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SOPS 31st Aug 2015 11:36

And the left's constant tirade of....Abbott bad, Abbott bad, Abott bad, is not playing the man? Give me a break!

Hempy 31st Aug 2015 11:37

Originally Posted by sprintman
Now it appears we've payed Cambodia $55m for four (4) refugees and no guarantee they'll take any more. Somebody up the hill has seriously lost it!

Ah, but at least we've stopped the (reporting on the) boats! :ugh:

Hempy 31st Aug 2015 11:40

Originally Posted by SOPS
And the left's constant tirade of....Abbott bad, Abbott bad, Abott bad, is not playing the man? Give me a break!

Tony Abbott is posting on PPRuNe, is he??

I pay my taxes, Abbott is the Prime Minister. I'm entitled to post in the Australian Politics thread here and call him out as a bad PM as much as I see fit. You are arguing oranges and lemons...

And what have you had to say about Rudd, Gillard, Shorten etc etc? Give me a break!

Ethel the Aardvark 31st Aug 2015 12:28

Has the minister for asbestos compensation overstepped her stilettos. how is it possible to invite European nations to illegally bomb a sovereign country such as Syria. Illusions of Madeleine Albright maybe

SOPS 31st Aug 2015 13:13

Did I name you, Hempy? I was referring to the constant left dribble. You, alone, I was not critsing.

Gerneral Quadbike 31st Aug 2015 13:29

Well Abbott is bad. No not the man , but the politician.
This is a government who crowed that the adults would be in charge; so far we have seen a rabble far worse than the Rudd / Gillard years.

This is not a left / right issue. It's a paucity of leadership which runs the entire spectrum. Mind you I tend to err on Hempy's side.

mmciau 1st Sep 2015 00:36

Abbott came to power offering several changes.

One was getting rid of the Carbon Tax. He achieved that.

He has failed to deliver on 18c reform and others.

He said he'd reduce taxes - his government has effectively increased taxes.

He got my vote last time - he WILL NOT be getting it next time.


megan 1st Sep 2015 02:17

He got my vote last time - he WILL NOT be getting it next time
Trouble is, who do you vote for, both sides are absolute showers, and seems to be representative of the west unfortunately, with the USA leading the way.

junior.VH-LFA 1st Sep 2015 05:39

There were about 2500 people attending Cdre Kaefer's final ADFA Graduation Ceremony a couple of years back. Given the reception he received, I doubt there were many labor voters present.
You're not wrong. The fact that Stephen Smith has managed to avoid having to answer for that debacle still bothers me.

WRT 2% pay rise... I don't think anyone is under the illusion they'd have been better off under the ALP.

evansb 1st Sep 2015 05:57

What? No more Holdens! WARNING! WARNING! Dissolution of the nation state is nigh! The pre-eminence of the sovereign state known as "Australia" is in doubt. Beware Australian citizens, and take to your shelters, (tax shelters, real estate investments, stocks and/or bonds) here come the Geely's! Yup! The GEELYS. Lock up your daughters! Man the boats to Tasmania! Apply for citizenship to the environmental hippydom of Vancooovah, where, upon entry you will be screened by an ex-pat Jamaican Border Services Agent, after which you will be cordially welcomed by a turban wearing Sikh cab driver. The food is great, the taxes are high and the Mandarin speaking Real Estate agent will say you need 1.1 million dollars to buy a 2-bedroom rotting bungalow.

CoodaShooda 2nd Sep 2015 02:55

Sounds like Sydney, evansb. :E

With all the labor leaders, past and present, coming out in favour of the CHAFTA, are we seeing labor starting to divest itself of one William Shorten?

Flying Binghi 2nd Sep 2015 03:32

Down..., down, down, goes the union piloted ship of labor fools...

"...The decision by royal commissioner Dyson Heydon marks a definitive win for law and reason over confected outrage and brute politics..."

"Well what a disgraceful position Labor have got themselves into..."

"...Tasmania has produced Bob Brown, Christine Milne and Jacqui Lambie, so it’s a relief to know it actually produces sane, steady and responsible politicians of calibre as well. Abetz is a very safe pair of hands with sound instincts, and in this case he can smell a disgrace that too many journalists won’t..."

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John Eacott 2nd Sep 2015 04:43

Well there's a surprise: Daniel Andrews says that it was all above board and they're allowed to use public funds that way.

MPs say misused taxpayer resources helped Labor win 2014 Victorian election

UPDATE: THE Speaker and President of the Victorian Parliament will decide whether claims Labor rorted electorate funding to pay for election campaigning should be probed further.

During a heated Question Time, Opposition Leader Matthew Guy asked Premier Daniel Andrews how the scheme, which saw taxpayer-funded electorate officers used for wider Labor campaigns, was within parliamentary guidelines.

Mr Andrews repeatedly said it was within the rules, but did not say how.

Some of Mr Andrews’s colleagues have raised concerns about the way taxpayer funds were used.

