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MTOW 24th Sep 2015 23:23

Para, but with his little fishing exercise two days ago (quickly withdrawn when his minders told him of the overwhelmingly negative reaction from conservatives), where he expressed his compassion for the asylum seekers languishing on Manus and Nauru, he let those swinging voters know where his real heart is - and what he'll be capable of doing when he gets a real mandate after winning the next election.

RJM 24th Sep 2015 23:42

Let's hope you're wrong, MTOW. We don't need Labor Lite.

criticalmass 24th Sep 2015 23:55

MTOW is right in every respect.

The government he now leads was elected to stop the boats. It did that. That is the mandate he has inherited, and like it or not, that is the policy he must uphold, at least until he has taken his own agenda to the electorate and won another term.

As unpalatable as it may be to him, he has no option. If he suddenly switches policy now, the knives will be well and truly out and I doubt the fury of the party could be assuaged with anything other than a bloody execution of Turnbull. Who would then choose to lead such a dysfunctional rabble? Will Abbott-Turbull-Abbott parallel Rudd-Gillard-Rudd?

For the cohesiveness of the Liberal Party, Turnbull must hold the line, right where it is, on climate-change, boat-people and all the other things which he finds so personally repugnant. Now he is finding that power isn't quite as simple as he thought it was. Gaining power with a mandate granted by an election is one thing, being jobbed into it by party-room intrigue is quite another. He knows it now, and the electorate knew it years ago.

Perhaps the best we can hope for is he isn't leader by the time the next federal election comes up. I fear for the security, cultural identity, financial well-being and the peaceful nature of my country if he is elected and given a mandate for massive middle-east immigration, a carbon-tax, and all the un-affordable bosh, hokum and snake-oil of renewable energy.

When the history of Australia in the 21st century is written (in English, not Arabic!) will the names of Rudd, Gillard and Turnbull be accorded the dubious distinction of responsibility for establishing the conditions and population structure which gave rise to the Australian Civil War which took place in 21st Century Australia?

At least, being all safely dead, they won't be able to lie their way out of that one. Most nations have fought at least one civil war. I have a horrible feeling ours is yet to come. Are we seeing the precursors to it now and simply refusing to believe what is slowly but surely happening?

If our civil war is to be fought in the next twenty years or so, I will be an elderly man, but I hope to be able and fit enough to lift a rifle in the defense of my country.

The ongoing treachery of certain sections of our society cannot remain unpunished forever. Treason, and the subverting of a nation, is punishable by only one thing.

Stanwell 25th Sep 2015 00:24

"The ongoing treachery of certain sections of our society..."

Quite frankly, I'm still mystified as to their motivation.
What are they thinking? What's really going on in their minds?
Surely such a high percentage of influential citizens can't be suffering from terminal naivety?

I'd be obliged if someone could provide a CREDIBLE assessment.

MTOW 25th Sep 2015 01:22

Stanwell, there are two truly excellent books about the American War of Independence written by Jeff Shaara (son of Michael Shaara, who wrote the best book I have read on the Battle of Gettysburg, 'The Killer Angels').

Have a look online for 'Rise to Rebellion' and 'The Glorious Cause'.

Like 'The Killer Angels', they're written as novels, but are very accurate in their historical content. They show, even when it was quite obvious that co-operating (or collaborating) with the British would mean oblivion for the new American Republic and everyone associated with it, there were American politicians in the First and Second Congress who were willing to sell their new country out for perceived personal advancement, either monetary or political.

Human nature doesn't change over time. Look at what we've just seen in the Liberal party coup. And read Hal Colebach's 'Australia's Secret War' about unionists' behaviour during WW2. Even with the country under immediate threat, there were unionists willing to do enormous damage to the war effort to advance their political cause, even under the threat of invasion.

Hempy 25th Sep 2015 04:47

Who stopped the boats?

Did Tony Abbott stop the boats? Kevin Rudd, Labor policies stopped people smuggling | Crikey

SOPS 25th Sep 2015 04:59

I see that the opposition is know referring to the Government as the 'Abbott-Turnbull Government.' Obviously a desperate attempt to continue the ' Abbott bad ' thing.

