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Pinky the pilot 21st Jul 2015 11:14

One less obscenely generous Parliamentary Pension to be paid out.:hmm:

And yes; That is my honest opinion!:*

Worrals in the wilds 21st Jul 2015 11:18

Again, courtesy of F/book from the Australian Labor Party page...

Bill Shorten MP has released the following statement on the sad news of Don Randall.
Tonight I express my deep sympathies to the family and many friends of the Member for Canning, Don Randall MP.
Don was liked on both sides of Parliament and was counted as a friend by many in the Labor Party.
He was a thoroughly good and decent bloke.
West Australian through and through, Don was rightly proud of his fierce advocacy for his state and the people of Canning.
This sad news will have come as a shock to Members and Senators tonight. This is a moment that puts daily politics in perspective, it reminds us of how precious life is.
Our sympathies are with Don’s family, especially his wife Julie and their two children.
We are thinking of them as they mourn Don’s passing.

If Shorten can be gracious surely everyone else can wait a day or two before sinking the boot in, one way or another.

Hempy 21st Jul 2015 11:21

Originally Posted by RJM
According to Andrew Bolt, who whatever else some may think of him tries to be accurate

Andrew Bolt tries to be accurate? Spare me..

Andrew Bolt tries to 'massage the truth' to fit his own agenda. As does Alan Jones et.al.

p.s don't ask him about his years working for R.J.L. Hawke. He'll deny they ever existed...

p.s Worrals, well played. Condolences to his family and friends.

Ken Borough 21st Jul 2015 11:25


I tend to agree with you but only when the deceased has earned the respect of his fellow (generic) man. The hypocrisy that follows the dearly recently departed can be breath-taking! :ok:

CoodaShooda 21st Jul 2015 11:38

I don't read Bolt very often but I have seen him write several times of his work for the ALP.

I assume your distaste for journalists twisting facts to suit their agenda also extends to those at the ABC and Fairfax?

At least Bronwyn Bishop has succeeded in uniting us. We all agree its time for her to go. :D

parabellum 21st Jul 2015 12:35

In other news, I see the people on the latest boat arrival have not even docked yet, but they have lawyers already working for them.
Reported on TV news tonight that the free loading libertarian 'Human Rights' gang of lawyers had heard of the boat and, "were trying all means to contact the people on board so that they could seek an injunction to prevent it being turned back" - the perfect fifth column! :(

bosnich71 21st Jul 2015 12:51

Those,like SHY,should take a trip to UK and ask normal people..not Greenies for example,what they think of her efforts in "saving" asylum seekers,AKA as effing free loaders in Britain,she would most definitely be put in her box.The Brits that I've personally spoken to over the past three weeks are sick and tired of the whole immigration/ asylum seeker garbage.

Clare Prop 22nd Jul 2015 01:17

Don was my local MP.

When he initially supported the idea of Ascot Capital closing Jandakot airport and supposedly relocating it to Canning I sent him an angry email, not expecting any response. He was on the phone the next day wanting a meeting. From then on he was a staunch ally and he took a lot of time to listen to airport people, people who lived in the proposed location and fully understand what was going on and oppose the so-called "relocation" and be our voice in Canberra while Mark Vaile as the airport landlord did very little at first.

I had dealings with him on some other federal matters, he was a good man, always avialable to listen and help out, he really stood up for his electorate and got things done. RIP Don. :(

Worrals in the wilds 22nd Jul 2015 03:17

I don't read Bolt very often but I have seen him write several times of his work for the ALP.
You learn something every day :8, I never knew that! For the Hawke campaigns, so it says on Wiki. I'm guessing that it wasn't a Fun experience :}.

At least Bronwyn Bishop has succeeded in uniting us. We all agree its time for her to go. :D
Everyone except the PM and the lady herself, or so it would seem.

I16 22nd Jul 2015 09:18

Another BB in the news here this morning!
Bardot blasts Australia's plan to slay wild cats - The Local

Pinky the pilot 22nd Jul 2015 11:09

Bardot blasts Australia's plan to slay wild cats
It is times like this when I really despair of the intelligence of some people!:ugh::=:mad:

Thay want a sterilisation program rather than a cull now, do they?:confused:

I can just imagine a team of appropriately qualified People spending several months camped at Coongie Waterhole (Not the Lakes area!) setting traps to catch and sterilise the Feral Cats I saw there way back in 1982 when I was with a Seismic Survey Crew. (GSI 1847.:ok::ok:)

Or the Ferals I saw right out in the middle of nowhere about 60km (?) due west of Cordillo Downs Station in mid `83.:ooh:

Could someone please explain to me just why anyone even pays attention anymore to anything that sad, old, has-been of an Actress even thinks, let alone says?:confused:

Hempy 22nd Jul 2015 11:10

Originally Posted by sprintman
Joe Jockey won't be feeling too flash tonight. Expected Fairfax to cough up 95% of his legal bill but awarded 15% leaving him with a bill of approx $650K. Also failed to get an injunction stopping Fairfax from using their original points in the future. Expensive 'win' indeed...

Apparently the only thing that went in the 'Honourable' Mr Hockey's favour was the wording of the Twitter post linking the story, the story itself was accurate. Oh well, I'm sure he'll be able to cough up the difference in legal fees. Just one or two more 'Dinners with Joe' should do the trick :yuk:

parabellum 22nd Jul 2015 11:52

Either Joe or his wife will have to sell a few shares, that's all.

New evidence is emerging from a former member of the AWU that suggests Gillard may have been involved in a one million dollar swindle!

Won't be long before at least half the opposition will be sitting in parliament in orange boiler suits and chained to their guards! Can't wait! :E

Saltie 22nd Jul 2015 12:09

Do you have details or a link, parrabellim?

Hempy 22nd Jul 2015 12:20

You wont get an answer to that question, because he can't provide one. Nothing like changing the angle of the conversation with some unaccountable noise to try and hypnotise the audience. :yuk:

CoodaShooda 22nd Jul 2015 13:29

You are running the Fairfax/ABC spin.

Fairfax was found guilty of defamation and the evidence presented also clearly demonstrated the problem of the media acting as a player rather than a reporter of events. No better than Murdoch in this regard.

Hockey didn't prove his entire claim and Fairfax ran this as them expecting at least 70% of their fees to be paid by Hockey as a result.

In the final wash up, they are paying 15% of his fees instead.

They defamed him and have lost money as a result. The quantum of the damage to reputation and the compensation/costs issue are peripheral debating points.

This isn't the first time pursuing justice has cost the victim more than he receives in compensation.

The cost of accessing our so called Justice system is the reason why many frauds and cheats go unpunished. The cost of pursuing them just ain't affordable.

Hempy 22nd Jul 2015 13:47

Actually I'm running the Judiciary's 'spin', but whatever floats your myopic boat.

Managed Descent 22nd Jul 2015 14:04

Pickering Post.

CoodaShooda 22nd Jul 2015 14:27

As usual Hempy, we'll just have to agree to disagree.

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