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Takan Inchovit 30th Jul 2015 10:51

Agreed SOPS, the rot has spread near and far, but who would there be left to do the 'looking'?

Ken Borough 30th Jul 2015 13:17

Point of order Saltie, I don't think Tony Abott can sack her. I think she can only be removed by the house. But I could be wrong.
My memory of Constit Law tells me that this is correct. Abbott can only influence/encourage the thief to resign while only the House can sack her. Both are improbable unless the heat Abbott faces becomes intolerable. Maybe he has an asbestos suit!

Saltie 30th Jul 2015 20:59

After all the carrying on by the Libs over Craig Thomsen and Peter Slipper, Abbott will be made to look like a hypocrite if he supports Bishop in her endeavour to stay on as Speaker - as it would seem he is doing.

The Libs can't have it both ways. She simply has to go if they're to maintain any credibility, but her arrogance and sense of entitlement is so great - or should that be 'engrained' - that she can't see it.

SOPS 1st Aug 2015 01:49

This is getting silly. BB is at it again.She really has to go.

Bronwyn Bishop 'charged taxpayers $6k for private flight' from Sydney to Nowra | Daily Mail Online

CoodaShooda 1st Aug 2015 03:06

She's gone.
But will the media give equal time to the labor transgressions?

SOPS 1st Aug 2015 04:30

If she goes, there is going to be a lot of kicking and screaming.

Takan Inchovit 1st Aug 2015 05:00

If she goes, there is going to be a lot of kicking and screaming.
False alarm, t'was just another earthquake off SEQ.

Kim F 1st Aug 2015 08:19

She should have the decency to stand aside whilst it is investigated. As sleazy as Slipper was, with his nose in the trough, he chose to stand aside

Takan Inchovit 1st Aug 2015 09:42

Although it seems obvious that Bronny has broken the rules, where else should taxpayers money be spent that has not already been allocated?
It was returned directly back into the ailing economy, not some union convention or some cronies bank account. Stimulus perhaps? :ok:

Hempy 1st Aug 2015 10:00


Apply for a position inside the LNP 'spin machine'. You'd be a cert!

RJM 1st Aug 2015 22:23

She's finished.

With luck, there will come out of this clarification of what expenses are legitimate and better accountability for them.

MTOW 1st Aug 2015 23:43

She's finished.
I wish you the best of luck convincing her of that. She's going to hang on to the death knell - and the death knell will be for the Liberal Party more than for her. The damage she's already done is immeasurable. What more damage she will wrought before she's pushed screaming out the door is a Labor Party dream come true.

Tony Abbott has everything to gain in taking her aside and telling her in no uncertain way that it's time she developed a pressing medical condition that required immediate and ongoing bed rest. Like by Monday.

Unfortunately, based on past performance, he won't.

SOPS 2nd Aug 2015 03:30

They...and I mean every politician world wide is doing it.....

There is a world wide ' conference' for speakers of parliaments. Give me strength, what the hell do they need that for? For an exuse to spend OUR money on 7 star hotels and lavish dinners.

Bronnie was going, on us of course, but for some reason has decided to stay at home.

Bronwyn Bishop reportedly cancels taxpayer-funded New York business trip - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

SOPS 2nd Aug 2015 06:52

It just doesn't stop. Tony, you have to get rid of her, or she will take you with her.

Bronwyn Bishop's travel expenses to be investigated by federal police | Daily Mail Online

RJM 2nd Aug 2015 06:52

She's gone, and good riddance.

SOPS 2nd Aug 2015 06:55

Beat me by 1 minute, RJM.

bosnich71 2nd Aug 2015 07:23

"She's gone". Hopefully the rest of the mongrels who have been rooting the system will do the same,not holding my breath though.
P.s they're not all Libs of course.

MTOW 2nd Aug 2015 07:53

Three VERY damaging weeks too *** late.

Worrals in the wilds 2nd Aug 2015 09:15

About time :zzz:. Abbott can wax lyrical all he likes about how honourable her resignation is, but IMO he's come out of this looking weak.

Just as Worrals didn't want to agree with my past statements about notices on building sites in Victoria saying:hmm:..
Having visited Melbourne for the first time recently (and having had a great trip :ok:) I can now see where you're coming from. Politically and industrially it's...um...interesting, retro even. :eek: As various other posters commented at the time, Melbourne is a whole lot more lefty than Brisbane. Up here I'm Left, but by Melbourne standards I'm more Labor centre-right. It wasn't a case of disagreeing with you, more a case of different strokes for different folks. I found it interesting to see how much variation there is between the cities. My real world is quite different from your real world. Neither better nor worse overall, but different. Hunters & Collectors songs make more sense now.

Also, Melbourne Greens are seriously freaky. Up here, Greens are nice people who like animals/windfarms, buy organic and preference Labor. Down there, they're two short steps from Stalinism. I got talking to a bloke from inner-Sydney who said it's the same in his neck of the woods; they're like something out of the Communist Party Case. We don't see that level of lefty extremism in Brisbane; even the most socialist of rads generally graduate from uni, get a job and grow out of it (or move South :\:}). Down South, they stay annoying.

RJM 2nd Aug 2015 11:20

Interesting comment, Worrals, about the totalitarian tendencies of the Left.

For people who claim to buck the system, they seem very keen to institute a pretty tough system of their own. A common Left response to social ills is more regulation, which would include oversight, investigation and enforcement.

At the top of their regulatory heap is the holy United Nations. This impeccable source of correctness is allied with an often cited international court in The Hague, whose jurisdiction and concerns are imagined to be universal.

Beneath these unimpeachable bodies is a solid matrix of Leftist government, all the way from committees running local community gardens to regional and national governments.

The Nirvana of the Left is described in this anguished plea from journalist of the Left, writing from within the sanctuary of the Fairfax sheltered workshop:


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