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Clare Prop 1st Aug 2012 15:25

Here ya go.

John Button Lecture Video - YouTube!

Though I'd suspect that old Loose Windscreen has made enough dough now to be in the same financial league as Gina, Twiggy and co...doesn't being rich and succesful make you into one of the bad guys?

I can think of a few Midnight Oil songs that he could have been influenced by...but then we all know now that Garrett didn't mean a word of it.

allan907 1st Aug 2012 15:34

I can only presume that in Wayne's Wonderful World the sins of the rich and powerful (won by legal means) outweigh the sins of the rich and powerful won by the scheming illegal union barons.

That must be right because the Rhineharts, Forests, and Palmers of this world must be nasty bastards for risking their own money and creating jobs and wealth rather than the public spirited union officials who lie, cheat and rob the poor and impoverished who trusted them implicitly (and Greedy Gillard may well be in there somewhere).

Time for the cheerleaders to appear and tell us all that that is not so. :uhoh:

SOPS 1st Aug 2012 15:56

Ok is this a "i want to be the next PM " video or is it just c##p to make me throw up??

allan907 1st Aug 2012 16:33

They're both the same.

Be my guest http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c9...esCAINJ22Z.jpg

Fubaar 1st Aug 2012 22:25

Do you think the common thread behind this imbecility might be the ex-Blair advisor McTernan?

Some say he was behind the totally staged Australia Day 'race riot', and if so, it shows he is totally out of tune with Australian attitudes.

Is he telling these Ministers that this 'pop kultur' crap will work in their favour with Bruce and Shiela Public? I can't believe they're going off and doing it off their own bat. (I don't think Swan has the intelligence to come up with anything even remotely novel, let alone basing a speech on something so out of left (or should that be "Left"?) field as some fake working class multimillionaire Yank hasbeen pop singer.)

I did think that Clive Palmer was showing his 'out of touchness' when he said he took his 'inspiration' from Aussie pop groups "like Red Gum".

****ing Red Gum? The first word in their name describes their politics to a 't'.

500N 1st Aug 2012 22:33

Typical of the caliber of Politicians we have who "try" to connect
but always seem to fail badly.

Re the Asylum seekers, I asked a few friends and most have no problem
with Asylum seekers per se (most lived through the Vietnam refugees),
they just object to what is now occurring where we seem to need to
provide a taxi service and free benefits with no work.

Buster Hyman 1st Aug 2012 23:56

Well, this is where the latte' sipping lefties have no clue 500N. They wrongly assume that any opponents to the Red Witches plans are racist and don't want ANY refugees to come here.

The facts of the matter seem to contradict their insular views but, that is an inconvenient truth that they cannot accept.

500N 2nd Aug 2012 01:17


Agree. And because of it, people are afraid to speak up.

One of those I asked was my GF, who 3 years ago was horrified at
my extreme views of how to deal with the boats and she is a lefty
kinda teacher employed by a lefty council.

Even she now has changed her views and comes out with statements
at what she sees on the news about this whole thing is just wrong
- and not because I have tried to convert her, she just sees freeloaders
who are jumping the queue and getting no end of help doing it.

Both of us were born OS, her in NZ, self in UK.

(Still got to get her to go hunting but that's another matter !!! :O LOL)


eagle 86 2nd Aug 2012 01:36

It is not so much about whether these illegal immigrants are genuine asylum seekers or just wealthy people looking for a better life - the problem is that labor cannot protect our borders.
During my time in the mil I was involved in many exercises where the trigger was an "Orange" (it's not too hard to imagine who Orange were!) force landing on Oz shores and annexing part of the mainland. If this scenario was played out for real today labor would be crippled in trying to combat such an invasion.
PS There is evidence that Indon fishermen have landed and lived for a period of time on remote NW Oz coastlines.

500N 2nd Aug 2012 01:56


Before PC came into it, wasn't, I seem to remember the actual name
of the enemy home state was "Kamaria" or something like that.
I also strongly remember being told my Orders group map was
too close to reality in shape and location of "Kamaria":O

Agree re not being able to protect our borders but their are some
who do object to these particular A/S because of the way they are
queue jumping.

