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Ovation 20th Dec 2015 01:19

News that's bound to please everyone, regardless of their political viewpoint:

Salim Mehajer, the Deputy Mayor of Auburn City Council has been charged over vote fraud in the 2012 Council elections.

Sydney's most controversial deputy mayor, Salim Mehajer, could face up to 10 years in jail for allegedly forging documents to rig the 2012 Auburn Council ballot.
The Australian Federal Police confirmed on Sunday it had served court attendance notices on Mr Mehajer and seven of his associates for electoral fraud offences, after a referral from the Australian Electoral Commission in August 2012
Read more: Salim Mehajer facing 10 years in jail on vote fraud charges
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http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/Mehajer facing 10 years in jail

maybe he's trying to emulate his father who served jail time:

Local developer Mohamad Mehajer had served part of a 3½ year sentence imposed in December 2013 for conspiring to cheat and defraud the National Australia Bank of more than $3 million

Eddie Dean 20th Dec 2015 02:33

Ethel, some interesting reading on Andrew Bolt's blog for you.

Peter O’Shaughnessy, writer and theatre director, ... recalls an occasion when ... John related a story over dinner: “ I was a bit amused, a bit chilled too, when, at table, he brought to mind some occasion when [Noela] had been flirting with someone. When they got home, she turned up the sheets prior to their getting into bed to find a sharp knife lying on the under-sheet. A warning, John told me - in her presence - of what might be in store for a a woman if she played false with her lover...” When Noela related the incident she described the shock of finding a long, black knife against the white sheets of her bed, and of the fear that drove her running from the house into the darkness, unable to return until dawn.
It's about artists turnbull and domestic violence

At ease 20th Dec 2015 04:24


News that's bound to please everyone, regardless of their political viewpoint:

Salim Mehajer, the Deputy Mayor of Auburn City Council has been charged over vote fraud in the 2012 Council elections.
It's not great news considering the implications of what is involved with electoral fraud which unfortunately happens in too many levels of government, but it is great news that this cockroach has had the spotlight turned on him and others of his family and associates.

Now for the Mortein. :ok:

Dark Knight 20th Dec 2015 04:30

PIERS AKERMAN: (my Italics)

Reaching out to the Muslim world, as President Barack Obama did at Cairo University in mid-2009, has been a huge failure. Since that speech, the much vaunted Arab Spring has turned into the bleakest of Arab winters.

Terrorist outfits spread their evil influence from northern Europe, the UK, France and south across the Mediterranean, and down through Africa. They’re in Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Philippines and Indonesia, with isolated breakouts in the US and Australia.

In the past three years, rulers have been toppled by extremists in Tunisia, Libya, Syria and Yemen, with protests in Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Sudan, Mauritania, Oman, Djibouti, Western Sahara, Mali, Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank.

In all of these places and others there are jihadis who want to kill us because we are not them. In Paris, in San Bernardino, in Melbourne and Martin Place.

So prevalent has been the spread of this death cult’s nihilism that a new expression has been coined to describe the lawless Badlands. They are now designated as ungoverned areas or UGAs.

Obama’s reach-out policy is the same reach-out policy being promoted by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and, alarmingly, the head of the domestic security agency ASIO, former soldier Duncan Lewis.

Relentlessly promoted by the taxpayer-funded ABC and the Fairfax media, despite the evidence of its failure, schools and universities are churning out young people who think a group hug will turn a jihadist’s mind every time.

Cowed by years of politically correct condemnation, and with political leaders succumbing to moral panic, many Australians no longer speak out knowing their views will be mocked by people whose salaries they, the taxpayers, bankroll.

This unrelenting pressure from those in our society who could justifiably be labelled useful idiots, to use Stalin’s description of the well-meaning idiots who put a gloss on communism’s worst atrocities, means the freedoms consistent with liberal democracy are being whittled away by those entrusted to protect them.

This misguided and destructive approach is evident across the board at every level of Australian society from local governments which ban nuclear fuel but not nuclear medicine, to the president of the Human Rights Commission, Gillian Triggs, who politicised her office with her strategically timed attacks on the Abbott government, to ICAC Commissioner Megan Latham, who viciously used her office to pursue Crown prosecutor Margaret Cunneen, and now ASIO director-general Duncan Lewis’s clumsy effort to ¬direct the activities of elected representatives.

Lewis, a former soldier, warned some Coalition MPs on the manner in which they should speak about Islamist extremism.

There are accepted boundaries in a democracy from those who are elected and those who are paid to carry out the wishes of the government.

