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Worrals in the wilds 5th Aug 2015 09:57

What's the tax rate? How much do groceries, clothes and fuel cost? I had a conversation with a bunch of US Marines visiting Bris-Vegas about the cost of food and clothing in our fair city; after they realised that no, Australia doesn't do Bargaining and the price on the ticket is actually the price, they were a bit shellshocked... :ouch::ouch: Comparing the USA and Australia wrt wages and comparative costs can be tricky. People earn less, but stuff costs less. They also have a quarter billion population occupying roughly the same area as our 20 million... it's apples and potatoes. Just because they vaguely look like us and speak the same lingo (more or less :}) doesn't mean we have much in common economically.

And yes there were penalty rates applying in Wisconsin for overtime/weekend work.
Good. As a shiftworker for nearly twenty years, I get grumpy when Business Council types proclaim that any hour's as good as another. Firstly because I suspect that none of them have done much shiftwork (happy to be proven wrong) and secondly because I suspect that they all assume that their aircraft get serviced and overnight delivery parcels magically arrive on time after getting processed by the Transport Fairies. :ugh:

parabellum 5th Aug 2015 10:14

if the Libs continue to demand it, may be a case of "careful what you wish for".
Just announced on TV news that, behind the scenes, both parties have agreed to lay off the expenses issue, they obviously know that they could both get a bloody nose. We shall see.

I16 5th Aug 2015 10:41

Driving in Melbourne today I could not get over the road signs or perhaps the ones I had not noticed before.
Keep Left - Keep Left - One Way - One Way - No Right Turn - No Right Turn - One way - One Way.
Even to carry out a hook turn you have to keep left to line up.

Worrals in the wilds 5th Aug 2015 10:54

Melbourne! It's different; quite a learning curve (a curve to the left, I'll admit). During my trip I kept hummimg H&C/ Oils songs. Nice place, but; can't wait to go back. :cool::}

I16 5th Aug 2015 10:59

Its cold just now but I love Melbourne!
Even the ABC are getting into the local big spenders.
Overpaid and underworked: Victoria's auditor-general slams government agency Major Projects Victoria - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Worrals in the wilds 5th Aug 2015 11:20

Politics aside, IMO these guys know Melbourne.. and they're playing next Saturday in St Kilda for the first time in a long time. I was sorry to be there a fortnight too early. :{ If you're hanging around, book a ticket; it'll be a great gig. :ok:
Memo Music Hall

I16 5th Aug 2015 11:40

Thanks for the info - luved the clip, at this stage we are leaving MEL late Saturday afternoon. Would have liked to get down to Acland Street again!!

Worrals in the wilds 5th Aug 2015 11:49

Too bad. :{ Next time...

Saltie 5th Aug 2015 13:25

I was amused to hear on the radio today a new name for Labor's Tony Burke - Tony Perk.

Ovation 6th Aug 2015 00:49

How embarrassing......

If you read the Australian today, there's an advertisement placed by Gillard publicly apologising to Nick Xenphon for publishing "untruths" about him in her memoirs.

To be rehabilitated fully, she also needs to apologise to:
The wives of the married men she's had affairs with,
Tony Abbott for calling him a misogynist,
And finally, Australia at large for being such a disastrous Prime Minister.

Captain Dart 6th Aug 2015 02:29

You could also throw in the appalling faux-working person/Llayba Pardee accent she inflicted on us all.

Saltie 6th Aug 2015 19:21

Don't expect to see any Labor luminaries go the way of Bronwyn Bushop - or even repay any large dips they've had into the public purse.

'Morninh Mail' reports that a deal has been done. The Libs see themselves being as embarrassed as Labor by any in depth investigation, so the two major parties have at last agreed on something - to not dig up any more diet on the other on the subject of travel and other rorts.

The major parties are now seeking a peace treaty as they admit the danger of escalating the attacks on each other when there are senior figures on both sides with expenses that breach the spirit of the system, if not the letter of the law.
The article is worth reading in full.

RJM 7th Aug 2015 02:57

While retribution against the abusers of the system may be satisfying, it is more important that the rules in future are clear, and that there is an effective and transparent system of accountability for expenses.

parabellum 8th Aug 2015 00:30

I don't see why the tax payer should foot the bill for MPs to take their families on jollies, particularly ministers who are paid a fat salary and can easily afford to pay their families fares.

bosnich71 9th Aug 2015 17:11

Para ....cabinet ministers are "entitled" to a trip via RAAF vip aircraft to a holiday destination ....with the missus and kids....and those without a missus and kids can ,presumably,take their 'partner'.

parabellum 10th Aug 2015 00:34

Well hopefully that will all stop when the review is complete and implemented.

alisoncc 10th Aug 2015 05:37

Yeh, and pigs will fly.

Takan Inchovit 10th Aug 2015 09:24

Yeh, and pigs will fly.
Hopefully at their own expense. :hmm:

Flying Binghi 11th Aug 2015 08:32

Meanwhile, thanks to the naive greens and a corrupt labor...

Australia's government debt is $397 billion and growing by $110 million a DAY

Australian Debt Clock and Personal Finance Blog


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