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I16 11th Sep 2015 14:16

Dexter Dutton is going soon - shame he had some charm, but he must be a complete tosser to go that far.

Ethel the Aardvark 12th Sep 2015 00:21

I wonder what Credlins advice is going to be this time, lie low you two morons and ride it out or plead forgiveness to all the Pacific island population. Morrison will be livid and distancing himself pretty quick.
Another example of why Australia is a laughing stock,
Minister for copper wire needs to polish his loafers again!

Clare Prop 12th Sep 2015 04:44

Can you give us some references to "Australia being a laughing stock" Ethel?

There are many in Europe who envy our border controls.

Ethel the Aardvark 12th Sep 2015 06:15

Google australia laughing stock would be a good start
Pls give examples of europeans envying our border patrols( not daily mail readers)
I imagine they will happily pay 35 odd million to rehouse 4 refugees in cambodia, lock up children in camps, maybe giving heaps of cash to the people smugglers is still a cunning plan,
I cant work out why the usual suspects still back abbott no matter what, embarrassment maybe!

MTOW 12th Sep 2015 09:41

Ethel, do you honestly believe the stuff you write, or are just slavishly following the daily talking points they give to you at GetUp! HQ?

megan 12th Sep 2015 10:38

Ethel, while your abhorrence of Abbott and the LNP is noted, who do you suggest should be sitting on the government benches, and why?

Clare Prop 12th Sep 2015 10:49

I did google it, thanks Ethel, but apart from references to sport there were a couple of things quoting such heavyweights as Russel Brand and Bill Shorten!

Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian Europe seeks asylum advice from Abbott government

Remind me again who was locking up children in detention centres?

Hempy 12th Sep 2015 11:36

I Googled too. You all must have filters set (surprising....)

and that was on the first page...

SOPS 14th Sep 2015 05:50

It is on. Turnball is challenging. Julie Bishop has told the prime minister to resign.

SOPS 14th Sep 2015 05:58

Press conference on now.

Ethel the Aardvark 14th Sep 2015 06:17

The ex minister for copper wire is already sounding like the prime minister
Who would of thunked it

SOPS 14th Sep 2015 06:29

As they say Ethel...be careful what you wish for....

Ethel the Aardvark 14th Sep 2015 08:15

win win for me Sop's,
I suspect Turnbull is pretty confident considering his rhetoric against Abbott.
if he wins we will have someone with intelligence at the helm, no more, no less. I think Abbott deserves to be kicked out in this fashion. I would expect Turnbull to call an immediate election to sort the parliament out.
also all the hard right wingers who troll this site will be might pissed off with what they consider a lefty in charge of their beloved party:{.
hope he gets rid of all the dead wood, Pyne, Andrews, Dutton, Brandis etc
It might even give the Bernadi clone in Canning a better chance as well.

MTOW 14th Sep 2015 08:26

I feel for you, Ethel. if Turnbull wins tonight, he'll become the enemy and you'll have to follow the daily GetUp! talking points lambasting He Who Was Once The Left's Darling.

Very disappointed to hear that Morrison has aligned himself with Turnbull. It proves that there's absolutely no loyalty in politics. Political survival trumps all else. The boy MP, Wyatt Roy, was interviewed on 2BG this afternoon. The one plus from all this is that he will almost certainly be consigned to the political wilderness at the next election, hopefully for the rest of his life. Did he finish high school before he was elected?

Hempy 14th Sep 2015 08:46

He finished High School, he just flunked out of Uni. Another Abbott endorsement gone sour.

The worst PM in modern history.

CoodaShooda 14th Sep 2015 08:55

Modern history being since 2013, Hempy?

If the Libs think replacing Abbott with Turnbull will see the media start giving them some positive coverage, they may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

But the change will put pressure on Shorten to hold his place.

Flying Binghi 14th Sep 2015 09:09

The corrupt bankers boy turnbull... :hmm:

Ethel the Aardvark 14th Sep 2015 09:48

I have said it before that I would consider voting for Turnbull over shorten IF he does a good job. I hope his backers don't chicken out and change their mind at the last moment. I forgot to mention the minister for cigars Joe Hockey and the Dutch cap Fir obvious dead wood removal in my last post. Don't vent all your poo at Wyatt Roy all the knifes are being sharpened. He should call Rudd for some advice

Flying Binghi 14th Sep 2015 09:54

Joanne Nova has an interesting list of phone numbers and emails.

Abbott, Turnbull spill on again ? Send in your emails JoNova


Ethel the Aardvark 14th Sep 2015 10:14

How do you get a copy of Jo nova in paper format preferably extra absorbent if possible. explains a lot if that's the sort of twaddle you read

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