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parabellum 23rd Aug 2015 08:32

they seem to wield an inordinate amount of power

As do the Greens and the cross benchers. Totally out of all proportion to the number of people they are supposed to represent.

MTOW 23rd Aug 2015 08:35

I suspect the Libs are absolutely loving the publicity their candidate for Canning is getting in response to The Age front page.

What Labor (through their proxies, the Fairfax media) have attempted with the ex-SAS captain worked wonderfully well for Labor frontbencher Chris Bowen when they spread some highly questionable allegations about an ex-policemen who was standing for the Libs against him. I'm not sure it will work for them this time.

There will definitely be a large swing against the Libs - that's the nature of the beast at any by-election that occurs mid-term for any government. The big question is, how big? Labor will declare victory and demand Tony Abbott stand down whichever way Canning goes.

The only thing unusual about that is that there are quite a few Liberals wishing he would too. Just so long as they don't replace him with Malcolm Turnbull.

Stanwell 23rd Aug 2015 08:41

But Malcolm's been waiting so patiently for so long.. :cool:

Traffic_Is_Er_Was 23rd Aug 2015 11:46

The Victorian education minister has just banned the teaching of religion in state schools.
And so they should too.

while no such ban is applied to Islamic schools
And I imagine no such ban is applied to Jewish, Catholic, or Anglican schools.

Stanwell 23rd Aug 2015 13:39

Have you heard the Word of God today?
Then we must all be told about it - particularly the kiddies. :E

SOPS 23rd Aug 2015 13:46

Just watching 60 minutes, with some idiot 'Australian ' who went to Syria. He does not even have an a Australian accent. Either he has been here for a short time, which the programme basically proved incorrect, or he has been bought up in a non intergrated, 'slum'.

He went, he left, sorry, he can't come back.

SOPS 23rd Aug 2015 23:46

And I am sure Ethel will be able to defend this.

Labor frontbencher Tony Burke racks up $2.2m travel bill | Daily Mail Online

megan 24th Aug 2015 00:11

maybe someone who has lived there or even born in WA might be advantageous?
Unfortunately, when you work for defence you have no choice where you live, in my day a change to a different state every two years was common. Perhaps you're suggesting he should stand in Afghanistan, he resided there for long enough. As for the frothing, send your address and I'll be around for lessons.

Ethel the Aardvark 24th Aug 2015 01:08

pretty simple really, if Burke can justify his expenditure then so be it, if he cant then he should pay it back and resign.
Haste was born in Victoria, I would not think that would be a plus point for parochial sandgropers. he has not lived in Canning however he is moving there in a week or so. involved in an on going army affair where a soldier cut off a Taliban's hand.
Labor has a candidate who was born there and has parents live in Canning.
No idea who is the better candidate but on paper I would say maybe not the Lib one. please froth as much as you like but don't send piccys

Clare Prop 24th Aug 2015 03:27

Good to know that you, Ethel, are not one of us "parochial sandgropers" who will actually be the ones deciding who will represent us in Canning.

My husband is also former SF and was born in Victoria, according to Ethel's logic he shouldn't be allowed to vote in this bi-election either. Don Randall was a friend of ours, a good man who moved mountains for the people in his electorate and is sorely missed. That is why all this crap is even more distasteful to us ahem "parochial sandgropers" who know he will be a very hard act to follow.

:mad: you and your snide comments.

SOPS 24th Aug 2015 03:39

Well said, Clare.:ok:

Ethel the Aardvark 24th Aug 2015 05:00

I think you will find all states are parochial be it footy, cricket and even Politics. If you can not see that some voters would prefer a local born Canning candidate to someone who probably has only travelled through Canning on his way to Swanbourne barracks then good luck at the by election.
No disrespect to Haste, I am sure he would of loved to live in Canning before but those are the circumstances,

Hats off to Don Randall, its obvious from his majority he was a liked man.

