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parabellum 26th Jul 2015 02:20

Anthony Albanese was just on the news saying he could not turn boats back. His idea is to increase the amount of ' refugees' we allow in, this he said would allow all those that arrive on boats to be accommodated, and this was being reported on the ABC.

Paul Kelly, on TV this morning, said that there were so many 'ifs and buts' about the Labour policy with large areas of uncertainty that if Shorton took what was agreed yesterday to an election the LNP would rip it to bits. On the one hand they say they will turn the boats back but on the other hand Alabanese and his considerable following are actually saying exactly the opposite but dressed up in confusing language.

SOPS 26th Jul 2015 04:14

And in other news.......

ISIS Australian nurse Adam Brookman charged with terrorism after Syria return | Daily Mail Online

This guy ran off to do some 'humanitarian' work in Syria. Leaving behind 5 kids. I assume the welfare state has been supporting them while Daddy was on holidays overseas.

And, this guy has lawyers!! Where the hell do these people find lawyers so easily?

Hempy 26th Jul 2015 04:22

This terrorism thing is a boon for Lawyers! I imagine there'd be a dozen hotshots looking to further their future political careers by offering pro-bono just so they can get their mugs on TV :yuk:

Or maybe I'm just cynical.

MTOW 26th Jul 2015 05:12

A 'deserted' wife plus five children for - how long was the father overseas on his personal jihad? I'd love to see someone work out how much welfare this family has collected from the Australian taxpayer while daddy has been out of the country on his 'humanitarian work'.

SOPS 26th Jul 2015 06:34

My thoughts exactly..MTOW.

Worrals in the wilds 26th Jul 2015 07:36

Alabanese and his considerable following are actually saying exactly the opposite but dressed up in confusing language
They were, but now the policy's passed (which it did, complete with turn backs) AFAIK it can't be changed; certainly not without another National Conference. They can continue to say they disagree personally if Shorten permits that (which he is, so far anyway :suspect:) but the policy is now decided. Albo and Co can't change it on a whim even if they did have the leader's support, which they don't.

MTOW, my thoughts three. That said, anyone can get a lawyer. Doesn't mean they can win. :E

parabellum 26th Jul 2015 07:42

Albo and Co can't change that.
Worrals, is that in concrete, untouchable? What if the roll Shorten? They probably won't roll him before the election as the turn-back policy will be fundamental to winning the election, but afterwards, should the ALP win :eek: surely party policy at a convention can be over ruled and superseded by what would then be government policy?

Worrals in the wilds 26th Jul 2015 08:43

I don't believe so, but I will have to check :8 I'm not in a position to read through the rules at the moment, but I will when I can. Certainly a leadership change does not impact on the policy.

This is the Qld version if you're bored enough to check yourself. :}
Labor is consensus driven, and the parliamentary wing (ie the pollies) are only one part of the organisation. A Labor parliamentary leader doesn't have full autonomy, not by a long shot.
Thirdly, as the above link shows, it's a party that adores Rules :zzz:. They love their rules, standing orders and procedures as much as they love the Cause. This can be a good thing (the leader is subject to greater control than in other parties) and it can be a bad thing, because it's very inflexible.

SOPS 26th Jul 2015 08:59

So say for instance, Albernese became PM ( God spare us), but if he did, he would still have to keep turning the boats around? I'm not saying your wrong Worrals, Im just finding hard to imagine him doing that.

Worrals in the wilds 26th Jul 2015 09:10

Above link, part D1. State Conference has the ultimate authority.

Pinky the pilot 26th Jul 2015 09:23

he said would allow all those that arrive on boats to be accommodated, and this was being reported on the ABC.
If he did say that, I`m surprised that the ABC would report it!:ooh:

Surely even the highest ABC Official would realise that there are a helluva lot of voters* who would be very much opposed to what amounts to an `Open Door Policy.`

* A majority perhaps?

CoodaShooda 26th Jul 2015 09:35

I haven't read the "turn back" policy but understood the proposed wording included words to the effect that any turn back was subject to it being a safe and suitable action at that time.

If anyone in the chain of command considers a particular turn back to be unsafe or unsuitable, then not turning back would be consistent with the policy.

Seems to be the non-policy you have when you need but don't want a policy.

John Eacott 26th Jul 2015 10:40

The ALP proposal that doubling the refugee intake would in any way ease or mitigate the situation is up there with Aesops Fables. It has little or no relationship to those who choose to attempt to come here via people smuggler boats since they have resorted to such an action because they inevitably do not meet the requirements to be taken in as genuine refugees from their home country by Australia.

They will still pursue the boat option should it be a viable route to settlement in Australia, almost regardless of cost, because to them it is the only option.

On another note, it was tedious to see the ABC 7pm News turned into another ALP political broadcast with an extended "interview" later in the news with Mr Shorten which was nothing less than a prerecorded and edited political rant. Right of reply, anyone?

Worrals in the wilds 26th Jul 2015 11:30

Cooda correct, my bad :O. The policy says they may use turn backs, not must. The Left policy would have bound them to no turn backs, and if it had been passed by the conference it would have been binding on the leader, as above.

John, I didn't see it but IMO Shorten is certainly no orator. He seems to miss his megaphone.

SOPS 26th Jul 2015 11:48

I see, they 'may' use turn backs. So the policy is actually a non policy. I hope the LNP drive a big truck through the gaps.

MTOW 26th Jul 2015 13:13

Just watched the Chris Bowen "interview" on Viewpoint. Oh... my... God... I had forgotten what a prat the man is. It wasn't an interview, but more a shouting match.

My guess would be that the people smugglers in Indonesia are selling tickets to Australia as we speak - to be redeemed the day Labor is re-elected.

RJM 26th Jul 2015 15:27

It was interesting to see how one of the few heirs apparent to the Labor leadership, Ms Tanya Plibersek, handled the boat turn-back vote at the ALP Conference. She absented herself, along with Penny Wong, and they left their vote with proxies, who voted against the motion to turn back boats.

Then, Plibersek suggests that she would, in fact, side with Shorten's 'sort of turn back the boats' position in the party room. How to have it both ways, the Labor way. Plibersek is prepared to actually show her hand, though, on gay marriage - she's all for it, and pushes for a vote that binds all parliamentary members of the ALP.

She has no credibility, and is desperately trying to appeal to her inner urban electorate not to tip her out by voting Green. Like her colleagues, no principles except to hang on to power like her colleagues.

prospector 26th Jul 2015 22:12

We have something more to worry about here, these people would not have come by boat, maybe a magic carpet?

Witch doctors infilitrating Auckland - National - NZ Herald News

TWT 26th Jul 2015 22:22

Sounds like the 'Tibetan Monk' scam to me.

parabellum 27th Jul 2015 00:16

Witch Doctors in Auckland

"They are here to suck money out of people. They are leaving people in a very devastated state - suffering mentally, psychologically ... after losing large sums of money,"
Don't need witch doctors here in Australia, we have the ALP!

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