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Flying Binghi 22nd Sep 2015 08:17

The Gift...

Quote:via Ethel the Aardvark:
Google Denmark renewable energy
Not bad for a days worth of wind!
OH, DEAR!...:)

Not only do the Dutch have record wind power generation, and the record for the worlds highest power prices, they have just pulled off a record for COAL consumption.. RAOTFL :D

"Dutch power stations used a record amount of coal in the past five months, despite government..." Incompetence... Stupidity... Farce.......

Dutch power stations use record volumes of coal - DutchNews.nl


Ethel the Aardvark 22nd Sep 2015 08:41

last time I looked at the map Denmark was a different country to Dutchland:rolleyes:
but it is a wonderful thing that some countries invest in renewables, only way to create more innovation and cheaper products

Hempy 22nd Sep 2015 08:47

Denmark and Holland are the same country? :facepalm:

p.s what's RAOTFL?

p.p.s SOPS, I prefer a good Cab Sav or Shiraz. Don't mind a latte occasionally either, but I generally order a flat white..


Flying Binghi 22nd Sep 2015 09:09

Suggested research: Europe's connected power grid..:)

it is a wonderful thing that some countries invest in renewables, only way to create more innovation and cheaper products
Except it dont, do it..:hmm:

The only 'profitable' innovation we've seen out of wind power is from the bankers and their 'products'.

Then there's China... where most of the wind power pollution ends up..:hmm:


Ethel the Aardvark 22nd Sep 2015 09:39

Always wondered why those Denmarkians wear clogs, ride around on bikes and eat copious amounts of Edam!!

I see mal brough has a bit of explaining to do:O

Hempy 22nd Sep 2015 10:09

Our mate Binghi is the suppository of all wisdom

Flying Binghi 22nd Sep 2015 10:33

Two gifts from one...
Oh, Dear, yet again...:)

To understand just how interconnected Europe's wind power scam is try a search of Dong energy...

"...Dong Energy has built more offshore wind farms than any other company worldwide. We have built more than one third of the total offshore wind capacity in the market. This capacity is equivalent to an ability to supply five million Europeans with clean electricity. By 2020, we aim to have quadrupled our installed capacity compared with 2012. The installed capacity in 2020 is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 16 million Europeans..." (1)

Of course we find the carbon trading scam masters in the mix...

"...Last year about a fifth of DONG’s shares were sold to Goldman Sachs for 8 billion kroner, which continues to cause public outcry. The bank’s acquisition was based on a valuation of 31.5 billion kroner so it could stand to gain significantly from an IPO..." (2)

And who in Australia is pushing the carbon trading scam, and owes goldman sachs BIGTIME...

"...Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull looks set to emerge from his long court case over HIH Insurance with his former employer, the Goldman Sachs merchant bank, making a confidential settlement on his behalf..." (3)

(1) http://www.dongenergy.com/en/busines...ies/wind-power
(2) DONG Energy IPO could be the biggest in Denmark?s history | The Post
(3) Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian


Hempy 22nd Sep 2015 10:56

Who are you going to vote for next election Bingi? Libs (the 'bankers mates' (like things have changed :rolleyes:))? ALP? Greens?

Looks like your are disenfranchised (aka on your own planet) old chap. A 'minority group'. Oops. Let's hope we don't start treating hard line right-wingers like we do Muslims, you might need asylum...Hope they let you in..

criticalmass 22nd Sep 2015 11:31

Given the change of Liberal leadership doesn't change the Senate, I get the impression a double-dissolution election can't be far away.

Turnbull needs a compliant Senate before he can get his own agenda through. A carbon-tax, an Australian republic (with President Turnbull) and all the rest of his agenda has to have a mandate, and the only way he can get it and see it through is with a double-dissolution which he must win and also gain a Senate which will pass the bills. (I'll bet his wife and his family trust has invested heavily in carbon trading futures and renewable energy shares...everything he is doing is all about making Turnbull the richest and most powerful man in Australia, and nothing else.)

So, if you haven't made your decision as to which party you can bring yourself to support at the next Federal election, better start making up your minds quickly. Choose the lesser of the two evils if you must, and remember that no matter who you vote for, it really doesn't matter any more. Your choice now is "Labor or Labor Lite".

Enjoy the feeling of participating in the democratic process when you cast your vote...just like peeing in your trousers, it'll give you a warm feeling - for a little while. :E

Hempy 22nd Sep 2015 11:36

Oh I get it. The hard-line right wingers calling for Fascism over Democracy. How 1930's old hat...

p.s hurry up and fall off the planet. The 60 year old generation...too young to fight for democracy in WW2, too old to fight for it afterwards. The privileged generation who gave nothing but expect to be heard. Wonder off fruitless...please, and hurry on about it. You're worth nothing to us that stood the wall. Thank your fathers and your offspring for your voice. You didn't earn it..

SOPS 22nd Sep 2015 12:35

Hempy, for what's is worth my Grandfather fought in both world wars.

I suggest the current hoards invading Europe have never fought for anything, and had we let them, they would have invaded here. I don't think Democracy is on their minds. Islam is not compatible with Demoracy. Just demands, demands, demands.

And those that demand, have no way, earned the right to demand anything in my counrty. Get a grip.

