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SOPS 30th Sep 2015 14:24

I think the huggy fluff lefts have got what they whished for. And now they are seriously worried. They can't attact Malcom at the moment, so the continue to attack Tony.

( Hempy is not in this, he has already said he will vote for Malcom:ok:)

Hempy 30th Sep 2015 14:37

The leftists should be worried. As I said earlier, the electorate has had a gut full of extremist politics, left or right.

Moderation. Something ole mate Tone knew nothing about. Turnbull could well be the next Menzies.

vulcanised 30th Sep 2015 19:39

I don't usually post in here but it seems like the best place to ask - does anyone know what's happened to Worrals?

It's a month since she was last active on here.

MTOW 30th Sep 2015 23:49

A couple of people are commenting elsewhere that they've been given 'a rest' for an undefined time from this thread by the mods. for making personal attacks on those who don't follow the ultra right wing political line. I can't imagine Worrals being guilty of that - but then again, those given 'a rest' insist that they didn't err in that direction themselves.

Turnbull the next Menzies, Hemps? He'll need eyebrow transplants to achieve that. And a colostomy bag. I suspect there's be quite a few here who'd agree about Turnbull needing a colostomy bag - because he's so full if it.

chuboy 1st Oct 2015 01:56

I see Mr Abbott is continuing to endear himself to the Australian public.

Former prime minister Tony Abbott has returned to the airwaves and revealed he never trusted Malcolm Turnbull, believing he was always intent on seizing the leadership.

In an interview with 3AW broadcaster Neil Mitchell on Thursday, Mr Abbott declined to say whether he had forgiven Mr Turnbull, despite pledging there would be "no sniping" the day after he lost the leadership of the Liberal Party and the country.

Read more: Tony Abbott pleads the Fifth Amendment when asked if he's forgiven Malcolm Turnbull

I mean it was bad enough when he was PM. Now it's just sad, bordering on pathetic :(

parabellum 1st Oct 2015 07:50

Chuboy - Latika Bourke is the chief political journalist for Fairfax Media, is that really the best you can do?

chuboy 1st Oct 2015 08:34

Not sure what you're asking there para. Are you implying Tony didn't really say those things?

CoodaShooda 1st Oct 2015 10:32


If you've been following the various media of all colours over the past few years, you will have seen that Fairfax journos quite often misreport, misrepresent or just make up comments attributed to Abbott.

Hempy 1st Oct 2015 11:05

I see that the 'tin foilers' are at it again. Fairfax, Murdoch, the ABC, Channels 7, 9 and 10, Radio, Crikey etc etc etc all were told what to say about Tone by 'the faceless men', and they all quivered in fear and acquiescence to obey the command. I'm sure the faceless men in black suits were all Communists, offspring of the man on the grassy knoll :rolleyes:

Or maybe they're just conspiracy theorist paranoid nutjobs.

david1300 1st Oct 2015 11:26

Re Worrals
Vulcanised - she's all fine. Been out and gadding about, also described as swanning around :ok:

vulcanised 1st Oct 2015 11:29

Thanks for that, David.

CoodaShooda 1st Oct 2015 11:42


Please explain? :confused:

Hempy 1st Oct 2015 11:50

Cooda, what explanation do you need?

Apparently (according to posters here), Tony Abbotts demise had nothing to do with his leadership skills, it was all due to a conspiracy amongst the main stream media to turn the electorate against him.

Pickering, Bolt and Hadley decided to revolt against this conspiracy, because they're all 'mates'. But the rest of the journalistic world apparently succumbed to the conspirators threats and just wrote what they were told to. :rolleyes:

CoodaShooda 1st Oct 2015 19:38

Sorry Hempy but you and I are going to have to agree to disagree over how we choose to interpret what we see on this thread.

But that's ok as our respective opinions carry equal weight. SFA.

Eddie Dean 1st Oct 2015 20:34

The drama piece seems to have worked well for the conservatives, Tony went in hard for the Liberals as PM, hard work is done; so now is time for Mr Moderate to take over.
Take note of "can't change any policy without cabinet approval" mmmmm

CoodaShooda 1st Oct 2015 21:54

My credibility seems to be taking a bit of a battering today.

Cooda 28/9/15

My gut feel at present is that he's another Rudd. But time will tell.
Bolt and Blair 2/10/15

Is anybody else picking up a hint of Kevin Rudd circa 2008 here
If these two are parroting me, I can understand why Hempy et al think that I'm a tin foil hat wearing, red necked, far to the right of Genghis Khan, crypto-fascist (rather than the slightly left of centre moderate that my friends know me to be). :p

MTOW 1st Oct 2015 23:42

Whilst I think we can all (even Hempy) understand Abbott's disappointment, even bitterness, over recent events, it's disappointing to see him doing exactly what he said he wouldn't do and sniping, however gently, from the sidelines. He knows the media well enough to know that they will inflate ANYTHING he says into a headline damaging both to him and the Liberal Party, so WTF he doesn't just go to ground and keep his lips zipped is beyond me.

He'll protect his legacy - whatever that is - far more effectively by resisting trying to put the record straight (in his eyes) and just keeping his mouth shut.

CoodaShooda 1st Oct 2015 23:59

I'll be interested to see how many Liberals drift to the Australian Liberty Alliance.

Its manifesto presses a lot of popularist buttons but its corporate structure looks a bit suss.

mmciau 2nd Oct 2015 04:11


Plus 1

SOPS 2nd Oct 2015 11:09

What is going on in Sydney? Two shot dead.

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