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Fun Police 16th Oct 2012 16:49

well done!
Air Canada crew helps rescue sailor in the South Pacific - The Globe and Mail

good job pax and crew!

2EggOmelette 16th Oct 2012 17:32

Bloody good effort by all concerned. Some people deserve a beer me thinks.

Shytehawk 16th Oct 2012 17:38

Don't get lost in a boat on the Med as Ryanair won't be able to look for you.

foxcharliep2 16th Oct 2012 18:07

Well done, AC !!

uffington sb 16th Oct 2012 18:45

A thread congratulating an AC crew and pax helping to find a lost yacht, turned into a Ryanair knocking thread in two posts.

cavortingcheetah 16th Oct 2012 19:27

Godwin's Law Mk II?
Could it be a lively subject for debate as to who has done more for the reputation of aviation; the figurehead recipient of Godwin's Law Mk I or the rather real leader of the other lot?

TWT 16th Oct 2012 23:50

Dramatic rescue as commercial jets find stranded yachtsman

An Air NZ A320,an AMSA Dornier,a merchant ship and the Sydney Water Police were also involved.A long journey for the police.Well done.

500N 16th Oct 2012 23:58

Not a bad effort at all.

Wouldn't mind being in a 777 at 1800 metres tipping from side to side,
would certainly be better than the boredom on those long flights.


sitigeltfel 17th Oct 2012 06:53

From BBC...

Pilots descended to 1,800m (5,905ft) altitude and used a passenger's binoculars to find the vessel.
Call me Mr Picky, but shouldn't that be 6000ft (1829mtrs) ?

Sometimes this obsession with metrication goes too far :*

cavortingcheetah 17th Oct 2012 07:51

Of course that would depend on whether the altimeter was calibrated in hectopascals, millibars or inches of mercury and was read from the LHS or the RHS or by the BBC correspondent peering down the aisle through the cockpit access hatch.

emersonkelly 17th Oct 2012 07:59

Great Job AC crew........keep it up!! :D

Evening Star 17th Oct 2012 12:46

Had a look at the comments and had a wry laugh at this one:

Of course ... Sullenberger would have landed and picked the sailor up himself.

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