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SOPS 20th Jul 2015 14:13

Um no Hempy, no chearing from me. Regardless of politics I would not wish anyone Cancer and death.

Worrals in the wilds 20th Jul 2015 23:06

Liver cancer, nasty :sad:.
He's not actually an MP, is he? I thought he was a staffer.

MTOW 20th Jul 2015 23:59

I can hear the LNP cheering from here. Not exactly known for their 'humanitarian' side, I'm sure the hopes are simply for an LNP win in the by-election..
Unfairly nasty - and way off base in this case, Hempy. Ellis is not a Member of Parliament. He's a Labor commentator and (almost invariably REALLY inaccurate) predictor of election results. His predictions are so inaccurate - usually a case of wishful thinking rather than research - that for years, if not decades, he has been a bit of a joke in conservative circles.

Having said that, when news of his illness was made public, (I saw it last night on the Paul Murray show), the comments made by the conservative members of the panel were diametrically different to what you implied in your post.

Sometimes, it might pay to wind back the knee-jerk ideological hatred just a tad, digger.

Stanwell 21st Jul 2015 01:34

Fair comment, MTOW.
Ellis did have a brain but I fear he'd misplaced it.

Now, we're going to do something about the parasites in our society.
A week or so ago the old-age pensioners were the suck...

Captain Dart 21st Jul 2015 01:54

'No one does "hate" like the Left'. Hempy's on my 'ignore' list.

Stanwell 21st Jul 2015 02:46

I've not perceived any 'hate' in any of Hempy's posts.
I wonder if a bit of self-examination might be in order, hmm?

Clare Prop 21st Jul 2015 06:01

It's a thing though, it seems to be the left leaners who post endless hateful , divisive and murderous memes on Facebook etc as propaganda.

For humanitarians some of the more vocal ones are happy to advocate murder to anyone who disagrees with them. The other day I was told I should be burned at the stake as a witch for being a "tory" by one of them who believes that Marxism is the only way and anyone who disagrees should be shot and put in mass graves. Hm. It's starting to be hard to tell the difference between them and IS...oh wait...

Ken Borough 21st Jul 2015 06:34

Also wondering why labor waited 8 months to bring it on.
Erm....Um.....Ahhhhh...... Look...... Labor didn't wait 8 months as suggested. I think the chopper ride was discovered by a tabloid paper trawling through a Dept of Finance document that wasn't available until late last month/early this month.

Hempy 21st Jul 2015 06:45


I laugh when I'm called a 'leftist' anyway, simply because I don't have 'right-wing' myopia I seem to get pigeon-holed. It's the old 'you're either with us or your agin us' routine.


I said the LNP is not 'exactly known for its humanitarian side' and I stand by it. The 'far right' in general seem to me to fit the same bill. Alan Jones and Julia Gillards father?

As for Mr Dart, hypocrisy obviously knows no bounds. Do tell me of any LNP humanitarian policies of late. Asylum seekers from countries we've helped turn into murderous s:mad:tholes through our invasion of Iraq, Indigenous community welfare, low income earners, etc?

I guess I touched a raw nerve. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it's a duck, dude. The LNP aren't 'humanitarian'..

MTOW 21st Jul 2015 06:57

Hmmm... I think you'll find that Labor might have been sitting on it for a little while Ken, and waiting for the most opportune or advantageous time to release it to that tabloid journo.

Just as the Libs would do in similar circumstances.

It has been very effective in deflecting attention from Bill Shorten at exactly the time he needed that attention diverted - immediately before the Labor Party conference starting at the end of this week.

I wish Labor could run the country with half the skill they've displayed in engineering this. I have to give them 10/10 for 'coptergate'.

Of course, they've been aided immensely by the hubris displayed by the Libs, and in particular, Bronwyn Bishop, in refusing to do what is necessary to minimise the damage this is doing to the Liberal Party and the Abbott government. And that is - by BB stepping down from the Speaker's position. Labor would declare it to be a victory, (which it would be), but it would be an even bigger victory for the Abbott government with the people who matter - the voting public - to have clearly shown that it set itself a higher standard than Labor has set itself.

It's too late now. In defending Bishop, the Abbott front benchers have shown themselves to be "same old, same old" - i.e., despised by the public - business-as-usual politicians.

CoodaShooda 21st Jul 2015 07:40

The root of the problem is identified in their choice of words.

The pollies are talking about their "travel entitlements" when they should be talking about "travel privileges".

But as they are apparently leading a society of The Entitled, I guess we should not be surprised.

Hempy 21st Jul 2015 07:54

Originally Posted by MTOW
Hmmm... I think you'll find that Labor might have been sitting on it for a little while Ken, and waiting for the most opportune or advantageous time to release it to that tabloid journo.

Source? Or just conjecture?

MTOW 21st Jul 2015 08:43

Totally conjecture, Hemps. But that's the way it's done in Canberra - and damn near everywhere. (Ever watched 'The West Wing'?)

Much as politicians time the release of bad news to a Friday afternoon, during a natural disaster, when parliament isn't sitting, or to coincide with a major sporting event (or damn near anything that will hold the public's attention away from that bad news), so too, if they have some dirt on their opposite numbers, they keep those little bombshells like Bronnygate in their back pockets to be dropped into a reporter's inbox when they'll cause maximum ripples.

Expect the Libs to return the favour sometime soon - although the Libs have a lot more difficulty finding a compliant reporter to run with anything that will damage their idols.

Worrals in the wilds 21st Jul 2015 08:58

although the Libs have a lot more difficulty finding a compliant reporter
Ummmm...Murdoch? :ooh:
Bishop has brought the whole mess on herself, firstly by her actions but more so by her response. Even Murdoch's Courier Mail and today's letters page (which is generally slightly to the left of Atilla the Hun :}) have no sympathy.

SOPS 21st Jul 2015 09:10

Most of them seem to have their noses buried so far in the trough, they forget it's our money they are spending. But the way BB has handled her little problem, has made it worse.

She doesn't even seem to think she has done anything wrong, and seems to be surprised people are asking questions.

In other news, I see the people on the latest boat arrival have not even docked yet, but they have lawyers already working for them.

Worrals in the wilds 21st Jul 2015 09:22

And also in other news, this just bobbed up on F/book...:(
Don*Randall, federal Member for Canning, found dead - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
The Herald is suggesting it was a heart attack.

MTOW 21st Jul 2015 10:43

Bishop has brought the whole mess on herself, firstly by her actions but more so by her response.
I'm with you 101% Worrals, especially with the way she has responded. She reminds me of the clowns in Billy MacMahon's government in the year before they were rolled by the Whitlam victory in '72 - she, like them, really feels it's her God-given right to govern, and so thick is the hubris that she, like them, simply cannot accept any evidence to the contrary.

Bronnie, to borrow a phrase from Gough Whitlam's victorious campaign of 1972: "It's Time" - for you to go.

RJM 21st Jul 2015 10:52

Too bad about Don Randall.

According to Andrew Bolt, who whatever else some may think of him tries to be accurate, Labor have known about the BB chopper business since last October, and were sitting on it in anticipation of getting a pasting at the TURC. That's politics.

Ken Borough 21st Jul 2015 11:02

Not good that anyone should 'pop off' unexpectedly, especially for those near and dear. I wonder if Randall's premature death was from worry about another scandal like this:

Don Randall dodges questions over expense claims for trip to Cairns

RJM 21st Jul 2015 11:04

"MP's funeral cost 'excessive'"

Won't be long...

("Widow denies overspending")

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