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Matari 3rd Dec 2014 01:02

All Aboard the Outrage VW!
Let's see who hops aboard this one. My guess is not many... but why would that be?

Well for starters, this tragic event happened in Germany, not, say, Ohio. Second, the brutal murder was committed with a bat, and not a gun. And finally, the demographics involved would reveal some troubling aspects of German minorities and assimilation, and that subject just won't fly when we have Ferguson to talk about.

But heaven forbid, if this sad event had happened in the US, all the PPruners who surf for murder porn would have made the post count climb higher than a European climbing on his high horse.

German woman killed trying to help harassed girls - The Times of India

Romeo Oscar Golf 3rd Dec 2014 01:14

A terrible tragedy for all concerned except the Serbian attacker. I trust he gets the full force of indignant justice.
However not something to try and make petty political and personal points from. You're a wind up merchant and total pratt Matari.

Dushan 3rd Dec 2014 01:22

First of all Matari let me correct on a couple of things here.

Number one, it is American's fault. It happens in a MacDonald's restaurant. Need I say more?

Two, Serbs and Turks. How did you think it was going to end? Serbs still celebrate their defeat from the Turks in 1389 and are still getting revenge for 500 years of Turkish occupation. What do you expect from people like that? Twisted doesn't even begin to describe them.

I'm just not sure how Kiwis, sheep, and North Korean business etiquette are going to be worked into all of this.

brickhistory 3rd Dec 2014 01:27

Hey! You are completely out of bounds.

To take an isolated, if tragic, event and try to paint everyone within that country with the same brush?!



Abject barbarism?

It is completely different if it happens in Europe.

I mean, really...

Or it could be that nobody, including them, cares. So stultified and jaded that atrocities in the Old World are literally thousands of years in the making.

arcniz 3rd Dec 2014 01:32

I'm just not sure how Kiwis, sheep, and North Korean business etiquette are going to be worked into all of this
Certain Influential North Koreans negotiate hard but ultimately pay big for introductions to certain NZ sheep.

Matari 3rd Dec 2014 01:32

Full force of indignant justice? The Germans have charged him with manslaughter (which if I can believe what I read on these boards is something less than murder).

And will the Turks demand extradition of the Serb for the crime committed against a Turk? It all relates, right? Is it bumpy in the back there? These shocks are pretty worn out.

con-pilot 3rd Dec 2014 01:34

He is in police custody and is under probe for manslaughter and causing grievous bodily harm.
My goodness, manslaughter and grievous bodily harm. I'm very sure he will get at least six months in prison for that. Any more would cause him to have grievous mental damage.

Poor lad, Iím sure pressure from American TV shows caused him to commit this crime. Not his fault at all.

Dushan 3rd Dec 2014 01:44

I hope he gets Internet and TV while I the stalag, or can I say that.

pigboat 3rd Dec 2014 01:54

By golly, being beaten to death with a baseball bat is about as grievous as bodily harm can get I reckon.

Gordy 3rd Dec 2014 02:50

Hmmmm.... Is there not a "Turkish" connection in the Montana case.....

It is a conspiracy I tell ya....the world is against us......

Krystal n chips 3rd Dec 2014 06:13

And the number of baseball bat related deaths in Europe is ?.....

However, whilst the main point of the article is the bravery of the young lady concerned.....this has, not unexpectedly escaped the notice of our American fruitloops, here's another young lady of similar stature....

Brutal attack of goths Robert Maltby and Sophie Lancaster unite supporters around the world | UK news | The Guardian

MagnusP 3rd Dec 2014 07:01

And the number of baseball related deaths in Europe is ?.....
A very cursory search indicates at least 3 baseball bat murders in the UK alone in the past 2 years. I won't pander to your idleness by searching the statistics for other European countries. You may also wish to read about Karen Aim, murdered with a baseball bat in New Zealand.

bcgallacher 3rd Dec 2014 07:06

Brickhistory it is different in Europe - as you say it is an isolated event, in the USA it would not even make the news as brutal killings with a racial aspect seem to be a fairly frequent occurrence. The homicide rate in the USA is almost 5 times that in the UK for example.

chuks 3rd Dec 2014 08:08

There's a movement here to try and get more people to intervene when they witness something happen, asking for Zivilcourage, exactly what this unfortunate woman exhibited.

My daughter became involved in this movement when neo-Nazis were proselytizing outside her Gymnasium, in fact. It's nothing to make fun of. We all went on marches, with neo-Nazi thugs on the sidelines glowering at us and taking our pictures.

The woman died after falling back and striking her head on the pavement. That's probably why it's a charge of manslaughter and not murder. On the other hand, one reads of people fatally stabbing the hell out of someone with an assumption on the part of the prosecution that, well, they didn't really mean to kill the victim.

German justice can come off as a bit wishy-washy sometimes; it's much more focused on rehabilitation than on retribution. We had a murder here in the village, when the minor who killed a playmate was given a closed trial, outcome not known, and then a new identity. He's out there somewhere now, either rehabilitated or else waiting to kill again.

meadowrun 3rd Dec 2014 08:13

I once had a VW Super-beetle. I was quite outraged when one day the engine caught fire.

Fliegenmong 3rd Dec 2014 08:40

I once had a VW Super-beetle. I was quite outraged when one day the engine caught fire.

Yes, I remember about 35 years ago 4 women burnt to death following a VW beetle engine fire, happened about 30km from here...although I never knew them, and this way before road side 'Shrines', I still think of them whenever I drive up that hill.....:(

However not something to try and make petty political and personal points from


Lord Spandex Masher 3rd Dec 2014 10:27

Originally Posted by Matari (Post 8767377)
Let's see who hops aboard this one. My guess is not many... but why would that be?

It could well be that most regular contributors, at least on this side of the Atlantic, are not into petty point scoring over the death of a young woman.

Matari 3rd Dec 2014 10:32

Save your faux indignation
Page after page in this forum is filled with murder porn stories culled from US news outlets and websites, grandstanding discussions about shoddy police procedures, cowboy behavior, indictments of the grand jury system, federal vs. state law, T-tail statistics bandied about .... all under the false pretense of caring about poor, oppressed victims in the US.

The only thing missing is any sense of irony.

Bronx 3rd Dec 2014 10:39

The only thing missing is one member of the team.

You 21:02
Dushan 21:22
brickhistory 21:27
con-pilot 21:34

Four out of five in 32 minutes.

Did BenThere get delayed? :confused:

Lord Spandex Masher 3rd Dec 2014 10:42

And you posted your own little piece of murder porn for what reason?

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