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LIMA OR ALPHA JUNK 21st Jul 2014 01:02

Gaza Thread Hamster Wheel
Large casualties on the Palestinian side now, mostly civilians, and the IDF has lost 13 today and one apparently captured by Hamas. Anyone have any suggestions as to where this is all headed ? Surely more recruits into the ranks of Hamas for a start. Until a political agreement is hatched, we will be back here again :mad:

500N 21st Jul 2014 01:08

The only reason the casualties on the Israeli side have been low is because
of the shield system.

If Hamas hadn't fired 700 Rockets into Israel / Tel Aviv, the invasion
wouldn't be happening.

Where is it headed / going to end ?

Badly for everyone.

rh200 21st Jul 2014 01:46

The calculus of war hasn't changed. There has to be a winner and a looser, one side must have their hope of victory taken, or it just goes round and round.

Hama's hides amongst civilians, hence civilians die. This is the biggest nothing conflict in the history of man, I don't see outrage when hundreds are actually massacred by various groups around the world in other cases, just silence.

parabellum 21st Jul 2014 01:58

The MSM are very fond of saying things like, "mostly civilians" but what they don't tell you is that the gun toting people you see on the Palestinian side are not part of any regular army and are therefore classified as 'civilians' which, quite clearly, they are not. Never seen reporting by the media, BBC, ABC, Sky etc. more one sided and warped than is currently happening.

An example of the above, one of the tunnels collapsed a few weeks ago and it was widely reported that about fifteen Palestinian 'civilians' were killed, what were they doing in the tunnel? Smuggling arms in.

As has been said many times before, "If the Palestinians lay down their arms there will be no war, if the Israelis lay down their arms there will be no Israel."

con-pilot 21st Jul 2014 02:18

I guess it boils down to who is going to run out first.

Hamas runs out of 'civilians' and children to hide behind.

Or Israel runs out of Iron Dome missiles.

LAJ, if Israel did not have the Iron Dome system, would you have titled this thread 'Israelis Slaughtered'?

Just curious, as Hamas has fired nearly a thousand rockets at cities in Israel. Not really caring where they land. So why didnít you start a thread about that?

The Iron Dome system, finally, US aid money well spent.

Matari 21st Jul 2014 02:24

The Onion gets it right again...

ďWhen I think about it, I guess Iíd go so far as to say that I donít completely enjoy how this is being done entirely without my consent. And Iím not crazy about the fact that Hamas is actually okay with me dying as long as it fuels both resentment toward Israel and support for the party."
Palestinians Starting To Have Mixed Feelings About Being Used As Human Shields | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

ChrisVJ 21st Jul 2014 02:37

You really have to wonder about a leadership that continues to shoot missiles into Israel with little hope of doing substantial damage while the Israelis retaliate and many of their citizens inevitably die or are wounded.

The only realistic reason one can see for the Palestinian leadership to continue on this course is because they believe that eventually, if enough Palestinians are killed world opinion will turn against their enemy.


500N 21st Jul 2014 02:52

As has been said, Hamas is hiding behind civilians.

Israel will shoot if the Hamas are there and have been shooting at them.

But, as clearly shown on a video the other day, IF Israel can give a warning
to get out of the building before they bomb it, they do, will.

You can't ask for much more when they make a phone call giving you a warning, drop a "knock knock" empty shell on the building and 30 minutes later drop a live shell to destroy it.

You can't ask much more than that.

Interesting that the Palestinians are now starting to jack up over
Hamas hiding behind them.

galaxy flyer 21st Jul 2014 03:00

Wars end when one side is too exhausted to go on. It's one country's military mission to make sure it's the other side that is exhausted. The IDF will prevail for this round, but unconditional surrender won't happen until a lot more are dead.


No Hoper 21st Jul 2014 03:08

Saddened for the children dying, they have little choice.
Is this the nature of modern warfare?

rh200 21st Jul 2014 03:17

Is this the nature of modern warfare?
Sadly as far as I know its a function of all warfare, old and new. These days with technology we can limit it, but not eliminate it. When the enemy uses our values and media against us, it just encourages them to put them in harms way.

RatherBeFlying 21st Jul 2014 04:21

Israel has the right to defend itself.

So do the Palestinians.

If they both had F-16s, it wouldn't be the same fish in a barrel exercise repeated ad nauseum.

The Palestinians were robbed of their land. Common law entitles you to use force against a robber to regain your property.

Back in '67 I was a big fan of Israel taking over Gaza and the WB -- naively believing that peace and good government would follow. Instead we have seen an inexorable tide of Palestinians being bit by bit squeezed out of what little is left for them.

Israel has painted itself into a corner.

Israel is heavily dependent on US largesse. One could even say that it has parasitised the US Congress. But there's challenges to its grip. Once US public opinion changes (how many decades???), we'll be on to the next act.

AtomKraft 21st Jul 2014 05:08

If I was a Palestinian, I'd fight.
If I was Jewish, I'd fight back.

In this case, I think the moral high ground is with the inhabitants of benighted Gaza.

The Jews have the money, the backing of the yanks and even the recognition of the UN. They have the bombs, the tanks, the helicopters and the F-16s.

But they'll always be in the wrong because the whole idea of legally creating a state, as was done to their advantage, and the incumbents disadvantage, can never fly.

Let's face it, if we had the chance to do 1948 again, might we not do it differently? I think so......

Biggest foreign policy SNAFU of all time.

West Coast 21st Jul 2014 05:12

Once US public opinion changes (how many decades???), we'll be on to the next act.

I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

Strong support for Israel in U.S. cuts across religious lines | Pew Research Center

AtomKraft 21st Jul 2014 05:14

The US always tires before it's enemy does.

sitigeltfel 21st Jul 2014 05:29

Originally Posted by No Hoper (Post 8572532)
Saddened for the children dying, they have little choice.


John Hill 21st Jul 2014 06:04

In time the residents of Gaza will come to love the Israelis.

No Hoper 21st Jul 2014 06:08

John Hill, same as the Iraquis came to love the Americans?

Sitigeltfel, The IDF has killed nearly 80 kids in Gaza, cartoons don't help

sitigeltfel 21st Jul 2014 06:10

Originally Posted by John Hill (Post 8572610)
In time the residents of Gaza will come to love the Israelis.

The cult they follow instructs them to hate everyone.

Capetonian 21st Jul 2014 06:13

If I was Jewish, I'd fight back.
The Jews have the money, the
Don't confuse Jews with Israeli Zionists. It is the latter who are behind the slaughter of Palestinians. They may be Jews too, but they are Zionists first, there are millions of Jews who are not involved in this and who probably abhor the carnage and slaughter of innocents as much as anyone else.

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