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Ethel the Aardvark 27th Jul 2015 00:49

Have a cup of cocoa Para, Breathe deeply. Hope you are feeling better now!!

Dark Knight 27th Jul 2015 03:56


Do you want to know how utterly stupid Labor really is? Yeah - I know there are multiple answers to this rather open ended question but bear with me here. Let me tell you how categorically - how utterly - how emphatically - stupid the Labor Party is. Just in case you didn't already know.

Bill Shorton's big conference - his 'Advance Australia' rally - (so short on creative that they have simply pinched the first two words in the title of the National Anthem for their theme) - has a merchandising component where they raise money - more money - for their election campaign that hasn't been announced by anyone as yet. Tables groan with Labor crap for sale at this conference, including the big sell out item (which they have now run out of). Wait for it...

It's a Tea towel with Julia Gillard's Misogyny rant printed on it. A Tea Towel!
Are you getting the connection here? A misogyny rant printed on a Tea towel. The tea towel being one of the most tangible symbols of women and their oppression - being tied as it were to the kitchen sink. Even an apron would have been a better choice. But that's how bloody stupid Labor really are.

The misogyny rant itself was a ridiculous unfounded rave that would - like most things Labor - take the heat and emphasis out of whatever the real issue was at the time and it's even more preposterous when levelled at Tony Abbott. He might be a lot of things but a misogynist he isn't. He lives in a household made up exclusively of women for a start. But nothing was stopping Gillard at the time.

Forget the fact that this woman had been a moll to several bullies and union stand-over merchants - she chooses Tony Abbott to finally vent her spleen on. Forget the woman whose marriage she almost wrecked by playing hide the sausage with her union thug husband. You remember the one - they bought her first house with Union slush fund money.

Forget several other blokes in both the Labor Party and various other unions as well. And she wants to talk about misogyny? What thinking woman who has a genuine care about women being in a vulnerable position, sleeps with and carries on a public affair with a married union creep who could be a bit handy in the force department if it comes to it? Julia - 'I hate misogyny' - Gillard.

And so this morning Shorten addresses his Nuremberg rally of Labor faithful all beaming up at him - freshly kissed -from the front row - as he outlined HIS policies for the 'advancement' of Australia. He's gonna turn back the boats. Which boats he is talking about is anyone's guess as they have been turned back for almost two years now. Er- they're already turned back Bill.
The issue is over Bill. Tony did what Tony said he would do and turned the buggers back. It has worked Bill. The problem is all but solved Bill.

Christ! Maybe Bill you would like to put insulation into Australian homes again. Or maybe another grand handout would be nice for all the bogans to buy tellies and grog and poker machine time with. I remember getting very interested in that one. I asked several local shop keepers if KRudd's handout was a benefit to their business. Guess who the three winners were. The local Retravision man (they have since gone broke nationally) said to me that the pattern was astonishing. All of a sudden he was inundated with bogans and their screaming kids and welfare bludgers wheeling shopping trolleys into his store.

Stacked with 'slabs' and wine casks and potato chips and Coke - they wanted at least one keepsake from their windfall and that was the new telly. He sold more tellies in a week than he had in the previous four years. The next biggest winner was the pokies - as thousands headed to their nearest venue to stuff their ill gotten windfall down their throats. Well done Kevin. It only took the Howard Government 10 years to build up that money.

Then there is Bill's biggest 'powicy' after his genius idea of turning back the boats that aren't there. Wind power. Great in a country, that in fact, has very little wind compared with many places in the world. Great - even though it won't deliver a poofteenth of the power generation that coal does. Great even though it costs a fortune -per kilowatt- to deliver. Advance Australia indeed Bill.

Then there are these poor kids he wants to free and bring into our society. The next stolen generation. The ones in the detention centres - taken there by their illegal immigrant parents. I can see some lovely payouts coming with that one Bill. But Bill is going to free them and it will all be arranged by one of the Labor 'consultants' who is not answerable to governments. So an independent Labor appointed person allowed to make decisions about who comes into our country. Brilliant!

Of course, when the kids are pulled out, it will only be a matter of weeks before their parents and the remainder of their families join them in the welfare junket that is Australia at the present time. But Labor doesn't understand that.

They are too used to being propped up by fists-full of cash extorted by the union thugs who support them.

