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probes 11th Jun 2014 11:38

Mysteries solved/unsolved
As one more has happened these days (well, a couple of months ago), I was thinking about things we'll never know (probably). I personally would like to know what happened in Machu Picchu (so that people had to abandon it or just disappear somehow), how some semi-precious stones can be so beautiful and if there's life after death - Robert Lanza says there is - and how people could possibly build the El Camino del Rey ("Without a connecting walkway, workers would have to continue climbing down the side of one mountain and up the side of the other mountain. This was, obviously, a time consuming, tedious, and dangerous task." - well, but still. If you look at the heights...).
Titanic has been found, Marilyn Monroe was most probably murdered... so what else? What have you been puzzled by?

Sallyann1234 11th Jun 2014 11:57

Let's start with an easy one. What happened before the Big Bang?

tony draper 11th Jun 2014 12:05

We had some honest folk in the financial and banking industry.:rolleyes:

Kelly Hopper 11th Jun 2014 12:10

"What happened before the Big Bang?"

Big Foreplay?

Simplythebeast 11th Jun 2014 12:20

Where DO all those lost socks go?

TWT 11th Jun 2014 12:27

You didn't know ? They are all here :

Lost Sock Planet

david1300 11th Jun 2014 12:27

Kelly :ok::ok:

SpringHeeledJack 11th Jun 2014 12:35

Where DO all those lost socks go?
Many are 'lost' or misplaced in the sides of the washing machine drum, others secreted in sleeves/pockets and corners of other items of clothing, but…..a good number just disappear. It's quite uncanny :suspect:

I think that mysteries are a part of the human condition, we almost encourage them so that we can wonder and theorise and perhaps even attribute super-natural influences to their happening. Many mysteries are simply happenings that were none of our business and perhaps those involved wished to protect their interests said nothing. Others are mysterious due to no evidence, when mr Occam and his razor would (will) provide the answer. Some are due to natural effects not yet understood or discovered to date and some are perhaps due to………….:oh:


jolihokistix 11th Jun 2014 12:52

Where exactly the melted corium has now got down to below each of reactors 1,2 and 3 in Fukushima, and how much damage was done to each reactor and torus in a) the earthquake, b) the tsunami and c) the resultant hydrogen explosions. 

(Just the clear facts is fine, no pro or anti-nuclear axe to grind.)

dubbleyew eight 11th Jun 2014 13:06

probes all vanished ancient civilisations before the spanish conquistadors were wiped out by drought.

another site Angkor Watt was over 400 square kilometres of water management and droughts defeated even the best preparations in asia.

machu pichu likewise was defeated by drought.

easter island another society destroyed by drought.

after the invasion of europeans diseases destroyed entire populations in south america.

there is no life after death. better you do all you want in the present :E

Ancient Mariner 11th Jun 2014 13:07

What is my wife actually saying? :suspect:

tony draper 11th Jun 2014 13:16

How is it people just suddenly disap

onetrack 11th Jun 2014 13:18

Did Ed Leedskalnin really move all those massive oolitic limestone rocks (averaging 14 tonnes each), all by himself, to build the "Coral Castle" - and did he really "discover the secret of the Pyramids"? :confused:

Fox3WheresMyBanana 11th Jun 2014 13:20

I thought Easter Island was destroyed by deforestation?
(i.e. the droughts would not have affected them so badly if they'd still had trees)

joli - almost all the damage was caused directly or indirectly by the tsunami. The plant was built to Japanese Government standards, however these standards deliberately underestimated the likely size of the tsunami, and also basically assumed the tsunami wall would never be breached/topped. As a consequence all the back-up systems were also taken out by the tsunami. Source: talk from the Japanese Red Cross expert in charge of the disaster relief op, and my own analysis of the back-up systems. To oversimplify a bit, they put the back-up gear (4 levels of redundancy) in the basement, so once the water got over the tsunami wall.......Yup, it was that dumb.

SpringHeeledJack 11th Jun 2014 13:23

Did Ed Leedskalnin really move all those massive oolitic limestone rocks (averaging 14 tonnes each), all by himself, to build the "Coral Castle" - and did he really "discover the secret of the Pyramids"?
Wasn't that proved to be done by clever pivots and levers ? I'm not dismissing his harnessing unknown forces to overcome gravity btw. I'm sure that there was some carpenter who proved how he did it not long ago.


onetrack 11th Jun 2014 13:49

SHJ - Yep, a carpenter bloke by the name of Wallington will sell you all the secrets of the Pyramids. :(

The Forgotten Technology

oncemorealoft 11th Jun 2014 13:53

My brother and I have, for some years, been trying to get European funding to research the enigma that is the "phantom turd". You know - the ones when you feel it go, you hear the satisfying splash but when you look around in the bowl, there's nothing there. My brother and I have discussed this many times over a beer and feel there must be a link with Dark Matter, which physicist say accounts for much of the universe's mass but remains unseen.

Our nuclear physicist sister has shown little interest as has the rest of the scientific community. Typical!

500N 11th Jun 2014 13:56

Something we have over here called the Min Min lights.

In the bush (country), a light or lights that bounce (move) up and down
on the horizon yet nothing can be out there, except desert.

Alloa Akbar 11th Jun 2014 13:59

Women.. There's an unsolved mystery if ever there was..

Saratogapp 11th Jun 2014 14:29

Mysteries solved/unsolved
Oncemorealoft...that is indeed a ponderous mystery and obviously worthy of a government grant. I wish you success with the paper work.

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