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david1300 8th Sep 2015 05:29

Originally Posted by Senior Pilot (Post 9108492)
Why? When a user deletes his/her post it contributes to the "ghost" pages, and only ~70 deleted posts out of >18,600 is a very small number. With only about half of those being moderated posts it shows a very light moderating touch on this thread.

But don't let that spoil your conspiracy theory :p

I appreciate your reply, Senior Pilot. More courtesy than many ex-posters have received.

It wasn't all that long ago the "ghost" pages were all reset to 0, and for a good long while the numbers grew very slowly (this is across all threads in JB). This thread used to enjoy very good (actually, excellent) moderating, but I believe times may have changed. There has been quite a rapid growth in ghost pages in the last not-so-short while, and this has parallels with more threads being deleted, and more regular posters disappearing. However, being a mod you would know better than I do, so I note your comments about only approx 70 deleted posts :ok:

But I believe that a requirement for posters on this thread is: "don't let facts interfere with your perception of reality" :O ;) :ok:

Charlie Foxtrot India 8th Sep 2015 12:58

Nothing has been deleted by myself and no posts to my knowledge deleted for a few weeks and that was by another mod.

I don't know how the "ghost" pages work but they seem to come and go.

If you don't like the way the forum is run you are of course very welcome to start your own.

Hempy 8th Sep 2015 13:02

Some doeth protest too much.. :rolleyes:

Charlie Foxtrot India 8th Sep 2015 13:06

My position on this thread has been clear from the start, that all debate and opinions are welcome but personal abuse towards other posters is not.

Charlie Foxtrot India 8th Sep 2015 15:57

That of course includes personal attacks and false accusations against me or any other mod. So just pull your heads in..

Hempy 8th Sep 2015 17:47

CFI, to clarify, my previous post was in regards to the ones making the complaints being the ones who're most likely to have had posts moderated.

No one thinks the Mods do a bad job, some posters here just need throw some toys out of the cradle 'sometimes'.

Keep up the good work :ok:

Ethel the Aardvark 8th Sep 2015 23:39

I see the TURC is in turmoil again , allegedly Abbotts star witness ms Jackson was coached, given the questions that she was to be asked and told which labor figures to attack. Who would of thunked it. Lots of question marks on why her phone statement indicates lots of communication with Abetz's office?
And how much is all this costing?

CoodaShooda 9th Sep 2015 01:26

Which is no doubt why she objected to the line of questioning at TURC, claimed to have been ambushed by Stoljar and has had the TURC recommend charges against her.

Could it have been any worse if she had been coached?

So she blows the whistle on her boss, who's ripped off the union members to the tune of $20 million and blows the whistle on Thompson, who going by the amount he ripped off was even a failure as a rorter and is, in turn, held up as a rorter by the union that had apparently condoned her rorting behavior up to the point that she turned whistle blower.

Seems they're all at it.

Perhaps we need a Royal Commission into the behavior of union officials. :E

PS CFI I am sure all of us long term lurkers on this thread appreciate your efforts to allow Oz politics to be discussed here; particularly after the closing of several earlier attempts at reasoned discussion.

david1300 9th Sep 2015 05:00

Originally Posted by Charlie Foxtrot India (Post 9109803)
That of course includes personal attacks and false accusations against me or any other mod. So just pull your heads in..

Noted :ok: and thank you for your moderation and consideration :)

criticalmass 9th Sep 2015 22:52

An observation, if I may?

If the arrival of a flaperon on the island of Reunion offers an interesting insight into the way things drift in a current, the direction of travel this discussion has taken offers an equally interesting insight into the current drift of the thread.

MTOW 10th Sep 2015 10:28

The Second Wave: ?Millions? of Iraqis Now Seek to Invade Europe Thanks to ?Open Doors? Policy - The New Observer

“Emboldened” by the success of the current nonwhite invasion of Europe, hundreds of thousands—and potentially millions—of Iraqis now seek to claim “asylum” on the continent, according to a new report by the New York Times.
If this report has any credibility, it might be a very good time for some enterprising journalist to ask Sarah Hanson-Young what figure of this style of migrant she considers should be the cut-off for Australia.

Or Germany.

Not holding my breath.

MTOW 10th Sep 2015 10:39

Not new, but given the current events in Europe and my post above, worth watching.


Ethel the Aardvark 11th Sep 2015 09:07

Abbott all most made it through the week without any [email protected] ups, or so we thought
1 another judge this time a Brandis pick accused of bias
2 Dutton jokes about rising sea levels
3 Abbott has his cabinet running around hysterical due to a reshuffle
4 Abbott dumps on Robb, unhappy that the free trade promotional commercials wont be on air until after the canning by election
5 Hastie wont announce if he believes in creationism but does say he wants mandatory sentencing for ice users, (yet to announce more jails I assume) is he a Bernadi clone?
6 cabinet still leaking like a sieve
when did Abbott say good governance would start? I think he will be lucky to last a week..

MTOW 11th Sep 2015 10:10

Re your last line, Ethel, a clear case of "you wish" - as you seem to do daily on that particular topic?

If he's half as bad as you consistently tell us all here that he is, given your undisguised political leanings, I'd have thought the last thing you'd want to see is for the Libs to replace him, for they might actually put someone in with more ability (that's abiliDy in GetUpspeak).

But almost daily, you want him rolled. I wonder why?

RJM 11th Sep 2015 10:21

Yesterday, Warren Truss suggested in Parliament that Foreign Minister Julie Bishop should learn to 'shut her big fat trap'.

After the brutal, calculated misogyny of Tony Abbott, who looked at his watch while Julia Gillard was speaking and earned the tirade of the famous 'misogyny speech', and David Bushby, who viciously said 'meow' to Penny Wong and was immediately attacked by the sisterhood, there is regarding Warren Truss' comment total silence from Wong, Plibersek, Gillard, Mamamia and the rest. I doubt it's because they are so mortified and offended that they cannot speak - I think it's more likely that it's because Truss is Labor and Bishop is Liberal.

Stanwell 11th Sep 2015 10:35

Well, I'm certainly not speaking for Ethel, but I want him rolled too.

I, amongst others, voted him in despite my misgivings about the person himself.
The thing was, the Labor/Greens coalition just had to go - period.

To quote Bill Hayden from some years back - "A drover's dog could win this election"
What did we get with this one?
Certainly nothing with anything like the intelligence and organisational abilities of a drover's dog.

"... they might actually put someone in with more ability."
Ability, credibility and conscience...
Anybody within the coalition with those three qualities in good measure? :{

CoodaShooda 11th Sep 2015 10:40

Minor correction, RJM

It was a Warren Snowden, not Truss.

MTOW 11th Sep 2015 11:37

Scott Morrison was the only one who saw there was a boom mike overhead when the other two were caught out trading doubtful jokes today.

FFS, who in this day and age jokes with an always hostile media in the same room?

SOPS 11th Sep 2015 12:22

I'm actually hoping in a way, Ethyl gets her wet dream realised. And they put in Morrisson. He will eat all of the opposition for breakfast.

parabellum 11th Sep 2015 12:34

3 Abbott has his cabinet running around hysterical due to a reshuffle
Yet another totally unsubstantiated stitch-up from the left wing media, just like Fairfax last week. If that is the best you can do Ethel it's time to roll up your swag and move on.

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