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Gordy 15th Nov 2013 20:23

Batkid to the rescue
The city of San Francisco has been transformed into Gotham city today for a make a wish foundation project. Literally thousands of people are involved and the city has pretty much shut down.

Watch it live:

Batkid live

Limeygal 15th Nov 2013 20:48

A lovely story. I seem to have something in my eye

visibility3miles 15th Nov 2013 22:48

It put a smile on my face. Sounds like fun for all.

West Coast 16th Nov 2013 02:43

Kudos to the residents of San Francisco. The lad will remember it all his life, and may it be a long one.

pigboat 16th Nov 2013 02:51

What Westie said. Thanks for posting that Gordy. :ok:

The Nr Fairy 16th Nov 2013 05:33

Darn - beaten to it. It brought a tear to my eye too. Here's the BBC version

BatKid to the Rescue

500N 16th Nov 2013 19:07

I have just been told it also made it onto our major news channel last night.

I agree with Flying's sentiment :ok:

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