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Hempy 28th Nov 2015 12:02

Ohhh I get a bold. So blessed x.

Feeling buthurt babe?

Now please remember which country you pay your taxes in before you make another comment..

p.s I have quotes to rebut you already. Just sayin.

Stanwell 28th Nov 2015 12:04

Originally Posted by RJM (Post 9194270)
Perhaps the NT has a problem similar to the ACt's. It's not a proper state - the biggest employer is the public service, so the local government tends to reflect that. The NT and ACT 'parliaments' are just big public service office lunchrooms, with the same internal concenrs about power and process.

You got it in one there, RJM. :ok:

CoodaShooda 28th Nov 2015 12:30

Not quite. Up here the Public Service CEOs are under personal contract to their Minister. Sir Humphrey wouldn't stand for it but the egos in Cabinet wag the public service dog.

Our current crop of labor MPs are fairly lacklustre and generally incompetent.
The CLP side is a mix of rat cunning, arrogance and incompetence.
The independents are a mix of former ALP then CLP Minister, former ALP Deputy Chief Minister cum ex-Leader of the Opposition, former CLP Speaker now independent Speaker, former CLP Minister for Health and Education, former CLP backbencher with a conviction for bashing her niece and our original independent from the conservative rural area who is unaligned but votes with labor.

I'm currently wading through a major government discussion paper on industry reform that was produced without any consultation with industry and misrepresents existing industry bodies so badly it is potentially actionable.
Sadly, regardless of the true state of affairs, its potentially disastrous recommendations will probably be accepted by government.

The election can't come quickly enough. :ugh:

Ethel the Aardvark 28th Nov 2015 14:25

Expect our new beloved well versed intelligent leader to make a few sensible climate announcements in Paris, the Preppers will be locking themselves into their silos for a bit longer this time.
Funny how they dont love Julie B anymore! :E

Traffic_Is_Er_Was 28th Nov 2015 22:23

Don't know if Mal will have a chance. Paris in lockdown again. Greens jetting in from everywhere. Levels of warming gas CO2Blah3 (apparently makes up 99.9% of hot air) already approaching life threatening limits. Peer-reviewed papers report that if exposed to enough of it, you want to kill yourself.

Flying Binghi 29th Nov 2015 00:35

via Hempy:
If she did, I'm tipping she wouldn't be looking in your direction
Likely not, I don't wear the right attire. It seems red budgie smugglers get the poor dear all hot and flustered..:)


Flying Binghi 29th Nov 2015 01:21

And now a comment from "Garth Paltridge, Emeritus Professor at the University of Tasmania, a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, and a former Chief Research Scientist of the CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research"

"Even as the climate-change establishment heads to Paris, its scam is much closer to surfacing than the heat they now insist is hiding in the deep ocean…

The general public learnt from the Climategate and “hockey-stick” scandals that activist climate scientists are quite willing to cherry-pick and manipulate real world data in support of their efforts to save the world. The scientists on their part have learnt that they can get away with it. Their cause is politically correct, and is shaping up well to be the basis for a trillion-dollar industry. That sort of backing automatically provides plenty of protection…

In the hothouse of the Paris conference preparation, it seems that the climate-change establishment has not been careful enough.

First, it should be explained that global surface temperature has not risen significantly for the last eighteen-or-so years. According to theoretical models, it should have been rising strongly and continually as a consequence of human-induced emissions of carbon dioxide…

So in 2013, with the Paris conference already on the horizon, a frantic search began for some acceptable explanation as to why the world’s temperature has not been behaving as predicted. Very quickly a number of theories emerged, most of them based on the idea that natural fluctuations are hiding the heat of man-made global warming in the deep ocean. The beauty of the idea is that it allows for the lost heat to come back to the ocean surface at some future date and bite us all disastrously on the bottom. It also satisfies the need to be a fairly esoteric notion, thereby difficult to disprove. ..

Last June, in a major press release, the US National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) made something of a mistake. Having constructed new “adjustments” to some of the data on global temperature, it maintained that the 18-year pause is a result of nothing more than an error of data interpretation, and that the temperature has been going up after all.

The problem for activist climate scientists is that these latest NOAA adjustments are far from esoteric. It took only a few days for scientifically literate critics to spot all sorts of issues with the new analysis. Not the least was that the newly manipulated data do not agree with satellite measurements confirming existence of “the pause”. ...

The NOAA announcement, coming as it did so soon after bedding down the “hidden heat” idea in the mind of the public, may have confirmed for the man in the street that climate scientists are either guilty of playing too much politics or simply don’t know what they are talking about. or both. The man in the street has a good record of being right about such matters.