Think that last one is a joke? Well if you follow the Royal Commission into Union Corruption you would have seen the dozens of small business men and women who have attested, with bank statement proof, that they have been paying extortion money to the CFMEU - preferably in cash or in cheques made out to the relatives of the thugs demanding it. They have arrested and charged two of them already. But that is of no interest to the Labor Party. Not even Bill Shorten who did not manage to answer a single question at the same Commission the other day. Why? Because if he had been honest - he would have been arrested too. Great Prime Minister material!

Funnily enough, the channel carrying Shorten's Rally this morning was peppered with ads from the CFMEU screaming at the cheek of the Liberal Party for daring to question their tactics. Extraordinary!

And here's the bit I don't get. The rabble that is the Labor faithful - these socialist, bogan, lazy, idiots - just can't see that Labor, having sent us broke, in fact broker than we have ever been since Federation - wants to put the final boot into a carcass that is Australia and that just eight years ago was alive and kicking and full of promise. I just hope that the accompanying screaming gangs of university students supporting the 'free all detention centre inmates' will have real trouble finding something that resembles a job in the future. Because the way Labor is going there will be nothing left to bully or extort.

(Pickering Post 270715)

parabellum 27th Jul 2015 08:22

When I saw Plibersek giving Shorton a big hug and kiss I was immediately reminded of the Praying Mantis.

The similarities are amazing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aSCPmabRpM

Ethel - Single Malt for me thanks and I feel great, watching the ALP self destruct! :)

SOPS 28th Jul 2015 01:28

How did it come to this? I'm sorry, I don't care how much lefty, Huggy fluff, PC spin you put on it, we have let in a culture that is at complete odds with its host.

NSW to audit school prayer groups for extremism amid claims radical Islam preached at Sydney's Epping Boys High School - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Worrals in the wilds 28th Jul 2015 10:17

...she's all for it, and pushes for a vote that binds all parliamentary members of the ALP.
The question is which big-wigs who oppose gay marriage will be retired (and thence appeased) by 2019's binding vote, which in any case is another whole National Conference away. :suspect: As always, it's all about the numbers.

When I saw Plibersek giving Shorton a big hug and kiss I was immediately reminded of the Praying Mantis.
There's an old-school Labor joke (no, not Bob Hawke :E:}) that when people start calling you Maaayte it's time to get very, very worried. The big Hug 'n' Kiss seems to be the millenial equivalent; new technique, same outcome. :ooh:

Pinky the pilot 28th Jul 2015 11:20

The big Hug 'n' Kiss seems to be the millenial equivalent; new technique, same outcome.
Worrals; It has a very old precedent actually!:D:}

I doo not have the relevant book handy to check the exact words used, but a very long time ago someone once said something like...

Judas, betrayest thou the Son of Man with a kiss?`:ooh:

Worrals in the wilds 28th Jul 2015 11:38

For sure. Politics is as old as humans. Cf. The Twelve Ceasars by Suetonius Tranquillus, who died some time after the year 121 AD (HBO's Game of Thrones certainly milks his work all it can :hmm:) for more evidence. His informative political gossip mag is still in publication and still a very good read that perfectly sums up the game. :cool:
For the cheapskates...

From incidental notices in the following History, we learn that he was born towards the close of the reign of Vespasian, who died in the year 79 of the Christian era. He lived till the time of Hadrian, under whose administration he filled the office of secretary; until, with several others, he was dismissed for presuming on familiarities with the empress Sabina, of which we have no further account than that they were unbecoming his position in the imperial court. How long he survived this disgrace, which appears to have befallen him in the year 121, we are not informed; but we find that the leisure afforded him by his retirement, was employed in the composition of numerous works.
Nothing, nothing changes. Successful staffer; played up with the leader's wife, got disgraced, wrote a best-seller. :E

I doubt that any account of the lives of our current pollies will still be available for purchase in 1800 years time, or even in ten. Maybe that's because pollies don't change and Suetonius summed their breed up a couple of thousand years earlier. Any time any of us get upset about politics or so-called current events such as terrorism (as we all do from time to time) it pays to remember that none of it's very innovative. :}

Pinky the pilot 28th Jul 2015 11:45

he was dismissed for presuming on familiarities with the empress Sabina, of which we have no further account than that they were unbecoming his position in the imperial court
Probably caught bonking her on the sly!:E:D:}

