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27mm 1st Dec 2014 11:13

Was on the phone a while ago to report a stolen credit card, but it came out as a Bolen Starclaycard...

The Memsahib in the pub, ordered a Mizzy Fineral water....


goudie 1st Dec 2014 11:23

Friar Tuck was in deep sh!t when he spoonerised his name

treadigraph 1st Dec 2014 11:43

Radio 4's Charlotte Green reading the news some years ago:

"Cross Flannel Cherries".

ITV's Anna-Marie Ashe on the local news MEANT to say "Kent Countryside". We might not have noticed but she corrected herself...

sitigeltfel 1st Dec 2014 12:05

Originally Posted by 27mm (Post 8764993)
The Memsahib in the pub, ordered a Mizzy Fineral water....


As the late Kenny Everett would say, "Cupid Stunt"! :ooh:

lederhosen 1st Dec 2014 12:55

As per the original 'you have hissed all my mystery lessons and must leave Oxford on the next town drain'. Rev Spooner was of course the very erudite warden of New College.

eko4me 1st Dec 2014 12:59

I distinctly remember my mother running out of the kitchen shouting, "My sock's blinked!"

Fitter2 1st Dec 2014 13:28

My favourite was the late, great Humph who was aksed on a local radio interview whether he was in fact also an 'orthinologist'. Too late, he realised he should have replied, 'No, more of a word botcher'.

londonblue 1st Dec 2014 13:55

ITV's Anna-Marie Ashe on the local news MEANT to say "Kent Countryside". We might not have noticed but she corrected herself...

I'm sure that was Trevor McDonald.

RJM 1st Dec 2014 14:10

And the Australian football commentator who enthused about 'a magnificent punt kick from the back pocket' only that's not quite what he said. He glossed over it but it was his snickering co-commentators who drew everyone's attention to the gaffe. Well, not gaffe...

Even the most staid of cricket announcers appreciates the opportunity for a bit of wit. John Arlott once mused about New Zealand all-rounder Bob Cunis' name: 'Funny sort of name, neither one thing nor t'other'.

Apparently there was stunned silence in the commentary box before Arlott continued his observations of the match.

jolihokistix 1st Dec 2014 14:54

My wife was talking about the famous movie actor East Clintwood, and she has never been allowed to forget it.

tony draper 1st Dec 2014 14:58

Injecting himself with a Hyperdeemic Noodle was the best I ever heard.:)

Null Orifice 1st Dec 2014 15:01

My sister-in-law really enjoyed that film she called Crocadee Dundile.

jez d 1st Dec 2014 15:11

I believe the Rev. Spooner was also responsible, may sod rest his goal, for the immortal toast: "Three cheers for our queer old dean!"

Re RJM's sports Colemanballs, will always remember Johnner's line: "There's Neil Harvey standing at leg slip with his legs wide apart, waiting for a tickle"

RJM 1st Dec 2014 15:26

...and the immortal 'The batsman's Holding the bowler's Willey'.

wings folded 1st Dec 2014 15:30

A BBC announcer spoonerised the concert about to be broadcast from the "City Hall, Sheffield"

treadigraph 1st Dec 2014 16:24

We mustn't forget James Naughtie introducing Jeremy Hunt the Culture Secretary...

Londonblue, I could swear it was the lovely Ms Ashe, but apparently not. I was probably still giggling when she came on air...

vulcanised 1st Dec 2014 16:31

Always a good parade from The Royal Arse Hortillery.

ZH875 1st Dec 2014 16:38

Local radio station, a man of the cloth was the presenter, managed to say "we have asked 10 randy housewives" instead of "we have asked 10 housewives at random".

Jimmy Macintosh 1st Dec 2014 16:42

My friends sister was having a guest visit. She was in an emotional state and when the guest was introduced to us my friend in greatest spoonerism fashion said

"She's going to whore out her part to you all night"

Said sister was mortified.

Flash2001 1st Dec 2014 16:49

ISTR that Bishop Spooner's classic send down included the phrase "You have tasted the whole worm."

Has anyone here listened to Wes Harrison? Master of the spoonerism!

After an excellent landing etc...

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