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sharpclassic 18th May 2012 21:30

Travel Alarm Clock!
Hello All,

Been searching around for a decent travel alarm clock but everything I find seems to have some, but not all, of the requirements I'm after. Plus, more annoyingly, a really mix of reviews!

Can any pilots/crew/regular international travellers recommend one that they use for trips which has as many of the criteria below as possible...


In priority order...
- Room Temperature display
- Auto Time update in new countries
- Backlight
- Alarm

Tableview 18th May 2012 21:59

I tried to find something like this when I used to travel a lot across time zones. Auto Time update in new countries will be the tricky part. It will only auto-update properly if it has access to wifi or a 3G signal, or one of those Standard Time and Frequency radio stations. There are some on the market that auto-update from the WWF radio station in Fort Collins but I assume they will only work in North America and then I'm not sure how or if they auto-update for timezones.

None of those is impossible or even difficult but the problem is that if you come to rely on it and end up somewhere where you don't have that access, you will be WATS (well and truly stuffed!).

If there is such a device on the market I'd like to know. It's my birthday coming up and it would make a nice prezzie!

Worrals in the wilds 18th May 2012 23:04

An iPhone with a thermometer taped to it?;)
Think Geek (online store) have some nice clocks, but I don't recall one that does all that. It may pay to take a look on their site.

spekesoftly 18th May 2012 23:18

Forgive me for being a little bemused at the Alarm function being rated last on your priority list for a travel alarm clock ! ;)

Anyway, have a look at item code 73435012 in any John Lewis store - price 15-00. It ticks all of your requirements apart from auto update. Nice big digits in a relatively compact unit that folds neatly for travel. I'm delighted with mine.

ShyTorque 18th May 2012 23:25

Pardon me for asking... but do you really need all these functions?

I've tried many other more complicated clocks over the years, including infra red sensors etc., but have now ditched them all in favour of this simple old fashioned one.

My little analogue travel alarm clock cost me 3 in a Marks and Spencer's sale. It does nothing but tells the time and wake me up. It uses one AA battery which lasts about a year. It does have a very simple backlight, selected temporarily on by pressing a spring loaded button.

Time zone? I use my phone to get local time and reset the clock manually; it takes a few seconds by rotating the knob on the rear.

Temperature? Is there a particular reason for knowing the actual room temperature? If it's uncomfortable in a hotel room, I adjust the heating, or open a window. :O

However, look here - any good?:


ExSp33db1rd 19th May 2012 00:11

When employed as a Longhaul crew member I used to wish I could find one that also told me what Country I was in ! I could always remember the room no. and Country of the last time I slept, but the current one was a challenge when I woke up again, until it had been downloaded into my personal RAM over a day or so.

and.... stick a label on it with your name and address, I've lost count of the number of times kind hotels have posted it back to me, but one didn't immediately so I bought another, then they did so now I have two. ( sell you one for $1,000,000.oo ) Been with me for about 40 years now, SEIKO, cost about 1,000 Yen at Narita once, measures about 3"x3" and folds flat to about 3/8th" fits in shirt pocket,should you wish, one A.76 button battery lasts for about 2 years, and has a 24 hr. rotating bezel around the edge to turn to local time. Black hands on white face. KISS.

mixture 19th May 2012 05:54

In priority order...
- Room Temperature display
- Auto Time update in new countries
- Backlight
- Alarm
My Blackberry does all that ! :cool:

Although personally I just use my wrist watch as an alarm when travelling (it's got dual timezones, and a backlight). Sure it hasn't got "auto time update", but it's not exactly a big deal to whizz the knob a couple of times to pull the T2 time forward/backward a few hours. I'm sure if you went for one of the cheapo mainstream brand watches you could even find one that has a temperature display !

OFSO 19th May 2012 06:12

My HTC also does all that, time, auto update, temperature & weather forecast etc. Makes phone calls and does e-mails too. Why carry another piece of junk around ?

ExSp33db1rd 19th May 2012 08:14

Why carry another piece of junk around ?
Agreed, why carry most of it ? It is my ambition to travel around with just my passport in my shirt pocket, not quite there yet, but working on it, and being constantly sabotaged by Mrs. ExS. who, upon discovering that I have created some empty space in my luggage ...... fills it ! The first airline to allow a personal Pack Horse in the cabin will enjoy her immediate attention, meanwhile I'm roped in as the only acceptable alternative.

stuckgear 19th May 2012 08:24

It's my birthday coming up and it would make a nice prezzie!
well tableview, maybe KAG will send you one from China ! :}

Lon More 19th May 2012 08:29

my phone does all except the room temperature - for that I have my big toe. Romm to warm; stick foot out from under blanket. Room too cold; cover foot with blanket.

parabellum 19th May 2012 08:53

My main pre requisite for my traveling alarm clock was that it folded down neatly and was a wind-up manual one, batteries fail and power cuts happen! Never let me down once in thirty six years

Lon More 19th May 2012 08:54

nothing better than a good wind-up

Slasher 19th May 2012 09:26

My perfect travelling alarm clock would have features like -

- Telling me the time in whatever timezone I'm in (a/update)
- Telling me what country I'm in
- Telling me what bloody hotel I'm in
- An ever present indicator that shows whether the sun is up
or down
- Auto-alert for happy hour at the nearest bar
- An alarm function that has a sexy chick's voice talking dirty
and tells me its time to get (it) up for her, with an increasing
volume level associated with a corresponding increase of her
desperate lust.

racedo 19th May 2012 09:51

Didn't know Slasher carried missus as his personal alarm clock.

I use phone, nothing else, the alarm clock ticking all :mad: night drives me nuts. If I can't remember the hotel and country then call reception, they assume weird anyway so lets just add to it.

Ancient Observer 19th May 2012 10:41

I'm with the ex-speedbird on this. When I travelled in Asia rather a lot back in the 90s, I lost count of the number of times I woke up thinking that I was in country X when I was in country Y.
.....and, just to confound matters, countries which were only a short hop away had different time zones. Got fed up with booked taxis that turned up an hour late, or didn't show, (because I was an hour late).

My clever little samsung Apollo - (no longer sold) now fixes all this for me - if and when I remember to turn it on, turn on wi-fi, turn on 3G and so on.

corsair 19th May 2012 10:48

Slasher my smartphone pretty much does it all. You can even programme in the sexy chick voice if you need to.

Why would anyone want a travel alarm anymore once they invented smartphones.

OFSO 19th May 2012 11:29

some empty space in my luggage

Empty space in a woman's suitcase is rarer than a Higgs Bosun. Believed to exist but never been seen yet.

Tableview 19th May 2012 11:39

It's not that they fill the suitcase that annoys me, it's that 90% of the stuff roundtrips without even being taken out, let alone used. She takes the most ridiculous things 'just in case'.

farsouth 19th May 2012 11:41

Slight thread drift - Can anyone explain why those alarm clocks with a blue backlight give a very faint high pitched sound whenever the backlight is on ???

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