Lewis overstepped that boundary. He can advise but he must be careful about instructing.

While appropriate measures must be taken to protect and defend the citizenry, the values we cherish in our liberal democracy cannot be compromised.

Islamic terrorists, whether they belong to ISIS, Boko Haram, the Haqqani network, Hezbollah, Hamas, al-Nusrah, al-Qaeda, the Houthi or any of the myriad mutations, are real, and, according to surveys taken in the US, UK, and Australia, enjoy a remarkable degree of support from members of the resident Muslim populations, especially among 18- to 24-year-olds.

Westerners must be free to talk about the groups whose members are committed to killing those who will not follow their extremist ideology — including fellow Muslims.

Yet while the threat is identifiable, indeed, it self-identifies through a resoundingly skilful propaganda campaign, it is beyond ironic that on almost every campus across Australia and within the ABC and Fairfax, those nations at the forefront of the struggle against the death cult are held in utter contempt.

Israel is regarded as a pariah state and the Iranian view that the US is the great Satan goes largely unchallenged, along with the views of the corrupt Palestinian Authority, the Grand Mufti and the self-appointed spokesmen for the Australian Muslims.

In the New Year, the West must come up with a better plan than German leader Angela Merkel’s open border strategy. It must come up with a better plan than bombing IS.

New thinking is required.

Instead of trying to rebuild Syria, Libya and Iraq within the artificial borders created in 1916, it may be wiser to permit clans and tribes and feudal leaders to decide their own borders locally.

But we must be able to talk freely about this catastrophe if peace on earth is to exist beyond our hymnals.

Finally, may I wish all The Sunday Telegraph’s readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

See you in February.

(What the `useful idiots' fail to understand is should those who wish to destroy OUR freedoms succeed the first eliminated are the `useful idiots' as they are of no use, a nuisance to the destroyers!)

Stanwell 20th Dec 2015 06:18

I would be careful about putting too much store in the ramblings of someone like Piers Ackerman.
After all, he's just another Murdoch mouthpiece - and not a particularly savoury one at that.
He likes himself to be seen as a thoughtful person of some intellectual capacity. Those that have monitored his performance
over the years would not necessarily agree.

While some of the statements he makes in support of his arguments have a ring of truth about them, that's just a basic, time-honoured
technique of journalism.
So, in his final pontification for the year, he spends most of the column stating the bleeding obvious as a vehicle from which to further
the News Limited/Fox agenda.

Now, don't get me wrong. The head-in-the-sand PC brigade have managed to convince a few too many gullible, peace-loving people that
a group hug and a few bars of Kumbaya will fix everything.

On the other hand, the taxpayer has just funded an expensive 'fact-finding' mission to the middle-east for those notable junketeers,
Bronwyn Bishop and Christopher Pyne.
How did they handle that? Not very well, I'm afraid.
I won't go into detail because the media have covered that well enough.
Of course, both of those are noted for their objectivity and diplomatic skills, aren't they?

Anyway, must run now.
I've lots of Christmas shopping to do and a heap of good-will and cheer for everybody - as long as they behave.

Hempy 20th Dec 2015 07:39

Gotta love bandwidth wasting mega-posts when a simple link to the original would suffice completely.. :ugh:

Eddie Dean 20th Dec 2015 18:12

Hempy, NBN mate, no problems with bandwidth.

MTOW 20th Dec 2015 20:15

On the other hand, the taxpayer has just funded an expensive 'fact-finding' mission to the middle-east for those notable junketeers,
Bronwyn Bishop and Christopher Pyne.
Bronwyn Bishop? Say it isn't so. Let it be the other soundslikeacleric. Bronwyn would scare the camels.

There's a link somewhere (I think on the Pickering site) to someone's list of what to dos for the next election. One of his ideas was for the conservatives in ChristOPHER Pyne's electorate to see him rolled. I'd move house to South Australia temporarily and register to vote if I thought it would make the difference in seeing that plan realised. Whilst I don't agree with all the points raised by the fellow on the Pickering site, it would be good to see some of them put into practice. I'll see if I can find the link.

Flying Binghi 21st Dec 2015 01:33

via Hempy:
Gotta love bandwidth wasting mega-posts when a simple link to the original would suffice completely..
Heh, ah likes them posts because poor ol Hempy carnt challenge the content of the posts..;)

By the by, anyone else having trouble getting sputniknews.com ?
I've been following the Russian news slant on China telling the Oz airforce to fleck-off. The site just wont work for me...


