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RJM 28th Sep 2015 08:16

I agree, Hempy. Like most people, I suspect, I've never liked extreme political opinions. And like most people too, I consider I'm somewhat moderate and reasonable.

MTOW 28th Sep 2015 08:24

Hempy, the failing in your apparently even-handed comment is what constitutes 'centrist' in today's political landscape.

To many if not most here, 'centrist' in ABCspeak is on a par with the ABC's self-serving definition of 'unbiased' - far, far to the Left of a true centre.

chuboy 28th Sep 2015 08:29

I agree with Hempy that Malcolm is pretty centrist.

Sarah Hanson-Young and Cory Bernardi are the bookstops at each end of the spectrum, it's pretty hard to argue that Malcolm is anything like either of them.

RJM 28th Sep 2015 08:33

I agree with Hempy that Malcolm is pretty centrist.
Heh. And right at the centre, is Malcolm.

Hempy 28th Sep 2015 08:51

Originally Posted by RJM
And right at the centre, is Malcolm

Precisely. Which is why he'll get my vote. He's savvy enough to read the electorate and give the people what they actually want, as opposed to the die-hards (read 'outsiders' or 'malcontents') on either side of the political spectrum who think they are the 'smartest men in the room'. Australia is (thank goodness) still a democracy. I understand there are more than a few posters on here who wish it wasn't so, but tough titties.

Turnbull in a landslide. Call an election now.

MTOW 28th Sep 2015 09:38

Hempy, the words that come to mind every time I see Turnbull are "You can fool some of the people some of the time... (etc)."

I believe the man to be an out and out fraud - and I can't tell you how much I hope and pray that time proves me to be wrong.

parabellum 28th Sep 2015 11:31

Have always thought that Abbott was a man of steel and concrete whereas Turnbull is just a malleable lump of smiling putty, a treacherous smile at that, it is no wonder that the ALP like him so much: The link is good reading.

No Cookies | Herald Sun

CoodaShooda 28th Sep 2015 12:33

Unlike some in the media, I am happy to reserve judgement on Turnbull as PM until he's actually had an opportunity to do something that is not an Abbott flow-on.

My gut feel at present is that he's another Rudd. But time will tell.

Ken Borough 28th Sep 2015 14:28

The link is good reading.

If you reckon Bolt's drivel is 'good reading', I'd hate to see what you regard as 'bad reading'. To each his own of course but I've not read such nonsense from someone so delusional as his efforts today. I find it hard to believe it was published unless it was done for satirical purposes. The Chasers would have been proud of this effort. :ok:

parabellum 28th Sep 2015 22:16

Ken - I made a mental list of the posters from whom I would expect a violent and opposite reaction to the views expressed, you came third to Ethel and Hempy! :}:ok:

CoodaShooda 29th Sep 2015 00:17

Industry leaders have ridiculed the ACT government’s “nanny state” decision to ban advertisements for fossil fuels, junk food, *alcohol, gambling or defence *industries on Canberra’s public buses.

The announcement builds on the territory’s existing prohibition on political or religious advertising, tobacco products and anti- *social or offensive messages.

“It is our responsibility to *ensure that the products and messages that we promote on our public buses are suitable and appropriate for the broader population and in line with the values of the Canberra community and government objectives,” Territory and Municipal Services Minister Shane Rattenbury said.

“Given that the ACT government recently made a decision to divest from fossil fuels due to the impact they have on the environment, it is only appropriate that we don’t promote investment in fossil fuels on our publicly-owned buses.”

All ACT buses are powered by fossil fuels and generate $550,000 advertising revenue each year.

Mr Rattenbury, a Greens MP, said weapons manufacturing did “not represent the Canberra community nor does it reflect the image we want visitors to *Canberra to see”.

What would the impact be on Canberra if all Defence personnel were relocated to somewhere more welcoming?

Can someone please explain how anyone can electorally support clowns like Mr Rattenbury?

Ethel the Aardvark 29th Sep 2015 00:19

Sorry Para. I was too busy laughing about your peoples princess Bronwyn Bishop voting against Abbott in the leadership spill.
Starting to wish he was back now, this thread has been so quiet since his non sniping departure

parabellum 29th Sep 2015 00:39

Thanks Ethel, Bronwyn never forgave him for (eventually) putting his foot down and telling her to go.

Mr Rattenbury, a Greens MP, said weapons manufacturing did “not represent the Canberra community nor does it reflect the image we want visitors to *Canberra to see”.
I call that very close to treason! How did so many a'holes manage to gather together in one place and elect this twerp to office? :confused:

criticalmass 29th Sep 2015 01:18

Weapons are not manufactured in the ACT. Pacifists are.

SOPS 29th Sep 2015 01:50

Please Malcom do something to upset Ethel and Sarah, please.

Eddie Dean 29th Sep 2015 01:53

Maybe Malcolm's keeping his true motives hidden right now, but then again he is not acting in isolation.

MTOW 29th Sep 2015 02:47

I heard only parts of Tony Abbott's interview with Ray Hadley this morning (in the car between jobs). If the bits I heard were indicative of the whole interview, he handled himself far better than I feared he would. He rather deftly avoided answering a few 'gotcha' questions that would have had the headline editors slavering. On the whole, I found myself wishing he had been able to deliver the kind of performance he did this morning when he was still PM.

I'm sure Ethel with have a diametrically opposite view. But then, she would, wouldn't she?

Stanwell 29th Sep 2015 04:08

Well, which is dumber?
Mr Ratty - or arms manufacturers advertising on public buses? :ugh:

CoodaShooda 29th Sep 2015 05:08

Or the thought that an arms manufacturer would want to advertise on a public bus?

Ethel the Aardvark 29th Sep 2015 09:27

I am sorry to have to tell you MTOW but Tony is not coming back, the mediocre fool will disappear from public life and hopefully never grace our tv screens again. he should be eligible for the dole after 1 month!
would you be kind enough to pass this info to Mr bolt, its been fourteen days and he has wrote 32 pieces on the sad demise of his best friend. :ugh:

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