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chuboy 16th Feb 2016 10:04

You have kids FB? Because from what I've read it's cheaper and easier for them to get their hands on MDMA than a six pack. I have to say the headline was designed to shock but all it did was intrigue me ;)

dr dre 16th Feb 2016 11:29

Better yet, hang the drug dealers and flood the druggo market with deadly fatal drugs and finnish the problem once and for all..
You'd be suprised about how many "druggos" are actually middle aged professionals who live in leafy upper middle class suburbs.
Almost 30% of Adults under 30 have used illicit substances recently in Australia according to that article.
It's not just junkies living homeless on the street

I should add as well, no-one deserves to receive a death sentence for private drug use or possession, regardless of their wealth or social status, criminalisation of simple possession and the war on drugs is a giant failure and waste of money, and why nations are beginning to move toward legalisation

Jeps 20th Feb 2016 04:17


Anyone who quotes the eternal words of the great George Carlin is ok in my book....

Clare Prop 21st Feb 2016 05:05

So it seems Turnbull has had his "Oceanic Viking" moment and given in to emotional blackmail.

Expect a whole lot of burnt babies :(

I wonder though, was the problem that they didn't want to release the baby back into the hands of parents who had deliberately burned their baby to rort the immigration system (sounds more than reasonable) or was it really as the hand wringers would have us beleive? That it was Nauru that was the problem? In which case when was the general election when these doctors were voted into government?

Stanwell 21st Feb 2016 06:45

Well, what were the "refugees" going to do?

They'd found that the "If I don't get what I want, I'll hold my breath until my face turns blue" act wasn't working anymore.
Hunger strikes, stitching lips and sitting on roofs seemed to have lost their media appeal as well.

What to do?
"I know,.. that magic, emotive word, "Bay-beee".
"That got 'em moving, didn't it?"
"Scruples?.. What're they?"

As Clare says, expect more of the same.

Clare Prop 21st Feb 2016 07:12

And there is still the issue of if Nauru is such a "Hell Hole" (I understand the Nauruans are not very happy about the way they and their island are being portrayed) then surely we must take all Nauruan children too.

How about they just deport the people they put there there who are doing the abusing? Then it might not be such a "Hell Hole".

I think the doctors' words are being twisted to suit the hand wringers' agenda.

SOPS 21st Feb 2016 08:02

If it is such a hell hole we had better take everyone off Naru.

Pinky the pilot 22nd Feb 2016 00:43

I suspect that once the 'Rent-a-crowd' protesters have finished claiming victory and slapping each others backs they will saunter off to the next great moral challenge and quickly forget about the baby and its family.

And then whilst their attention is elsewhere, the Government will quietly send them back to Nauru, most likely by a private charter.

parabellum 23rd Feb 2016 00:13

I must have missed something, a headline on BBC news says the baby is going back to Nauru? :confused:

Hempy 23rd Feb 2016 06:26

Originally Posted by Clare Prop
I wonder though, was the problem that they didn't want to release the baby back into the hands of parents who had deliberately burned their baby to rort the immigration system (sounds more than reasonable) or was it really as the hand wringers would have us beleive? That it was Nauru that was the problem? In which case when was the general election when these doctors were voted into government?

As the good 'ole boys say, never let the facts get in the way of a bigoted rant...:yuk:

Police dismiss claims Baby Asha deliberately hurt by mother in order to leave Nauru | Australia news | The Guardian

Stanwell 23rd Feb 2016 08:11

While I treat anything I read in the Grauniad with the same caution that I accord anything propagated by Murdoch's acolytes...
A few things make me wonder about this case.

As reported in the (Murdoch) Courier Mail, a security guard had stated that the baby's mother confessed to deliberately causing the injury.
Queensland Police also had confirmed that they'd been notified of a Child Protection Order (although they're being a little coy about when and by whom).

I was talking to a Nepalese couple (neighbours) a little earlier this evening.
They were of the firm opinion that a Nepalese woman could never deliberately harm a child - any child.
Unless, of course, she were mentally unhinged... (hmm).
It's been my life experience, though, that some people will do, or say, anything to achieve what they see, at the time, to be an important goal.

Then, there's the Guardian article itself, which struck me as giving an unduly large amount of space to the 'refugee advocates' et cetera.
Big on emotive language, but a bit short on facts.
One 'advocate' in particular, a Shen Narayanasamy, a human rights director for GetUp, accused (Minister) Dutton of ignoring the medical evidence.
"Dutton is in possession of medical reports which clearly state that Baby Asha's injuries were accidental", Nayaranasamy said.

The medical report simply states.. "There is no clinical evidence that the burn injury was non-accidental".

The Guardian article then goes on to air, at length, the 'advocates' claims that this supposed disingenuousness on the part of the Minister is akin to
Peter Reith's 'Children Overboard' saga from some years ago.
Talk about clutching at straws.
These "Advocates" wouldn't dream of playing with the truth to suit their own agenda, would they?

When this bullsh1t-fest is over, I do hope the poor pawn (sorry, I mean child) suffers no lasting ill-effects.

Hempy 23rd Feb 2016 08:25

There are plenty of other links carrying the story, that just happened to be the first one in my news feed. Oh, and the mother is from Nepal, that hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism....

megan 23rd Feb 2016 23:40

4.4% of the Nepalese population is Islamic, so who knows what the mother's thoughts may be. Certain sections of the Muslim population follow the Muslim Brotherhood brand, now there is a fundamentalist group.

The stated goals of the Muslim Brotherhood are as follows:

1. Inform the world about Islam and spread its teachings
2. Unify the world under the banner of Islam
3. Raise the standard of living and achieve social justice
4. Fight disease, poverty, ignorance and hunger
5. Liberate the Ummah (Islamic nation) from foreign rule
6. Establish a worldwide Islamic state (caliphate)
7. Build a new world civilization based on sharia and Islam.

Muslim Brotherhood brand in Nepal

Muslim Mirror Nepal unrest: No solution in sight, Terai death toll 59

Whatever the rights or wrongs on either side, peaceful it isn't.


Hempy 24th Feb 2016 08:48

lol yes, those earthquakes are caused by Muslim fundamentalists.... :D

megan 25th Feb 2016 05:42

those earthquakes are caused by Muslim fundamentalists
Well I never, you learn something new every day.

Hempy 7th Mar 2016 12:45

So the Monk and his chief of staff were bumping nasties, what (not) a surprise.


chuboy 7th Mar 2016 21:16

Credlin was always said to be a piece of work and this certainly speaks to that. Some of the things she is said to have done are absolutely outrageous from any person let alone the chief of staff to the PM.

parabellum 8th Mar 2016 22:35

The journalist that wrote the book, Nikki Savva, writes a column in The Australian and thrives on attacking people she doesn't like with unsupported innuendo, she walks a very fine line between just permissible muck raking and libel.

Hempy 9th Mar 2016 03:12

She was also a Liberal staffer for 9 years.

parabellum 9th Mar 2016 04:32

Yes Hempy, she also hates Abbott and loves Marshmallow Malcolm!

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