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magpienja 2nd Jun 2012 11:41

Why would German ladies stare at my Daughter.
Hi all just a quick question to put my daughters mind at ease,

She has just re-turned from a honeymoon cruise around the Med on a Thomsons ship....she cant praise the cruise enough....but there where quite a few older German couples on board....

During the cruise she noticed a few times that when sitting near some of these German couples that the lady would stare with a very unfriendly and almost angry look...but the husband would seem quite ok,

She is a very attractive slim but small natural blond 23 year old and is quite conservative in her dress code....I am thinking its something to do with the UK/German cultural difference,

Needless to say it made her feel very uncomfortable and at a loss,

Any ideas guys...as I say it happened more than once with different couples.


green granite 2nd Jun 2012 11:45

You tango to it.

DX Wombat 2nd Jun 2012 11:54

Misplaced envy probably, and possibly a lack of trust in their husbands. Tell your daughter to ignore the miserable so & sos and simply enjoy herself.

Tableview 2nd Jun 2012 12:19

Samantha Brick on the downsides to looking pretty: 'Why women hate me for being beautiful' | Mail Online

Torque Tonight 2nd Jun 2012 12:25

Perhaps a photograph would help. ;)

Does she have facial tattoos?

arcniz 2nd Jun 2012 12:42


Perhaps the frowning Fraus resented daughter exuberantly flaunting her perky (and for them inimitable) young bits in topless array as she went cavorting among the cheesy Klaatch of older German men dipping in the shallow end, artfully pretending to chase a very elusive butterfly (of the Nabokovian sort) while gathering observations for a paper she is writing for her studies.

Milo Minderbinder 2nd Jun 2012 13:05

they probably blame her for taking their towels off the sun beds and chucking them in the pool


she was getting too much attention from the head waiter

McGoonagall 2nd Jun 2012 13:08

Shaved armpits?

AlpineSkier 2nd Jun 2012 14:01

Shaved armpits
What ? Have you never heard of Nena ??

ShyTorque 2nd Jun 2012 14:04

It's never a good idea to wear a swastika jacket on a cruise.

Fox3WheresMyBanana 2nd Jun 2012 14:06

Did she mention the War?

mixture 2nd Jun 2012 14:29

Was she the first to lay claim to the poolside deckchairs ? :E

chuks 2nd Jun 2012 17:46

Who knows?
She probably should have asked, politely, if there was a problem. I'm married to one, yet I have to say zat wizz ze Chermans, you just never know for certain why their panties are in a wad. It might have had something to do with your daughter being young and pretty, or with the way some old bat's Grandpa had to move to Paraguay in 1945, or persistent complaints that there were no fried Mars bars at the evening buffet....

I wouldn't lose a lot of sleep over it if I were her. Tell her to watch that one particular episode of Fawlty Towers and laugh it off.

Blacksheep 2nd Jun 2012 18:41

The lady would stare in an friendly, angry way, the man would be OK.

I'd say the answer's right there. :D

flying lid 2nd Jun 2012 19:27

German Women ? - All is explained here, at 6 mins 40 secs.


SpringHeeledJack 2nd Jun 2012 19:34

Having had a few relationships with Deutsche Damen over the last decade it might simply be that these older ladies were envious of your daughters youthful 'austrahlung'. Women can be very illogically reactive to things that men are more sanguine about, especially the signs of aging (not that we are happy about it ;) ) and bitchiness can rear it's ugly head. The difference is, is that the ladies of the UK (in this case) might think it, or not as the case may be, but the Germans have, for all their positive attributes an inability to hide their thoughts, either by telling you straight out :ooh: or it being written on their faces. They also do stare , especially if someone looks different/weird/beautiful/whatever. Next time your daughter is in such a situation she should simply look them in the eyes and SMILE! This will either cause them to look away or smile back :ok:


Milo Minderbinder 2nd Jun 2012 19:39

A Rottweiler smile I take it?

magpienja 2nd Jun 2012 20:13

Fawlty Towers...priceless....we will ever see the likes again.

Tableview 2nd Jun 2012 20:26

Fawlty Towers. Brilliant. The episode above is only the start of where the Germans arrive. The classic :
"Don't keep mentioning ze var war"
"You started it ....."
"No we didn't. You did. You invaded Poland......."

........... is in the next part of the clip.

Sadly, nothing like this can ever be done again as it is 'politically incorrect' and would have the fluffies and the thought police going into cardiac arrest.

As an aside, why would the opening scene of this episode have Northwick Park Hospital (which is in Harrow, north of London) in the background whilst Fawlty Towers was in Torquay, a couple of hundred miles away.

magpienja 2nd Jun 2012 20:31

Parts 2 and 3 are there as well...just watched them.

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