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tony draper 27th Aug 2014 15:43

I think the media have selected him for sacrifice,wonder how much the arsole will get for clearing his desk and what other top job is waiting for him.

Capot 27th Aug 2014 15:43

Quote from that article; "He needs to step down"!!!!!!

Oh FFS, his employer needs to sack him! Since when did an employee who has royally screwed up decide whether or not he leaves? Of course, there must be due process, mustn't there, just in case this person has the lack of dignity, moral bankruptcy, gall and thick skin needed to try and tough it out legally.

Andy_S 27th Aug 2014 15:48

Of course he'll stay on. Heaven forbid that he should have to take responsibility. No one has to do that any more, do they? In fact one of the most sickening things to arise from this whole sordid affair is the absolute refusal (with the exception of the Council Leader) of anyone in a position of authority in Rotherham to consider their position. For 16 years, this town was a paedophile rape camp, and all we've got from those who were in a position to do something about it are some vague regrets, apologies, and promises to 'learn lessons'.

Perhaps lesson No.1 should be - if you fail in your professional duty, then you either step down, with no sweetener, or you're sacked.

G-CPTN 27th Aug 2014 15:51

his employer needs to sack him
He is an elected representative, and, as such, doesn't have an 'employer'.


To complain about your PCC, contact your local police and crime panel.
If you think your PCC has broken the law, the panel will refer your case to the Independent Police Complaints Commission
He claims that he took responsibility for his 'failures' by resigning from his earlier position (which oversaw the care of children) and has now strengthened the ability of the authorities to counter the events which are the subject of the report.

He might have a point . . .

Capot 27th Aug 2014 16:36

Hmmm....Does he/she not have a contract? With whom? If not, WHY NOT?

Who pays him and is responsible for his PAYE/NIC payments?

That usually defines an employer, and some-one must do that. After all, most of the low-grade candidates who got the PCC jobs are in it for the money, are they not?

If he/she is claiming to be self-employed, and working through a service company, then the arrangement is probably illegal, unless he/she has other clients, works from home, supplies his/her own equipment, car etc etc. However, at least some of our PCCs are no strangers to illegal activities, I believe. Even in such a case, a proper contract MUST be in place with someone, with suitable termination clauses.

tony draper 27th Aug 2014 16:46

If Mrs Queen can sack the elected prime minister of another country someone must be able to sack him.

500N 27th Aug 2014 16:53

Tony draper said

There were probably a few people up and down the ladder who would have liked to have spilled the beans, but whistle blowers are not treated well in this land of ours, despite all the bollix to the contrary, the black mark would have followed them for the rest of their lives along with the probability of powerful people going all out to destroy their credibility by any means to hand, and the chances of any kind of continuing life in their chosen career skittled.
Understand that.

But what about the parents of the 1400 victims ??

Surely didn't only know about the crimes from the reports, what about the parents, didn't anyone go directly to the Police and report a crime ?

Surely the Police would have to investigate something like this being reported and surely if more than once, you'd get someone who took an interest ?

How can a Police force totally IGNORE two reports of this activity and do nothing. Surely it didn't just say one rape but said hundreds of them.
How can a Police ignore this ?

After all, Tash said they have targets to meet, surely busting something this big would be good on the CV ?

Or was it a case of, "oh shyte, this has been going on on my watch for years, better hide it until I leave" ?????

Any comment ?

radeng 27th Aug 2014 17:08

It does seem that South Yorkshire Police have proved themselves of more than somewhat dubious integrity over a large number of years, from Hillsborough through this to the Cliff Richard saga. Doubtless if real investigations were started, there would very soon be some 'retirements'.

I can well understand that by now, it will be very hard to find adequate evidence to properly deal with all those complicit in ignoring the problem. Have to respect the human rights of these incompetents!

tony draper 27th Aug 2014 17:11

Fine to make those in charge responsible plenty advocating that today but not a word from any of the many talking heads on telly today about arresting the perps as yet those who actually did the deeds?,send in police from another area and start bringing them now,I want them all to be shitting themselves tonight.

500N 27th Aug 2014 17:14

South Yorkshire Police
Is this part of the same Police force that ?Tash? or someone said the culture had
changed and what went on in the past didn't go on anymore ??????

Seems SYP is stuck in the past.

G-CPTN 27th Aug 2014 17:21

It has been suggested (by some of those involved) that the prospect of gathering evidence where the victims were, apparently, returning for 'more of the same' (and the probability of it inflaming racial tensions) meant that senior police officers decided (!) that it was a waste of resources and those victims that did complain were told to 'forget it' as the probability of a prosecution was slim.

Of course, the situation was 'sensitive' (and, indeed, there was, eventually, a successful prosecution in 2010 - this enquiry is as a result of that case) but there should have been a zero tolerance with every case investigated - but the police 'didn't have the resources' - they claimed.

It was like having the mafia operating.

Worth a read:- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rotherh..._grooming_case

500N 27th Aug 2014 17:23

Let's say 1400 victims.

Does that mean 2800 possible parents either didn't know or didn't do anything, taking into account
they might have been wary of the Police for cultural reasons ?

500N 27th Aug 2014 17:28

I found what I was looking for, an article where a gang in the UK were jailed for raping 50 White girls.

UK Pakistanis raped, pimped white girls

Another headline

"White girls seen as 'easy meat' by Pakistani rapists,"

So it seems white girls were targeted in other instances.

Where there is smoke, fire usually occurs !

500N 27th Aug 2014 18:08

Gertrude the Wombat is a member of a council in the UK and has said
before that multi million $$$ contracts are not read.

So you also have to wonder how many others on councils don't read reports.

I am still a bit stunned that Political Correctness and worry about not offending a people trumps child abuse !

Effluent Man 27th Aug 2014 19:42

Some good could still come of this.The perps could be advised that charges are being prepared but that they can jump the country.We need to get rid of these people before there are so many of them that it becomes impossible.

500N 27th Aug 2014 19:44

before there are so many of them that it becomes impossible.
Nothing is impossible.

You always have other methods. Gas for one, quick, silent and deadly.

BOING 27th Aug 2014 20:11

If you need a hand ...........

rusty sparrow 27th Aug 2014 20:26

This evenings report from C4 news in Rotherham stated the older Pakistanis did not want to talk to the media. Keeping quite for the good of the community?

Meanwhile, they cost us money. From the BBC nearly five years ago: (BBC - Mark Easton's UK: Work, benefits and ethnicity)

While those of Indian origin, for instance, get 8% of their income from the state in the form of benefits, state pension and tax credits, those describing their ethnicity as Pakistani or Bangladeshi receive 29% of their income in various forms of state aid.

White citizens receive 15% of their income from social security, tax credits and the state pension. People of Chinese ethnicity get 10%. Those of mixed ethnicity get 13%, while those from black ethnic groups receive between 17% and 18%.

What do we get in return for our generosity?

500N 27th Aug 2014 20:30

Thanks :ok:, I somehow don't think their would be a shortage of helpers !

Here is another question.

The Police say lack of resources, lack of people, yet how much was spent chasing 40 year old crimes with seemingly unlimited resources (Yewtree) yet none were available for crimes committed AND reported in the last few years ?

If I walk in and say I know a gang of 10 bank robber who have robbed 100 banks, do the police say they don't have the resources ?

I wonder what would be the reaction if you said to a few of the police council who were involved (and their wives) that they say it is OK to
rape their kids with impunity since he has set a precedent ???? Might raise a few eyebrows but I bet the wife would say something.

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