Eddie Dean 21st Dec 2015 02:31

Flying Binghi has nailed it

Stanwell 21st Dec 2015 03:16

Mind if I briefly comment?

".. carnt challenge the content of those posts".
Ahem. Hello?
It takes no towering intellect to deconstruct the opinion pieces of the likes of Ackerman, Bolt, Price and co.
So why would he bother?
Come up with some original thought yourself - rather than re-publishing slabs of tabloid journalism from the Murdoch stable.
BTW, what's happened to Alan Jones? He's been a bit quiet lately.

Like you, Binghi, I've not been able to access sputniknews, either - so it's not just you.
China and its territorial ambition is shaping up to be an interesting sideshow.

MTOW 21st Dec 2015 03:23

Stanwell, I don't think I'm alone in wishing Alan Jones would go on holidays for a considerably longer period than he's currently taking for the Chrissy break. So enjoy his absence as much as he's enjoying the break.

Getting back to politics; elsewhere, someone's saying that Christopher Pyne is worried he might lose his seat in the coming election. I suppose we can only hope his concerns prove to be well-founded.

fujii 21st Dec 2015 03:52

Can't, not carnt.

Dark Knight 21st Dec 2015 05:40

It is all very easy to attack the writer, play the man, cast unjustified aspersions upon the character of said writer and their employer: how does one know or can substantiate whether the writer is directed how he should write?

What is the policy of the Murdoch press and their leanings?

All very easy to throw around these lines without any justification and it is my recollection from time to time the Murdoch press has been particularly friendly to the Dark Side i.e. the Socialists.

The thrust of what is written about is at this time more important than the authenticity of the writer.

How do we handle the threat we, our country, freedoms and lifestyle face?
Is it fair we demand Muslims living here; Granted the Privilege, Given the Permission to emigrate and live here gaining citizens ship adopt Our way of life?

Is it right we demand they do not foist their supposed religion upon us or seek to change Our ways?

Is it right we demand they speak our long and vociferously condemning their preachers of hate insisting these preachers change their ways or Leave?

The debate which must occur is not ad hoc immature, unsubstantiated ramblings attacking the man but a serious look at our freedoms and lifestyle to ensure these continue and improve.

It is a debate our politicians must allow to happen and be part of with their fellow Australians.

SOPS 21st Dec 2015 07:47

Well said DK. The sooner we get over this fear of offending muslims, the better. I get offended when they won't integrate, try and demand we change our ways, so they are not offended.

We must have the debate, without fear of offending these people. If they are offended by living in Australia, then they can always go.

Stanwell 21st Dec 2015 08:04

Now that's more like it, DK.

I do agree that the issues raised deserve full, frank and open debate.

It's just a shame that you wasted some 40% of your post trying do defend 'Citizen Rupert' and his minions.
When referring to Ackerman & co, I was speaking more generally than just of the subject at hand.

If, however, you see my post as simply the immature casting of unjustified and unsubstantiated aspersions, then so be it.
I would point out, though, that the substantiation is freely available out there in the public domain - for all to see.

Anyway, I'll conclude by echoing your last line...
"It is a debate our politicians must allow to happen and be part of with their fellow Australians."

RJM 21st Dec 2015 09:03

Stanwell, you set up 'Citizen Rupert' as the source of the views you find inappropriate, then you object to people supposedly regurgitating unthinkingly what you say are Murdoch's opinions.

Suggesting the evil Murdoch as the source of an opinion you disagree with doesn't win you the argument. It doesn't matter what the source is anyway - you should address the argument not the supposed source.

Ackerman's piece includes claims of facts as well as the inferences he draws from them. Do you dispute the facts? If you do, stating which and why would be a good start, rather than simply dismissing the argument because of the bad source you posit. You could then move on to disputing Ackerman's conclusions.

Stanwell 21st Dec 2015 09:25

If you read that post (19364) again, you'll see that I pointed out that it's an old journalistic technique.
It gives apparent credibility to whatever angle you're pushing.
Very helpful for people who are into 'creative writing'.

Once again, I'm not arguing with the subject of the opinion piece in this instance - just the spin.

Eddie Dean 21st Dec 2015 09:55

Stanwell, You are better at splitting hairs, and definitives as well, than anyone I know.

Therefore I call Bullsh1t on your last post.

Atleast man up and defend your position, rather than twist and squirm around.

Stanwell 21st Dec 2015 10:14

Cut it out please, Eddie.
There's no twisting and squirming and.. no bullsh1t either.
Perhaps things might become a little bit clearer to you if you carefully read the relevant posts.

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