( I know it must be killing you, that you got what you wished for. It certainaly is making my super leftie tree hugging sister, and her sandal wearing, lentil munching, yogurt slurping partner go into meltdown. Malcom will now see the demise of Shorten, and the Left and Greens be banished into political wildernesses for at least the next two terms)

criticalmass 22nd Sep 2015 13:40

Putting the personal attacks and vitriol aside, I still maintain even though there is a new PM, basking in the ephemeral glow of public-opinion polls which shed about as much real light as a single, guttering candle, little has changed as far as the obstruction by the Senate is concerned.

When a government receives a mandate from the electorate for policies it has put out for public judgement via the ballot-box, the Senate has the right to review legislation and amend it if it feels it is necessary to do so. It does not have the right to act in a purely obstructionist manner. That goes beyond what our version of the "founding fathers" intended for that house.

Something is fundamentally broken in our system of government when the members of the upper house see their role as beligerent obstruction instead of review. The inordinate representation given to minority or fringe-element parties is part of the problem, but not by any means the problem in its entirety.

I suspect a significant portion of the voting public feel it necessary to elect such a senate partly to put the reins on a government in whom they have relatively little confidence, given that both major parties are lacklustre in performance, and are basically distinguished by the size and scope of their failures and scandals when in government, rather than their successes.

So, if posters here would refrain from playing the man and stick to playing the ball instead, we might get a pretty reasonable discussion of what the pros and cons of the new Liberal leadership really are.

Frankly, I now find the leaders on either side unpalatable. Turnbull is anything but a man of the people - power, privilege and wealth are his motivators. Shorten is just a man of the union movement - he does their bidding because they put him where he is and only they can keep him there. Neither gives a fig about Australia...both simply want power, and money. Politics is just a means to achieve it. Self-serving? Yes. Serving the nation? I don't think so.

This is leadership? These men claim to be nation-builders? If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the result to be different, then both major political parties in Australia are now officially, clinically, and demonstrably, insane.

Does a double-dissolution hold any chance of getting government back on track, or does it just mean we probably will get not so much a "wet" Liberal leader as a "saturated" Liberal leader as a Prime Minister, facing yet another hostile Senate, egged on by a recalcitrant, grudging Opposition who simply haven't come to terms yet with the fact they have lost power in an elective oligarchy because their policies and failures were rejected overwhelmingly by a sullen, fed-up electorate?

Surely we deserve something a little more statesman-like from our politicians than the current bickering, carping, name-calling, grubby, slur-fest that masquerades as Question-Time in the House of Representatives?

Surely we also deserve a better standard of debate in this thread as well.

parabellum 22nd Sep 2015 22:26

Thanks Hempy, yes men first, always.

porch monkey 23rd Sep 2015 00:12

C.M, I and many others share that view. What have we become.....:(

CoodaShooda 23rd Sep 2015 01:35

We've evolved into an era where we are deluged with information at the expense of knowledge; where seeming is more important that being; where process is more important than outcome; and where, while we aren't too sure what others are doing, we're sure they're doing it wrong. :)

Fubaar 23rd Sep 2015 03:29

and where, while we aren't too sure what others are doing, we're sure they're doing it wrong.
CoodaShooda, could that be because in this case, they most certainly are?

If the cultural suicide we're witnessing today applied only to those leaders who are seemingly enthusiastically welcoming it (and those who support them), it would be possible for those of us who do not agree with them to shrug our shoulders and say "OK, let's sit back and watch this; it going to be very interesting".

But the real situation is anything but that. We, (I suspect the majority), will be dragged into the mire along with these wishful thinkers, and life as we know it - for ALL of us - will be lost forever once the newcomers drag us all into that mire.

Some will say "You can't know that". And they'd be right; I can't KNOW it, but if someone wanted me to lay a bet on it, I feel I'd stand very, VERY high odds of collecting on that bet. It's just that by the time I did collect on that bet, just by winning it, there'd be nowhere where I could go to enjoy my winnings.

parabellum 23rd Sep 2015 11:57

Some will say "You can't know that". And they'd be right; I can't KNOW it, but if someone wanted me to lay a bet on it, I feel I'd stand very, VERY high odds of collecting on that bet. It's just that by the time I did collect on that bet, just by winning it, there'd be nowhere where I could go to enjoy my winnings.
You are correct, you can't 'know' it but even blind Freddy can see it coming, we lack people of courage prepared to make a stand, everyone wants to leave the hard parts to someone else. (and Abbott has way more courage then the self centred Turnbull ever will).

Saltie 23rd Sep 2015 21:21

ABC reports a boatload of Indians, Bangla Deshis and Pakistanis were rescued from a sinking boat yesterday off Java - destination Christmas Island.

And so it begins.


Well done, Malcolm. Maybe we should call this government "the Clayton government" - the Labor government you're having when you didn't think you'd voted for a Labor government.

RJM 24th Sep 2015 08:36

As long as Malcolm doesn't flinch or give way to his hordes of 'compassionate' supporters, people smugglers and their customers should realise that the new PM ain't for turning, and that their little feint has yielded nothing.

parabellum 24th Sep 2015 12:45

if Turnbull does stick with all the Abbott government policies, particularly immigration, illegals, climate change etc. then the swinging voter/anti Abbott factions will immediately turn their backs on him and the opinion polls will revert to exactly what they were a month ago.

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