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Fliegenmong 3rd Dec 2014 11:20

The only thing missing is one member of the team.

You 21:02
Dushan 21:22
brickhistory 21:27
con-pilot 21:34

Four out of five in 32 minutes.

Did BenThere get delayed?

BRONX!! There is no 'Team'! You're as misguided as that John Hill Chap......please keep up! :p

Matari 3rd Dec 2014 11:48

For what reason? Why, to get your and others' learned input on the German legal system, to better understand the tension within minority communities in Germany, and to discuss the weapon used in this tragic case.

Let's hear it, Lord Spandex. You've had an awful lot to say about the US. This thread is about Germany, much closer to your home. What do you think of the charge of manslaughter? The poor girl was brutally attacked, but because the fatal blow was apparently suffered when she hit the ground, the charge is only manslaughter. How would you do it in the UK? What would the Crown Prosecutor say?

Boudreaux Bob 3rd Dec 2014 11:55

ll under the false pretense of caring about poor, oppressed victims in the US.
There does seem to be a bit of confusion over the definition of "Victim".

Most of us see the Perp as the One who does the Criminal Act that kicks off all the fuss and the One that is harmed by that initial criminal act to be the "Victim".

Lord Spandex Masher 3rd Dec 2014 12:01

You've come to Pprune to gain insight into tension between racial minorities in Germany? Really, you're just stirring.

I'll hold my own council in this case though, thanks.

Maybe you'd get a better response if your opening post had been less antagonistic.

Fliegenmong 3rd Dec 2014 12:05

LSP..... suspect the opening post was intentionally antagonistic, suspect it works as an 'Invite'.... :hmm:

Stanwell 3rd Dec 2014 12:53

C'mon, Fliegs.
Bronx may just have a point there.

As a casual observer, I've noticed a similar pattern on other threads - OK?

What's that phrase... "The usual suspects", I think.

chuks 3rd Dec 2014 13:04

Hmm ....
I suppose that Matari wants to point out that a killing in the States attracts more interest than a killing in Germany.

The main difference seems to be that the young woman who died in Germany was killed by a young man she had been protecting two young girls from; she may have died because of her good deed. The young man who died in Montana, however, was shot after doing something wrong; he may have died because of his bad deed, if you will.

There's not much to mull over when it comes to the death of a good Samaritan, because there's no need to find a balance between the good deed and the undeserved death; that's just good versus evil, a cliché.

The death of this young German man though, that might be considered bad versus worse. It's wrong of course, to steal stuff, even just a beer from an unlocked garage, but might it be far worse to kill someone for doing that, even with the law somewhat on your side? That seems to be what the court shall have to decide.

There's a conflict of cultures in both incidents. Germans of the old generation tend to avoid trouble, even when that means not helping someone in distress. There's an attempt now to change this, to expect people to speak up, even to act, as this woman did. People may draw the wrong lesson from this, that it's a mistake to step in, to put yourself at any risk. So perhaps the dead woman gets a medal ....

Shooting someone is right out there on the edge of what is an imaginable act, for the average German, but it's part of everyday life in the States. The interesting combination of "bad versus worse," and this deep cultural difference when it comes to the use of firearms might be what makes the death of the German in the States so much more interesting than the death of the woman in Germany.

I expect that the trial in Montana will be back at the front of the news tomorrow and through to its end, but for today the focus is on this woman, a dead heroine, and her funeral.

brickhistory 3rd Dec 2014 14:35

But not here.

Then when such barbarism is pointed out, the "poor form" police suddenly make an appearance.

Nothing hypocritical about that sort of reaction from those who so like to criticise America/Americans?

It is obvious "they don't like it up 'em." Too bad. We 'Muricans are usually better armed and better shots.

Is it too much to point out that the Holier Than Thou High Horse Brigade are doing so via an American company?

Ironic, innit?

(full respect to Danny for the idea and building the concept. I hope he and whomever else takes gold infused baths with the money they made by selling)

flydive1 3rd Dec 2014 16:32


Lonewolf_50 3rd Dec 2014 16:41

Originally Posted by Romeo Oscar Golf (Post 8767381)
A terrible tragedy for all concerned except the Serbian attacker. I trust he gets the full force of indignant justice.
However not something to try and make petty political and personal points from. You're a wind up merchant and total pratt Matari.

Maybe, ROG, playing the ball rather than the man would further the attempts at conversation.

flydive1 3rd Dec 2014 17:02

Originally Posted by Matari (Post 8767377)
. Second, the brutal murder was committed with a bat, and not a gun.

Do not know where the bat info comes from.

All the report I've seen talk about a punch.

Here the video

Tugce: Beweis-Video zeigt, was in der Nacht wirklich geschah - News Inland - Bild.de

Krystal n chips 3rd Dec 2014 17:10

" A very cursory search indicates at least 3 baseball bat murders in the UK alone in the past 2 years. I won't pander to your idleness by searching the statistics for other European countries. You may also wish to read about Karen Aim, murdered with a baseball bat in New Zealand.

That's terribly gracious of you....I, in turn, won't pander to your inability to understand the term....in comparison to which.

It's amusing to read the justification for not being critical of any aspect or topic that may be perceived as anti-American, by some, subjective / objective criticism ( and thus valid ) by others is the fact the site is based, in America.

You might as well apply that deluded logic to any website, hosted in any country, in the world.

Lord Spandex Masher 3rd Dec 2014 17:11

Originally Posted by Lonewolf_50 (Post 8768228)
Maybe, ROG, playing the ball rather than the man would further the attempts at conversation.

Maybe not starting the thread the way it was started would have the same effect and not elicit such responses.

Jus' sayin'

Lonewolf_50 3rd Dec 2014 17:14

LSM, you and I have demonstrated that we can disagree with one another without personal attacks, have we not?

If you think Matari was trolling -- which is as likely as not -- does one need to make a personal attack in order to poke fun at or criticize a troll, or an attempted troll?


For example, your response, about posting murder porn.

No personal attack involved, point made.

radeng 3rd Dec 2014 18:08


>We 'Muricans are usually better armed and better shots.<

The pastor who shot the intruder wasn't that good a shot. Neither was the woman on Thanksgiving Day - although she did hit him in the stomach. The perps were still alive afterwards......

To my mind (being a woolly minded, sandal wearing, tree hugging liberal), a good intruder is a DEAD intruder.

Saves the taxpayers money......although the county should pay for the bullet(s) or shot gun cartridge(s).

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