When asked whether the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission could investigate, Mr Andrews said this would be up to the parliament’s presiding officers.

He said Legislative Assembly Speaker Telmo Languiller and Legislative Council President Bruce Atkinson would decide if any action was necessary - but stressed he believed Labor had done nothing wrong.

“There are rules, and they have been followed,” he said.

Three Liberal MPs were thrown out of the chamber during Question Time for holding up the front page of today’s Herald Sun, which revealed several Labor MPs feared electorate allowances had been rorted.

In the report, three Labor MPs and a senior party figure sensationally broke ranks to expose how the ALP rorted the taxpayer to help with the 2014 Victorian election.

The MPs say they and colleagues were told to divert part of their taxpayer-funded budgets, intended for electorate officers, to pay for campaign organisers instead.

The initiative, said to involve at least a dozen Upper House MPs and be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, breaches parliamentary rules that electorate staff mustn’t “support the member’s political or party duties”.

One MP said of Mr Andrews, “He is responsible for this”.

“There was no reason to doubt the advice coming from the leader’s office … You trust it’s correct and it’s done in a proper way,” he said.


Mr Andrews today said Labor was acting within the parliamentary rules by pooling taxpayer-funded electorate officers for use in election campaigns.
The Premier said he took responsibility for the scheme, and insisted it was above board despite being unable to say how.

“I make no apology for a team of people - a tiny number of whom were employed to support their member of parliament, they were vastly outnumbered by an army of volunteers who were not paid - working as hard as possible to get rid of one of the worst governments this state has ever seen,” he said.

“All sides of politics have done it and the rules have been followed.

“They have been approved by presiding officers, both Labor and Liberal.”

Mr Andrews wouldn’t say where the current pool of electorate officers worked for Labor.

“They don’t work out of the party’s headquarters,” he said.

“They will work out of a number of different offices to support members of the parliamentary Labor Party.”

Mr Andrews said he was responsible for the scheme.

“I take responsibility for each and every thing that happens under my leadership of the Labor Party and my leadership of the government,” he said.
The telling issue will be who are the disaffected Labor MPs who leaked this little scam?

Fonz121 2nd Sep 2015 10:57

Looks like Australia is on the brink of recession. If it weren't for the extra government spending on defence that was brought forward for this purpose, growth would have been 0.0%.

But watch as Abbott keeps pushing his coal agenda rather than promoting investments in renewables, R&D and other innovative tech fields.

Take a bow Joe and co. :D


Hempy 2nd Sep 2015 11:41


Allow me jump in with a retort before the usual suspects do..

"Yes, but it's all the previous Governments fault. Oh, and the Senate. And the ABC. And the Unions are bad too"

SOPS 2nd Sep 2015 11:48

Renewables? When the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing, how are we meant to light and heat our homes? Or do we sit in the dark, wearing our sandals and munching on raw lentils?

I note, with some amusement, that my super leftie Huggy fluff sister, has gone to Europe for 8 weeks, including a 2 week cruise. She seems quite happy to burn carbon when it suits her. Just as long as the rest of us don't.:ugh::ugh:

Hempy 2nd Sep 2015 13:21

So what do you intend to do when the coal runs out???

Oh, that's right. You'll be dead by then and you don't give a s:mad:t.

CoodaShooda 2nd Sep 2015 13:34

Hopefully, by then Hempy, we'll have thrown off the influence of the Greens and the Socialist Left and gone nuclear.

How do you think Shorten should handle the support for CHAFTA from within the labor party?

Hempy 2nd Sep 2015 14:08

I'm all for nuclear power, I said it at least 10 years ago. It's a disgrace that we've been sending the planets 2nd highest deposit of Uranium overseas when we could have been using it for ourselves.

Having said that, whatever comes out of the ground is finite, be it oil, coal, uranium or what have you. One day it'll run out.

Try and look past your own ego. There are other people too, including your offspring and their offspring. It might help to start helping them out now, no?

Oh, that's right. I'm talking to a predominantly right-wing 'fk them, me and mine are looked after' audience. Disregard... :ugh:

RJM 2nd Sep 2015 15:45

At the risk of sounding grouchy, I'd like to make a complaint about the condescending clichés favoured in argument by the Left.

The common construction that Hempy just used, 'Oh, that's right, I'm talking to...' is contrived, dismissive and annoying, as well as being clichéd. As is *pfft* as a response. And weak, demeaning puns on names is a feeble sort of personal attack, and is not argument.

I'm not having a go at Hempy personally - he's far from alone, and the Right uses the same tactics, although less often it seems to me.

Rational argument should be a mutually beneficial process aimed at discovering the truth, in which a party cannot prevail by personally ridiculing opponents.

I agree with Hempy about nuclear power by the way. If it's worth investing in development to overcome the shortcomings of renewable energy sources, then it should be worth investing in development to overcome any hazards of nuclear energy.

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