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david1300 16th Jul 2015 11:22

A former union organiser was taken into police custody on Thursday after telling a royal commission he had accepted payments of $60,000 from a Canberra formwork contractor.
The commission also heard a recorded phone conversation between Halafihi "Fihi" Kivalu and his wife discussing using "Russians from Sydney" to collect $100,000 in unpaid kickbacks from the same contractor, Elias Taleb.
It was also revealed on Thursday that Kivalu, a former Construction, Forestry, Mining and Electrical Union organiser, had been the ALP Dickson-Morning sub-branch president at the time he was allegedly engaging in corrupt behaviour.
Mr Taleb had allegedly agreed to pay money in exchange for Mr Kivalu's help in obtaining work on ACT commercial building sites.
Mr Kivalu had denied he had solicited and pocketed tens of thousands of dollars in bribes only to have counsel assisting the royal commission, Jeremy Stoljar, play the tapes.
Mr Stoljar put it to Mr Kivalu they showed he was giving false evidence under oath.
Mr Kivalu denied this, saying the phone calls had been part of an elaborate ruse to "pay back" Mr Taleb who, he said, had been blackmailing him.
Shortly after finishing his testimony, Mr Kivalu was taken into custody at a legal office in Civic by Australian Federal Police.

Read more: Ex-CFMEU organiser Halafihi Kivalu arrested after damning tapes played at commission

Managed Descent 16th Jul 2015 12:51

I'm a racist as well MTOW. When I see how well the Greeks and Italians in my childhood home had integrated I could weep over what we have now.
Pauline Hanson was hastily despatched under the racism hysteria but there was more. I believe she threatened the cushy number that parliament had organised for itself, so had to go. Her maiden speech is on line. I commend it.

Hempy 16th Jul 2015 13:04

How Abbott ruined One Nation

Abbotts Slush fund to ruin One Nation

Then he stole her policies...

SOPS 16th Jul 2015 13:07

I hope not...but we may have a suicide bomber with a hostage in Bunbury, Western Australia, as we speak.

oicur12.again 16th Jul 2015 14:54

“demanding that the established culture and norms here change…..”

Again, who is trying to force this change? The people you fear make up less than 1% of Australia. They have no power in Canberra at all, they have no political sway and yet you think they are going take away your “freedoms” and impact your “cultural norms”.

Managed Descent 16th Jul 2015 15:34

Mr again, they may only be 1% of the population but their influence on society is reflected far beyond their numbers. I live in the UK and the numbers are frightening. London's most numerous registered name is Mohammed. A big drain on the NHS as well. Lots of first cousins marrying.

megan 16th Jul 2015 20:15

they have no political sway
You wanna bet? In the suburbs where they predominate who do you think a politician listens to - if s/he wants their vote.

MTOW 16th Jul 2015 23:37

The people you fear make up less than 1% of Australia. They have no power in Canberra at all, they have no political sway
oic, you say yourself that you're not currently living in Australia, so how in the world can you feel that you can make a comment like that if you don't live here? In four or more Federal and State seats in Sydney's western suburbs, (some of which are fast approaching becoming Islamic ghettos), the Muslim 'vote' is in excess of 20% - and politically speaking, it's a very 'noisy' (some would say 'canny') 20%.

And I can assure you that the politicians in Canberra and Macquarie St - on both sides of politics - are fine-tuning their attitudes and comments to keep that 20% happy, for at both the State and Federal level, those four or five seats are all-important in deciding which Party wins government. (Watch Tony Abbott bend over backwards to avoid mentioning the 'M' or the 'I' word after any terrorist attack, and as for 'our' ABC's (un)reporting of any such incident...)

Mike Baird, the Liberal Premier of NSW, is today attending - and making a speech - at an Eid celebration in SW Sydney (celebrating the end of Ramadan). I don't recall seeing him - or any other politician - supplanting George Pell's replacement on the pulpit at St Pat's or St Andrews, the Anglican equivalent. (At the same time, a similar celebration organised by the Australian Federal Police in Sydney to promote understanding was cancelled after Islamic leaders refused to attend it.)

In short, not to put too fine a point to it, you're utterly wrong in what you say.

Dark Knight 17th Jul 2015 02:08

Chuboy: have you actually read Pauline Hansons first speech to Parliament which is the one where she was first accused of racism?

The media dammed her then and forever afterwards.

I suggest if you have not read it please do or, have a reread of it then come back and tell us if you still consider her racist.

MTOW 17th Jul 2015 03:13

I think Pauline Hanson's maiden speech will be seen by some (but by no means by all) in the future as Australia's very own 'Rivers of Blood' speech.

Reading the whole speech, I think most would agree that it's relatively mild, and to date, time has shown that a far more deserving migrant group for her ire has emerged rather than the one she chose as her target back then (who, apart from a rather active group involved in drugs and organised crime*, have proven themselves to be exemplary additions to our society).

* Something common to every new migrant group - refer to the recent disclosures on 4 Corners about the Italian Mafia in Australia.

In much the same way as it did with Enoch Powell's speech, the media (along with the professionally outraged) latched on to and isolated one sentence that when read in context with the rest of the speech, does not come across nearly as bad as it sounds in isolation.

