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Flying Binghi 14th Sep 2015 23:49

via Ethel the Aardvark:
...At least we now have a leader who believes in climate change and social fairness...
Oh, what makes yer think that ?

turnbull is to intelligent to be a global warming believer. What turnbull lacks is integrity. Hence, the push for carbon trading..:hmm:


criticalmass 15th Sep 2015 00:14

Another thought:-

If Turnbull (and his party, whichever one it actually is) believes in himself he should immediately call a double-dissolution election and let the public pass judgement. If he is that charismatic, he might even get rid of a hostile Senate. There could be no better litmus-test of public perception that an immediate Federal election to clear the air - one way or another.

Of course, if the public perception of Turnbull is someone who has had a "triple charisma-bypass" and the Labor party wins the election, they might inherit an equally hostile Senate and suffer a slow cruxifiction at the hands of minor parties.

So, does Turnbbull have the balls for an early election, or is he going to hang on for grim death until the very last minute? (Personally, I think the public loathe him, and the detestation will only increase with time.)

Interesting times.

parabellum 15th Sep 2015 01:15

criticalmass - I see the sense in a lot of what you say but I think any PM who now dismantles current border protection and cancels the turn back policy is likely to be comitting political suicide, particularly in the light of recent immigration issues in Europe.

Before any general election the system of allowing candidates with only 0.15% of the vote to become senators has to change, otherwise it will simply be same old, same old.

criticalmass 15th Sep 2015 01:31

The Liberal party has just written the suicide note.

All that remains is for its new leader to actually commit the act on behalf of his party. Turnbull is arrogant enough to do it.

A Double Dissolution election, like 1975, is now urgently required. Let the electorate decide who it wants to mis-govern it, and what the composition of the "house of review" should be.

aroa 15th Sep 2015 04:47

Dick Smith Electronics no longer has Dick in the business,afaik.
Sold for a hefty profit no doubt. Wandering among all the Hi Techo in one of the stores, dont recall any toasters.

Target does good toasters for skeet shooters.. throw the slices out as in a clay pigeon shoot and both black on one side only !
Deserves both barrels.:ok:

Therein lies the difference..Dick has positive outcomes...CAsA has just tuned itself into a failed state after a very costly 25 years.

Lets hope Dick can get Malcolm's ear :ok:...you never know.

WE need a specific Minister for Aviation...a real one, not just a cardboard cut-out.
One that can and will kick arse in CAsA and get the required changes done...and save an industry in the process.

Didja notice all the Abbott talk-talk about reduction in red tape, costs and burdens have done nothing...and with CAsA it only got worse.

Will the revolution start in my lifetime, I'd like to think so.

'Ad enough alright...and so have many others.

ps Boatpoint for Yacht sales... n.b...the ocean is a CAsA free zone.:ok::ok:

Sail safe.!

Hempy 15th Sep 2015 04:52

As could be expected, Abbotts final speech as PM blames everyone but himself. Typical really.

Tony Abbott made final speech as Prime Minister | Crikey

Seeya Tone. Don't let the door hit you on the way out...:cool:

Flying Binghi 15th Sep 2015 04:56

Considering a well known pprune poster is talking about his own political party its surprising we dont have a dedicated GA+Q Australian politics thread ?

...and no, I wont be voting for the DS party..:)


Flying Binghi 15th Sep 2015 05:04

Heh, He ain't going too far away from the fray. Suspect we'll need him again..:)

Hempy, yer got a mention: "...more commentary than ever before. Mostly sour, bitter, character assassination..."



Hempy 15th Sep 2015 05:12

I see no mention in his speech of the slush fund he set up to assassinate Pauline Hanson....odd that :rolleyes:



"mostly sour, bitter character assassination". Ha!!!! My heart bleeds.

p.s to be fair Abbott never had any character to assassinate anyway.

Aussie Bob 15th Sep 2015 05:18

Can anyone convince me that it is even worth voting?

West Coast 15th Sep 2015 05:48

My heart bleeds
Ha! You have this liberal thing down pretty well.

Hempy 15th Sep 2015 05:53

Your relevance to the discussion is noted..

West Coast 15th Sep 2015 06:04


You're posting on a BB using a screen name to others who don't care what you think. If you think relevance is a player here, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.

Hempy 15th Sep 2015 06:21

lol. Ok, enlighten us all on your inside knowledge into Tony Abbotts 'character assassination' in the broader view of Australian politics.

Oh wait. You're just trolling as usual. Understood :ok:

Lantern10 15th Sep 2015 06:21

Well only because you get fined if you don't.

Mind you once your name is crossed off the list you can write whatever you want on the forms.:D

Flying Binghi 15th Sep 2015 06:44

Here's some reading for ya Hempy:

Stop Turnbull | Malcolm Turnbull is a dangerous ideologue of the left-progressive variety

Dont know how accurate it is cause I've only just come across it. Though it shows whats to come.


MTOW 15th Sep 2015 07:12

It has been unusually entertaining listening to the radio today. It might be said there are some very unhappy campers out there. The big question will be how many will maintain the rage come the election?

I think few will vote informal as today they're threatening to, but many will give their first vote to a smaller party or an independent so that their vote reaches the Libs only eventually.

The other big question is what will happen to Turnbull six to eight months from now if he hasn't managed to pull off his promised miracle with the economy? (Which I don't believe he will be able to, if only because the Senate will not change their spots just because Tony Abbott is gone.)

SOPS 15th Sep 2015 07:19

I think Turnbull will push the party to the left. I have been streaming 2gb today, and the outcry against him is incredible. Some very unhappy campers out there at the moment. It will be interesting to see what the next few months bring.

Flying Binghi 15th Sep 2015 07:28

Hmmm... I suspect an early election so-as to restrict the 'alternatives' and make use of the media 'honeymoon'. Though, December will have to be bedded down first..:hmm:


Ethel the Aardvark 15th Sep 2015 08:18

You have to hand it To Malcolm, been in the job 2 mins and he's already saved us $300,000 by getting rid of Blabbott 4 days shy of his two years service as PM.
Mrs Turnbull looks to be a real asset too. don't think the last one did much but visit an op shop a couple of times!!

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