Suffice it to say, the chairman of the House Science Committee of the US Congress has publicly asked for NOAA scientists’ internal e-mails and communications on the subject… NOAA has refused to supply them. This is not a good strategy by a government agency when dealing with Congress. It ... suggests that the agency really does have something to hide. The stoush is warming up quite nicely."

What?s hot is the warmists? scam | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog


Hempy 29th Nov 2015 09:42

lol citing Andrew Bolt as 'credible' :rolleyes:

Terry Dactil 29th Nov 2015 09:51

Originally Posted by Hempy
lol citing Andrew Bolt as 'credible'

So can you refute the argument, or do you just want to shoot the messenger? :rolleyes:

Ethel the Aardvark 29th Nov 2015 10:10

Do people still listen to the convicted racist Bolt, suppose they do, who would of thunked it.
Meanwhile Bernadi tries to quote Voltaire and mistakenly quotes a neo nazi, his old ex pm buddy would be proud of such a gaffe. Starting to miss the old weekly foot in mouth embarressments

Hempy 29th Nov 2015 10:27

Originally Posted by Terry Dactil

lol citing Andrew Bolt as 'credible'
So can you refute the argument, or do you just want to shoot the messenger?

Bolt is a sensationalist shock jock who makes his money by being 'out there'. He's nothing more than a mouth screaming to be fed, living off the latest the US can provide for a topic to hone in on. Gutter journalism at its worst.

He should move to the US. Fox news would snap him up in an instant... :ugh:

Ken Borough 29th Nov 2015 11:36

He should move to the US. Fox news would snap him up in an instant..
I don't watch it but surely Fox News has standards? Then again, maybe not. Isn't it owned by the Dirty Digger?

RJM 29th Nov 2015 12:34

Yeah, yeah. What about the message, as noted. Further, Bolt was quoting, not speaking himself. Is the actual climate scientist he quoted not credible? If not, why not?

Flying Binghi 29th Nov 2015 12:37

...Bolts blah blah blah blah..........
I don't follow every thing Bolt posts, nor do I agree with everything he writes, though, in relation to the global warming issue can the Bolt hysterics point out anything at all that he has written on the matter that is incorrect ?...:hmm:

Meanwhile, while we is about former CSIRO Chief Atmospheric Scientists, here is another one...

One of the Australian pioneers of the computer climate forecasting were the late Dr Brian Tucker, aerobatic pilot and lover of low level flying and also a chief of a CSIRO division of Atmospheric Physics, who had a hand in "the development of the first Australian computer model of global climate for the study of climate change".

In his later years Dr Tucker identified the direction climate modelling took from being reality based to being agenda based...

"...there is little evidence to support the notion of net deleterious climate change despite recent Cassandra-like trepidation in the Australian Medical Association and exaggerations from Greenpeace. Why then has so much alarm been generated? The answer is complicated. In my opinion, it is due partly to the use and abuse of science to forment fear by those seeking to support ideological positions, and partly due to the negative and fearful perspective that seems to characterise some environmental prejudices..."

The quote is via Dr Tucker's article The Greenhouse Panic via Engineering World.


MTOW 29th Nov 2015 20:08

Hempy and Co. won't like it, but I think that with the Climate Change (or whatever it's being called this week) debate, an old investigator's truism applies, particularly when it comes to our new Prime Minister - "Follow the money".

Ethel the Aardvark 29th Nov 2015 22:40

Sorry grand kids. We should of listened to NASA climate scientists instead of the world reknowned expert Mr Andrew Bolt.
Why do the righties latch so tightly to these shock jocks, another of their favorites alledgedly beat his wife and another one alledgedly arrested for importuning in a London public toilet.

SOPS 29th Nov 2015 22:44

Very true MTOW

SOPS 29th Nov 2015 22:54

Andrew Bolt is quoting some one from the CSIRO, Ethel, not making something up.

Ethel the Aardvark 29th Nov 2015 23:47

the Paris climate debate must be one hell of a conspiracy theory, no wonder you choose to live in your fall out shelters, must be nice and cool down there.

Garth Paltridge isn't selling a book by any chance?

chuboy 29th Nov 2015 23:55

Garth Paltridge, formerly CSIRO, believes anthropogenic climate change is real.

I wonder how flying binghi (and Bolt for that matter) can reconcile that particular view, considering his "opinion' that it's all a bunch of made up garbage designed by sinister greenie socialists to introduce a new world order in which we limit our emissions of carbon dioxide.

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