Like you said Worrals; Nothing, nothing changes!:hmm::( To which I would add, ever!!

alisoncc 28th Jul 2015 11:46

Might one suggest "The Prince" by Niccolo Machiavelli. Absolutely splendid book on all aspects of government from a "political" viewpoint. Current crop on both sides are mere amateurs. :E :E

Eddie Dean 28th Jul 2015 18:01

Reference the Opposition Leaders change on "turn boats around": It seems sensible to keep this option open, until privy to more detail on what has been happening at sea and further afield. He won't have this detail until he forms government.
As recent reports show, our Agencies have almost carte blanch to do whatever it takes to prevent boats from coming to Australia, no matter what party is in government.

MTOW 29th Jul 2015 00:18

Bronwyn Bishop and her travel claims continued to feature heavily on EhBC radio this morning. If she stays, when parliament sits again, she will give the Labor Party unending opportunities to keep her rorts* in the public eye.

(*Let's be honest here - that's what they are.)

If she was to fall on her sword and get the *** out, at least of the Speaker's Chair and preferably out of parliament itself, Labor could crow for a day of two about their great victory, but after that, they'd be starved of oxygen and Tony Abbott could doubtlessly embarrass quite a few on the Labor side with details of their questionable travel claims if Labor kept pressing the issue.

I can't see it happening, but a sudden health crisis requiring immediate retirement for Ms Bishop would be by far the best option for all concerned. (She 72, FFS!) Labor could have their little victory, but it would be a battle won and a war lost.

bosnich71 29th Jul 2015 13:57

Meanwhile the TURC rumbles on.Some of the stories of thuggery by the CFMEU are eye watering never mind Bill's involvement wgohilst boss of the AWU.However it's all lies isn't it? Just as Worrals didn't want to agree with my past statements about notices on building sites in Victoria saying:hmm:...No ticket,no start....the blackmailing of construction company owners are all lies and part of the Libs war on unions which is probably why Ethel and the gang refuse to discuss.

Saltie 29th Jul 2015 21:38

TURC? What's that? So long as Bronwyn Bishop refuses to stand down, the MSM can ignore the TURC completely and keep the front pages full of tales of Bronnie's rorting.

Just as Labor planned it in releasing BB's travel rorts now rather than when they first learned about them. They know her well enough to be certain that her arrogance will ensure the story will linger and linger... and linger.

Tony Abbott could shut this down today if he had the balls to sack her. To date, he's never shown that necessary mongrel streak that every leader requires.

SOPS 29th Jul 2015 23:46

Point of order Saltie, I don't think Tony Abott can sack her. I think she can only be removed by the house. But I could be wrong.

Saltie 30th Jul 2015 01:19

I hear she has apologised to the Australian people on 2GB since my earlier post. I think that will only make her position as Speaker even more untenable. Labor will milk this for all it's worth to them.

Stand by for multiple Labor politicians getting kicked out of parliament - and multiple times.

CoodaShooda 30th Jul 2015 02:10

I'm ordering in the popcorn for when the media start running with the Liberal sponsored tit in exchange for the recent labor tat.

Not much interest in Tony Burke's 16 repayments so far...but its early days and no Member is likely to be exempt - on either side.

Labor's tactics in the House have been to destabilize debate through contrived misbehavior. It's unlikely that will change with a change of Speaker, so the suspensions will continue regardless. But, if Bronwyn has gone, the tactic will be more obvious to the casual follower of politics and, thus, less effective.

Jeps 30th Jul 2015 03:25

I think Bronny has been feeding off the public teat for long enough (My Local member no less). I think other comments on here are correct. In order to lessen the damage as much as possible, politically, she should just drive off into the sunset and the MSM will eventually divert there short attention to someone else. As a taxpayer (as we all are) nothing grinds my gears more than when pollies do this. All of them, from whatever side they happen to be from. Its just a giant middle finger to each and everyone of us who pays their wages.

Takan Inchovit 30th Jul 2015 09:51

... but not a house of Lords. Although BB and PS most likely wear similar clothing?

SOPS 30th Jul 2015 10:22

Why don't they look at everyones expenses for the last 10 years? That might be interesting!

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