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Fonz121 28th Aug 2015 05:25

Operation cancelled.
Indeed it has. Another well thought out Captains call he's been reprimanded over no doubt.

parabellum 28th Aug 2015 06:16

All a storm in a tea cup. The few protesters at Flinders look as though they have come directly from the campus. People most at risk from being caught in random checks are Europeans who have overstayed. No one was just going to get stopped at random anyway, if the police 'lifted' someone for an offence then they were likely to be questioned by Border Protection as well.

SOPS 28th Aug 2015 06:51

Good old rent a crowd showed up. The perpetually outraged.

And talking of idiots who are perpetually outraged, what the hell has SHY spent a million bucks of our money on? It is nothing short of incredible.

MTOW 28th Aug 2015 07:11

Even the most pro-Abbott posters here would have to accept that he and his 'team' (I use the word advisedly) have a tin ear in gauging the public reaction to many of their brainfarts.

This was a free kick right in front of the goal posts for the anti-Abbott side. How could whoever came up with this idea not see that?

SOPS 28th Aug 2015 07:54

Sadly, I have to agree MTOW.

Stanwell 28th Aug 2015 08:20

"Forgive me, Father - for I have sinned.." :E

bosnich71 28th Aug 2015 09:08

Lots of talk in the media,here in UK,about continued immigration into Britain including an estimation of there being 1.1 million illegals in UK.Here's an idea,perhaps the law/border protection could start doing their job.Then again if they did so....as the vast majority of Brits want them to.....then that would mean,according to our mates from Sussex St.that the Nazi party was running the country.

wishiwasupthere 28th Aug 2015 11:32

Loved the lefty faux outrage in Melbourne today. It's hardly a state secret that the former Immigration Department used to run stings to try and catch visa overstayers or people working illegally. I recall even seeing an episode of Border Security where they ran a multi agency operation at Sydney airport targeting taxi drivers, a few of which were returned to sender on the next flight.

Storm in a teacup really. Lefty's really don't need any excuse to leave the Centrelink queue and pick up a placard.

Worrals in the wilds 28th Aug 2015 11:42

where they ran a multi agency operation at Sydney airport targeting taxi drivers, a few of which were returned to sender on the next flight.
They also ran one in Brisbane that led to a shortage of taxis for the rush hour. Airport was Not Happy :}.
Immigration have always conducted visa raids; that's their job. However, they've never wandered around the streets randomly checking credentials, particularly not in blue overalls and jackboots. Whether this was actually the operation or just how it was touted is irreleveant; that's what the government said would be happening. They saw this as a vote winner:ugh:. Tin ear is a massive understatement.

As the former wearer of Commonwealth blue overalls (and jackboots, actually I still have two pairs of APS jackboots, they're great for bushwalking :}), I found this announcement very disturbing, and I'm not surprised people gathered to protest. If I were in Melbourne I would have been there with them; this is not the role of the border agencies. They are not police, they do not have police powers and nor should they. I'm glad that the government have stepped back from this, for whatever reason.
Union welcomes cancellation of Operation Fortitude | Community and Public Sector Union

The border agencies perform a very important function that is supposed to be above politics. They are not the government's PR tool to be deployed on a whim, even more so when said government is seeking to stiff them on pay and conditions. People within (and formerly within :suspect:) these agencies had dark suspicions that the Big Name Change was more about politics than border protection, and this recent aborted announcement only adds weight to those suspicions. :mad: Of course the people still in the system cannot comment, for fear of workplace retribution.
That's democracy at work. :yuk:

megan 28th Aug 2015 12:41

Anyone who saw the Flinders street crowd would have to wonder what exactly they were protesting, from what I saw. How do placards mentioning "racism" and "Muslims" have any relevance? Made themselves look decidedly stupid. Fully agree with the scrapping, the proposal was decidedly stupid as well.

parabellum 28th Aug 2015 13:04

However, they've never wandered around the streets randomly checking credentials, particularly not in blue overalls and jackboots.
Nor was this the intention Worrals, only people picked up for other offences might have been checked for their visa status.

Doesn't it frighten you a lot more Worrals just how quickly the outraged minority can organise themselves to a pointless protest?

TWT 28th Aug 2015 13:20

The adoption of the US term 'individuals' when referring to 'people' by the Border Farce is very annoying.

SOPS 28th Aug 2015 13:31

The constantly outraged are always looking for a place to be outraged.

Ethel the Aardvark 28th Aug 2015 14:21

That made we laugh when the righties talk about having a place to be constantly outraged!!

Hempy 28th Aug 2015 14:28

Ethel, that place is called the 'War in Australia' thread on PRuNe....

bosnich71 28th Aug 2015 14:40

Bill Shorten was all for the recently cancelled crackdown until he saw the rent a mob and realised he might lose his power base.Hypocrisy rules in the Labour Party....see Gillards support for SSM now it's Abbotts call and not hers.
Worrals....the Plods in Victoria wear dark blue uniforms,they are not indicative of "Nazi" tendencies,unless of course you would like to include members of the RAAF who are also dressed similarly.I'd expect some on here to think like that but not your good self.
Where I worked at Tullamarine I had a good view of the taxi holding area,up to 400 taxis at a time early mornings sometimes which would often be reduced to a couple of dozen when the "drivers" found out there were visa checks being carried out".....meanwhile the " Border Force" in Britain seems to have mislaid 1.1 million illegals,S.O.P. It would seem these days.

SOPS 28th Aug 2015 14:53

And we have 50000 of them wandering around. No one really knows who they are. I just hope one of them is not crazy enough to try an a train attack, like in France.

If they do, I fear what might happen. And i will suggest, just my opinion only, that if it does happen, Hempy and my sister, should retire to their tent and weave their sandals and boil their lentils, because I think it may get very, very ugly.

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