They are worried.

Hempy 25th Sep 2015 06:13

As opposed to the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd Government that the Libs put out there and is repeated here ad-infinitum?

Saltie 25th Sep 2015 13:02

Tony Abboot will have an interview published in tomorrow's Australian. Can't help but feel that will prove to be a mistake.

Flying Binghi 27th Sep 2015 11:16

via Hempy:
Who are you going to vote for next election Bingi? Libs (the 'bankers mates' (like things have changed ))? ALP? Greens?
Looks like your are disenfranchised (aka on your own planet) old chap. A 'minority group'. Oops. Let's hope we don't start treating hard line right-wingers like we do Muslims, you might need asylum...Hope they let you in..
Hmmm... who to vote for ?

This song makes more sense then the Greens: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8nJ30dodvdc ...so pass..:hmm:

If Labor could escape from the Global Warming farce they would have the election in the bag. Bad union 'connections' would likely be overlooked (keep in mind the money being paid to the union bad boys and girls stays in Oz. i.e., it dont go to turnbulls mates at Goldman Sachs)
The problem they got is their 'green' alliance and the union super 'investments' in global warming related infrastructure... and the abc would suffer group hysteria... and..... fergetaboutit..:hmm:

The Nats. Many good people, though, just like howard with the gun prohibition, turnbull is going to cuckold them. Who wants to vote for a bunch of cuckolds. ...If they can escape before its to late, we'll see...

Libs. Plenty of good people, though, afflicted with corruption at the top. Only option there is keep working to expose and remove the corruption. The evidence is stacking up every day, so...:)

And, there might be some more independents along, so, I'll worry about my vote on the day..:)


Fubaar 27th Sep 2015 11:19

From Tim Blair

Liberal Party strategist Mark Textor believes “the loss of disgruntled conservatives will be outweighed by the appeal of a more moderate party to swinging voters”:

“The qualitative evidence is they don’t matter,” Mr Textor said. “The sum of a more centrist approach outweighs any alleged marginal loss of so-called base voters.”
Looking at the many very unhappy comments by disaffected ex-Liberals on Tim Blair's site, you'd have to wonder if Mark Textor might not have got his figures slightly wrong. The vast majority of voters who wanted Turnbull to be Liberal leader will always vote Labor or Greens.

Hempy 27th Sep 2015 12:17

Turnbull is the most 'centrist' leader the country has had in years. I predict a landslide victory in the next election. Australians in general are sick to death of extremist politics, far left or far right. Turnbull might make you hard-liners cringe, but I'll be voting Libs next time round.

SOPS 27th Sep 2015 12:28

Hempy, you just made me choke on my Shiraz.:ok:

Hempy 27th Sep 2015 13:22

Watch out for the reflux in bed tonight, it's a killer. Suggest some Gaviscon before sleeping :ok:

criticalmass 28th Sep 2015 02:07

We had a hard-Right political party? When? I must have blinked and missed it.

Hempy 28th Sep 2015 07:07

I'm not surprised, that's about as long as Abbott lasted....

The far right has historically favoured an elitist society based on belief of the legitimacy of the rule of a supposed superior minority over the inferior masses. Far-right politics usually involves anti-immigration and anti-integration stances towards groups that are deemed inferior and undesirable. Concerning the socio-cultural dimension (nationality, culture and migration), the far-right position is the view that certain ethnic, racial or religious groups should stay separate, and that the interests of one’s own group should be prioritised.

SOPS 28th Sep 2015 07:12

Ah, the real Hempy is back.:ok:

Hempy 28th Sep 2015 07:17

Yeah I know. Blame my grandfather. He taught me that fascists were bad..

RJM 28th Sep 2015 07:48

The far right has historically favoured an elitist society based on belief of the legitimacy of the rule of a supposed superior minority over the inferior masses
= "The far Left has historically favoured an elitist society based on belief of the legitimacy of the rule of a supposed superior minority over the inferior masses."

Hempy 28th Sep 2015 07:56

RJM, as per my previous offering...

Australians in general are sick to death of extremist politics, far left or far right.
It seems some of you are starting to squirm. If the hat fits...

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