Clare Prop 24th Aug 2015 06:36

Don didn't live in Canning all his life either, Ethel. He was originally from Merredin.

I would have voted for Don whatever party he was in because he actually did the job he was elected to do and did it well.

That's what the next person has to prove they can come close to, not whether they take their orders from tweedledum or tweedledee in Canberra.

If only there was a decent independent candidate out there.

MTOW 24th Aug 2015 06:56

would of loved
Ethel, Ethel, Ethel... When I see the English language murdered like that, I have to remind myself that's it's not your fault. You are the product of our cutting edge educayshun system championed by Julia Gillard and other 'progressives' before her.

Mr Hastie, from what little I've heard him say publically since the matter of the post mortem hands removal in Afghanistan, seems to have a quality much admired - but all too infrequently seen - in officers, (particularly senior officers, which he was not), and that is downward loyalty to the men serving under him.

In my experience, (admittedly quite some years ago now), displaying a trait like that, it's probably a good thing he has left the ADF, for with trait - which would be an anchor around his ankle as he strived for star rank - he would be highly unlikely to get beyond Colonel.

Ethel's quite right about the attitude of many Sandgropers towards anyone from 'the Eastern States'. However, I suspect that Federal politics will override that for many. Those who want to punish the Libs for the shortcomings of Tony Abbott and his government would vote for anyone the Opposition puts up, no matter where he or she comes from. Those who are appalled by what amounts to nothing short of Mafiaso behaviour by those who really run the Labor Party, the Union movement, will likewise swallow their parochialism and vote for the other Party despite its quite obvious shortcomings.

As I said in an earlier post, THE question is, not that many will quite obviously take option (a), but will it be enough to see the Libs lose the seat? My guess is that it will be a very close run, and I don't for one moment think that the Labor Party and other, smaller anti-Coalition Parties will not revert to the tactics we saw used in Indi against Sophie Mirabella. Tactics that saw he lose the seat by a very, very narrow margin, quite possibly fewer votes than the number of very questionable 'newcomer' voters who 'blew in' to the electorate immediately before the election. Perhaps.

I for one think that this by-election will see Tony Abbott wishing that he'd done what I and others said here and elsewhere - that he sorted out and fixed the hopelessly flawed electoral system, where questionable and multiple voting is far too easy, immediately after winning government in 2013.

SOPS 24th Aug 2015 07:00

And unfortunately, if it is s bad reult for thr Libs, we will see another leadership challenge for sure.

Jeps 24th Aug 2015 07:30

I think your right SOPS. If I were a Liberal party strategist I'm not sure what my suggestion would be although many political journos are saying that they shouldn't change leaders and just run out the clock with Abbott win or lose.

Pollies do tend to get a little nervous when they come to the realization that they, in all probability will be in the queue for Centrelink if they don't do something though.

CoodaShooda 24th Aug 2015 08:57

And here was me thinking the NBN debacle was a Rudd/Conroy production.

Turnbull, for all his sins, is only responsible for trying to render it affordable.

chuboy 24th Aug 2015 09:51

Originally Posted by CoodaShooda (Post 9093044)
And here was me thinking the NBN debacle was a Rudd/Conroy production.

Turnbull, for all his sins, is only responsible for trying to render it affordable.

Well he didn't manage to do it and for all his "efforts" we are now stuck building something that will fail to meet the mark on every technical measure.

The only nice thing you could have said about copper to the premises is that it was cheap, but it seems not even that was true. As for "faster" (I think he meant to use sooner but that's not as easily misunderstood...), well the only people who have been connected to the NBN since the Coalition took government were the ones who were already scheduled to get it.

Mega-fail Malcolm Turnbull, and somehow I suspect you knew it was to be so from day 1. You have done Australia over in more ways than "Labor's debt" could ever hope to.

A competent person would have fixed up the project management side of the rollout. The technical aspects were superior. Somehow I suspect this was a hospital pass from Tony Abbott who could not be seen supporting a project that was Labor's idea.

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