Re living undetected up north, it isn't difficult if you hide the boat
and don't get seen by the patrol planes. Every year I go days up there
without seeing anyone or anything.

Fubaar 2nd Aug 2012 02:02

eagle 86, the only difference to those old Kangaroo# exercises is that today, the current version of the Orange forces are annexing the northern and western suburbs of our major cities - and we're bankrolling them, for life, as they do so.

The one thing that's remained the same is that the 'Blue' forces don't have a hope in hell of stopping them. At least, back then, we put a pretense that we were resisting, but as I remember it, even then, the operative word was 'notional'. We couldn't even run a helicopter operation within the exercise area at Shoalwater Bay without declaring the fuel dump at Sam Hill as 'non tactical' or some such term, and the Mirages from Townsville could offer 'notional' air cover only - i.e., they could sit overhead at 30,000' for ten minutes, but didn't have the fuel to come down and sort any Orange air forces out and have enough fuel to make it back to Townsville. On K1, the Huey 01 aborted a major helicopter insert of troops when the Hueys encountered Orange forces FJs on the way in and the Mirages refused to come down to deal with them. This refusal by a mere Flt Lt mission commander to fly six slicks on into a condition red airspace caused utter consternation at Blue forces HQ and severely buggered up their war game.

So one might be tempted to ask: what's changed? When it comes to border protection today, 'notional' seems still to be the operative word.

500N 2nd Aug 2012 02:05

What ever happened to the Jindalee Over the Horizon Radar,
that you beaut, all singing and dancing can pick up anything
on sea and flying well before it gets to our waters ?

allan907 2nd Aug 2012 02:17

Doesn't work too well with wood - the original stealth material - which is what this current wave of border invaders are equipped with.

Jindalee is designed to deal with a proper military threat - ie stuff made out of metal.

500N 2nd Aug 2012 02:29

I thought it was able to pick up a whole load of things
like sea states and wave heights - and stealth aircraft.

It was a long time ago that I read info on it so thanks
for correcting me.

Slasher 2nd Aug 2012 04:07

A mate of mine once got himself a four page "fold & tear" Kamarian passport
in Derby issued by the ground boys of the RAAF there during that Exercise.

He now lives in Denam on the Kamarian isle of Tarasum and organises highly
lucrative boat rentals to Oz.

MTOW 2nd Aug 2012 04:25

Two boats (so far) today. that's five for the month... and it's only the 2nd.

Should we run a book? What're the odds? I'm going for between 50 and 55 boats for the month. OK, if I can only have one number, make mine 53 boats.

SOPS 2nd Aug 2012 06:31

I will go for 15 boats in the first week of August, and 74 for the month.

It has become time for the GG to force an election on the grounds that the government can no longer protect Australia from invasion.

allan907 2nd Aug 2012 07:00

There was a letter in the West Australian today from one of dwindling band of ALP supporters writing in defence of Jooliar's lie to the electorate.....

"it is a woman's prerogative to change her mind"

God help us! Because nothing will save the Governor General (to paraphrase someone like Jooliar and which ought to be a repeated action :E)

MattGray 2nd Aug 2012 07:24

Day 33 of the Carbon Tax and the sky still hasn't fallen. :ok:

Whyalla still standing.

No reports of whole communities vaporised.

And in tonights Invention Test Tony heads up the Blue Team.

Oops - looks like he's dishing up the same tired old bull again.
Still you have to admit he does know his audience. :}

Just how long the ultimate judges will continue to swallow it remains to be seen. Latest polling already showed a dramatic turnaround in the number spitting it out.

With the 2013 election still a loooong way off that countdown timer is going to need plenty of rewinding.

prospector 2nd Aug 2012 08:17

Day 33 of the Carbon Tax and the sky still hasn't fallen.

And the amount of Carbon being discharged into the atmosphere has decreased by what amount??

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