any traffic. Harry replied affirmative, we just had something go by us in the same direction at a great rate of knots. Moncton again replied they had nothing on radar and asked if we had eyeballed it.

"Affirmative Moncton, it looked like a sleigh and some caribou with some drunk in a red suit driving it."

The controller came back laughing his ass off, wished us a Merry Christmas and cleared us for the approach.

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