I hasten to conclude that Pauline Hanson's speech comes a far distant second to Enoch Powell's speech. And Pauline Hanson was doomed the moment the crazies attached themselves to her Party. As, I fear, will any breakaway conservative party that attempts to form itself in opposition to the Liberals in the immediate future.

parabellum 17th Jul 2015 04:28

Again, who is trying to force this change? The people you fear make up less than 1% of Australia. They have no power in Canberra at all, they have no political sway and yet you think they are going take away your “freedoms” and impact your “cultural norms”.
If just 1% of the population, congregated within the inner city of, say, three cities, choose to ignore any laws and norms that don't suit them, secure in the knowledge that if they are taken to court they can lie and cheat their way out of it with impunity and the help of a crooked lawyer who shares their views then the effect on the law abiding, conforming population can be immense and they naturally react with righteous indignation, only to be pilloried by the left leaning media.

SOPS 17th Jul 2015 05:45

Well said Para:ok:

SOPS 17th Jul 2015 06:07

And here we have an example of some one following our cultural norms, and marrying off his 12 year old daughter.

NSW Muslim convert who married off 12-year-old daughter is jailed for six years* | Daily Mail Online

Come on Sarah, tell us how it all ok.

But wait....there is more.....


Hempy 17th Jul 2015 06:09

What percentage of the 1% 'choose to ignore any laws and norms'? :rolleyes:

p.s SOPS, how did his 'impunity', 'lying and cheating' and 'crooked lawyer' go in that circumstance?

Worrals in the wilds 17th Jul 2015 11:10

You wanna bet? In the suburbs where they predominate who do you think a politician listens to - if s/he wants their vote.
A few years ago, then yes I'd agree with you absolutely re political influence. In these post IS/ Lindt Coffee shop times I think that influence has withered on the vine.

Prior to that, politically the few seats had some sway against the majority (particularly in NSW and Victoria) but they were always a few seats, as opposed to the majority seats that were fairly apathetic. The majority seats are no longer apathetic, not by a long shot. This makes appeasing a few seats far less politically attractive. IMO pandering to the minority in the minority seats was never politically attractive and did Labor a lot of long-term damage, but that was the way they called it. Unfortunately the system pushes pollies towards short-term gains, particlularly now so many federal MPs (from both sides, but particuarly Ministers) have become allergic to getting out in the field and talking to real people (which can be embarassing and confronting), preferring instead to listen to staffers, focus groups and assorted hangers-on who tell them what they like to hear.

In a post IS/Lindt siege Australia there is no political advantage to winning a handful of inner city seats in Sydney and Melbourne if the tactics alienate voters in all the other seats. This definitely applies at the federal level, and probably at a state level now the amount of former pork-barrelling in those seats has been exposed. In the current climate I see no political advantage for either major party to pander to a handful of seats at the expense of a big wad of other seats that aren't particularly effnick and didn't appreciate the pandering even before the shit started to float.

Apart from the Greens (who have their own micro-barrel to push, which has won them a micro level of seats although since losing the balance of power they still punch above their weight wrt media white noise :bored:), politically it's been pretty quiet on the effnick front. Sure there are outliers (generally the MPs in those seats), but at a party level it's been vewwy vewwy quiet. :suspect::} Recently, even Labor have been content to run a fairly timid 'rule of law, one rule for all' line, and that's only when pushed for comment. It's not 2013 any more.
EDIT; good news about the jail sentence. May there be more of them as required.

MTOW 17th Jul 2015 12:51

I don't think Tanya Pill-berserk has got your message about post IS/Lindt siege Australia , Worrals. She's having to do exactly what you say Labor no longer needs to do to try to maintain her seat. Unless she goes as far left as she dares, (not that she seems to need any encouragement to do that), she's at some risk of losing her seat to the Greens. And she knows it.

How wonderfully kismet it would be to se Labor put Tanya up as their new leader and then have her 'do "a Howard"' and lose her seat.

SOPS 17th Jul 2015 13:21

As I'm not a follower of the left side of politics...what seat does Tanya hold?

Worrals in the wilds 17th Jul 2015 13:51

How wonderfully kismet it would be to se Labor put Tanya up as their new leader
I don't see that happening. Of course I've been wrong before...:} However, Pilbersek's family situation makes it difficult to see her as a Labor leader/potential PM, even if she were the best option. Has it been raised? (and wishful thinking/rampant speculation by the Murdoch commentary gang doesn't count:rolleyes:).
AFAIK she's never publicly aspired to be leader, any more than Julie Bishop has. The MSM can run all the speculative opinion pieces they like (gotta fill those pages, the advertisers certainly don't :E) but so far she hasn't thrown her hat in the ring. Albo is the only declared opposition to the opposition leader at this stage.

As for a Greens challenge, it's not my backyard, but whatever the turf it takes a lot of oomph to roll a senior shadow minister who's on telly a lot, particularly if you're a small-time leftie party candidate seeking to roll a a popular leftie shadow minister. If the Greens ran a high profile candidate against her then maybe, but again... is that on the cards?

As I'm not a follower of the left side of politics...what seat does Tanya hold?
Sydney. :8
Tanya Plibersek ? Federal Member for Sydney

SOPS 17th Jul 2015 15:30

Next question...what is her family situation?

Saltie 17th Jul 2015 22:36

Her husband, now a senior state bureaucrat, has, shall we say, a 'colourful past'. One that would prevent him accompanying her to many countries overseas, including the USA.

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