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Hempy 29th Sep 2015 10:24

Regarding Andrew Bolt;

Truth is that Abbott is not a thug, bully, racist, fool, liar, woman-hater, homophobe or bigot. He’s not cruel or lacking compassion.

If he were any of those things he would not be my friend. Those are deal breakers for me. Those I love best are people of honour, warmth and kindness.
Gold!! You couldn't make this stuff up...

SOPS 29th Sep 2015 11:41

So you disagree with Mr Bolt then, Hempy?

Hempy 29th Sep 2015 12:16

Lets just say that considering 'Mr' Bolt is up there with the most racist, bigoted, homophobic and mysogynistic columnists in the Australian media, I find it a little hypocritical for him to make any comment. And more than a little amusing. Not that his 'Rhodesian' parents had any say in his views of course..

Bolt and Abbott (and Ray Hadley, and some of our posters here) are a match made in their heaven.

It's a pity neither the Liberal Party nor the general Australian concensus agrees. For your sake at least. 'Minority group' anyone??

MTOW 29th Sep 2015 12:29

It must be incredibly comfortable and snug in that smug little world you've built for yourself, Hempy, where you just know that your opinions are superior to the opinions of everyone who does not subscribe to your view of the world.

Not strictly, Australian politics, but Australia (the part of Australia you so love to hate) gets a mention - but here's someone else you would lump on with Andrew Bolt, Pat Condell and his spin on the current invasion of Europe.


Hempy 29th Sep 2015 12:38

Pat Condell? Spare me :rolleyes:

I can feel your 'Abbott gone' butthurt from here MTOW. Go talk to your chemist, I'm sure he'll give you some cream to soothe it.

SOPS 29th Sep 2015 13:13

I agree with every word he says. pat that is, not Hempy.

Hempy 29th Sep 2015 14:00

Of course you do. At least you're consistent, I'll pay you that :ok:

Stanwell 29th Sep 2015 14:18

So Tony's still jumping up and down (when he can find a sympathetic ear, of course).
According to him, the next Fed election would be a 'shoo-in' with him as leader.

He reminds me very much of the Black Knight character in Monty Python's "Search for the Holy Grail".
In spite of what others say, he has no intention of going quietly, either.
They made a mistake putting that bloke up front in the first place.

The poor chap suffers from delusions of adequacy.

Ethel the Aardvark 29th Sep 2015 14:32

Hey Stanwell, is that the scene where Tony says to Malcolm " alright then lets call it a draw"
I see tony was out volunteering with his local fire brigade. What a man, I assume he is still claiming expenses for his little publicity stunts?

Fool Sufferer 29th Sep 2015 16:23

Tony Abbott's Ray Hadley interview shows exactly why he's no longer prime minister | smh.com.au

parabellum 30th Sep 2015 05:04

I don't think what the Fairfax media choose to print about Abbott is worth reading, it is they, along with the ABC, the ALP and the Greens that went out of their way to make sure nothing he tried to do could succeed if they didn't want it to, despite the fact that some of what Abbott proposed had already been endorsed as good policy by the ALP and much of it was for the general good of Australia and Australians.

Ken Borough 30th Sep 2015 05:36

Hempy & Stanwell,

Very well put. Abbott looks as though he's in need of real help.

There's no doubt that Abbott, encouraged by the RWNJs of the tabloid media, took the Liberals from being at the Centre of the political spectrum - its natural positioning - to the far reaches of the Right. It was an over-reaction to the ALP moving closer to the centre from the Left, now occupied by the Greens.

To say that Abbott failed because of the ABC, and Fairfax is tantamount to ignoring the elephant in the room. The ABC didn't (and couldn't) editorialise at the last election but from memory, The Age and SMH both endorsed the election of a Coalition Government. Do people want us to believe that they should maintain that position if the PM of that government fails to provide he leadership and vision that this country deserves?

Para wrote that those opposed to Abbott " went out of their way to make sure nothing he tried to do could succeed". Isn't that precisely what Abbott and the RWNJs of the tabloid media did to JG and her government? Abbott and Co were remorseless in their opposition to anything and everything Gillard and Rudd proposed. It's really time that many removed their rose-coloured glasses and viewed Abbott's political legacy, such that it is, with objectivity. I welcome Turnbull's leadership and hope that he is able to govern with compassion, vision and leadership. The country deserves nothing less.

Disclaimer before the incoming: this voter has never, ever voted ALP, Greens, Democrat, Palmer United, at any election be it local, State or Federal. Unlike Morrison, he's prepared to swear accordingly on the good Book if required!!

Hempy 30th Sep 2015 06:17

According to the 'tinfoil hat' brigade here, there was indeed a massive conspiracy involving the entire mainstream media in Australia (except Hadley and Bolt), colluding with the Senate, Malcolm Turnbull and 53 other Liberal Party politicians, all in order simply to run the 'man of steel' out of office!!

Maybe it was all organised by the man on the grassy knoll? Or perhaps at the moon landing set at Universal Studios? Nah, I have it. It was the same CIA operatives who planted thermite in the twin towers!!! :rolleyes:

Wiley 30th Sep 2015 06:53

Ken, the only fallacy I see in your argument is that the Coalition while in opposition supported and passed a huge number of bills Labor under Julia Gillard put to the Lower house and the Senate. (Remember Julia Gillard boasting how many bllls she had presented and got through parliament? Over 100, wasn't it?)

Tony Abbott while in opposition fought against the crazy spending bills put forward by Labor - and looking at the size of the debt Labor wracked up in six years, not very successfully.

Labor, since being assigned to the Opposition benches, has put the kibosh on virtually every piece of legislation the Coalition has put forward as they attempt to reduce that debt, even bills Labor espoused while in government and that were part of their policies in the last election.

Ken Borough 30th Sep 2015 07:18


Not a fallacy. JG and Rudd did get most of their legislation through both houses. I think JG, unlike Abbott, was able to negotiate with the Independents in the Lower Hse and the cross-bench in the Senate. This is what had her legislative program come to fruition, especially the contentious issues. :ok:

gupta 30th Sep 2015 07:29

I think that if you really looked at the JG years, (& the KR each side) a lot of the legislation passed because the Green vote added to Labor (& Windsor/Oakeshott) made a majority. The Green vote was a done deal (remember the announcement with the inanely grinning Bob Brown standing alongside as the doppelganger Deputy PM?). Pretty much the same in the Senate - remember, no PUPs or Motorists then.

SOPS 30th Sep 2015 08:08

Hang on, there was thermite in the twin towers?:cool:

Ken Borough 30th Sep 2015 12:31


I think the conventional political view is that if Abbott was half a negotiator instead of a total ideologue, he may well still be the PM instead of a has-been sitting in the bleachers. Already we are hearing agreeable noises coming from the Senate cross-bench suggesting that Turnbull with his moderation, communication and negotiation will be considerably more effective and better received. Time may well prove me wrong but I think, and hope, not.

MTOW 30th Sep 2015 13:27

Turnbull gains credibility because he can deal with a bunch of utterly feral crossbenchers? I suppose, if he can talk sense into these cretins, there might be something to that argument. The big question is: what will be give them for their cooperation?

Hempy 30th Sep 2015 13:49

That'd be the 'utterly feral, cretin' cross-benchers democratically voted in by the Australian electorate?

How's that "smug little world you've built for yourself...where you just know that your opinions are superior to the opinions of everyone who does not subscribe to your view of the world" traveling atm?

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