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MTOW 30th Jun 2015 05:34

Worrals, I suppose we'll get some indication of whether I'm being unfair at the upcoming Labor conference. (Although I suspect that even the craziest of the lefties will keep that particular issue under the table for now, for surely, even they, in their la-la leftie land - (unlike Tony Jones and those paragons of moral virtue in the EhBC) - might have got the hint by now that, like you say, most Australians don't have any sympathy at all for the Sharrouf family.)

As for the older Sharrouf's daughter's marital state, the Muslims (particularly the Shia), have a clever little marriage contract going by the name of Mut’a. It allows a pious Muslim male to have sex with a woman, even a stranger, and remain totally within the most narrow strictures of the Quran - i.e., he can pick up a hooker, 'marry' her under a Mut’a contract, have a bonk and then divorce her - three claps and Bob's yer uncle, 'marriage' over. I think the time period for the marriage can even be agreed upon before the fact, so they don't even have to go through the divorce process, as when the marriage falls void is already agreed upon beforehand.

And he can do the same a half hour later with another female if the Viagra supply is plentiful. This is how the ISIS fighters come to say that they are marrying the sex slaves they take and then rape rather than admit they're simply raping them.

The very fact that anyone believes that any divine being of any name would think this is in fact remaining within the rules set by any holy book is, shall we say, 'debatable'.

But it's all a matter of interpretation, donchaknow, and Islamic clerics are expert and coming up with sometimes extraordinary interpretations that will make their masters happy.

Of course, it's not quite so simple for the female if she's Muslim and wants to stay within 'the rools'. She has to wait two months before she's allowed to enter into a second Mut’a marriage.

parabellum 30th Jun 2015 07:39

I worked with a fellow in the ME who had done a couple of tours in NI. He said it was quite weird in that they (the Brits) knew exactly who the PIRA leadership were and recognised them going about their normal lives on the street, but were unable to touch them because they (the Brits) had to stay within the law.
MTOW - Remember the 'B Specials'? They knew everyone, where they lived and what they were up to, so the IRA got them disbanded!

bosnich71 30th Jun 2015 07:56

Seems that Hockey has just put a few quid his bank thanks to Fairfax being silly and lax with their headlines.

Takan Inchovit 30th Jun 2015 09:30

I reckon Hockey should put it into charities (in Australia).

megan 30th Jun 2015 10:37

Hockey will be lucky to see five cents, lawyers fees will swallow the vast majority.

bosnich71 30th Jun 2015 12:24

If the pay out from Fairfax, small as it may well be, means that we are nearer the demise of the "Age" then it is a happy day. I'll miss the Sunday edition though for the crossword and the letters page, always good for a laugh.

RJM 30th Jun 2015 13:48

I'm not sure if another site can be advertised here, but Michael Smith's site michaelsmithnews.com is an eye opener regarding the doings of certain unions and their hangers on (eg the sisters, wives etc of the miscreants). Smith details the progress of the TURC and other tribunals. They're all in it up to their armpits, lying, forgetting things and generally denying that the money flows around like a golden river.

Stanwell 30th Jun 2015 18:06

IMHO, the Hockey judgement was correct.

The interesting thing is that Joe asserted that he was mis-reported in the actual article.
After due deliberation, the court found otherwise.

What are you doing, Joe - a tag-team act with Tony to see who's got the bigger mouth... Size 11 or 12?

MTOW 30th Jun 2015 22:14

Two points about the Hockey finding. It wasn't the article that he won on, but the posters showing the headline 'Treasurer for Sale' (for which he was awarded $120,000) and the two twitter messages (for which he will get $80,000). The article itself was deemed to be accurate and fair.

The court has not yet decided who will pay the costs. It will be interesting to see which way they go. If Fairfax has to pay, their bill will almost certainly be more than double the 200k fine. If Joe has to pay - even just his own lawyers - I suspect he'll be out of pocket, even after receiving his 200k from Fairfax.

As usual in such cases, the only sure winners are the lawyers.

PinkusDickus 30th Jun 2015 23:13

Can you guess which one's the lawyer?


Flying Binghi 30th Jun 2015 23:31

ah suppose with out them lawyers it'd be pistols at 20 paces. One body, one winner...

The feeling of space under ones wings..;)

Worrals in the wilds 30th Jun 2015 23:45

Out of interest, who paid for the lawyers? Was it Hockey or the party?
126 page judgement, Yay :zzz:. Even the seminal Engineers' Case only ran to 49 pages. We live in a pontificating age. :}
Hockey v Fairfax Media Publications Pty Limited [2015] FCA 652

RJM 1st Jul 2015 00:02

I hope it was Hockey. Any proceeds went into his pocket, apparently.

Worrals in the wilds 1st Jul 2015 00:04

Fair enough, then he problably ran it and wore the risk.

david1300 1st Jul 2015 00:39

Just when I think that I've heard it all about union corruption/corrupt practices of union officials, I manage to get surprised again by new twists and turns. What saddens me even more is that it's from this pool of seemingly total lack of morality and accountability that the Labor Party draws many of it's current and future politicians; and how beholden the ALP is to the union leaders pulling the strings behind (and sometimes in front) of the scenes :sad:

Controversial unionist Kathy Jackson declares bankruptcy throwing trial into doubt

Controversial unionist Kathy Jackson has declared she is bankrupt on the first day of a two-week trial for her alleged misuse of more than $1.4 million.

The former Health Services Union national secretary is being sued by the union, accused of having wrongfully spent HSU funds on personal expenses including designer clothes, overseas holidays, dinners and other indulgences.

She also allegedly used union money on exercise equipment, mortgage repayments and contributions to a divorce settlement.

But Ms Jackson's lawyers, appearing via videolink from Sydney, told the Federal Court in Melbourne that she is now an undischarged bankrupt.

The development could prevent the case against Ms Jackson from going ahead.

It comes after Ms Jackson last week launched an extraordinary bid to stop the proceedings by arguing they were part of a revenge conspiracy masterminded by senior Labor Party and union leaders to "destroy" her for whistleblowing on disgraced former MP Craig Thomson.

Ms Jackson shot to prominence as a whistleblower on corruption with in the HSU involving former national president Michael Williamson, who is now in jail, and Mr Thomson.

But she has come under scrutiny for her own conduct, with the union launching a large-scale lawsuit to retrieve money the union claims she misappropriated.

Ms Jackson is also currently being investigated by police for alleged criminal theft and fraud.

In a recent defence statement, Ms Jackson says vouchers supporting each credit card expense were handed over to the union branch bookkeeper and submitted for approval.

Ms Jackson maintains that all expenses relating to retail, food and alcohol, entertainment and fitness were work-related, and claims that in a 2002 pay review she traded off a salary increase for a "substantial travel entitlement".

RJM 1st Jul 2015 03:56

submitted for approval
I wonder who had the job of approving Kathy Jackson's expenditure, and what their price was.

410 1st Jul 2015 03:59

Apologies if some see this as thread drift, but it is aviation related, and I think it did touch on Australian politics when it occurred. I'm referring to Alan Joyce's grounding of Qantas a couple of years ago come October. Qantas is apparently moving heaven and earth to stop Joyce's speech writer (!), who was paid $165k a year for that part time job (which might help explain in part why Qantas is struggling to stay in the black) from publishing a book about those eventful times.

I saw the message below on Leftie Central Crikey's website, and I have to say, I think Mr Skinner might be pretty close to the money.

Mark Skinner

Posted June 24, 2015 at 3:55 pm | Permalink

Call me a cynic if you like, but this sounds suspiciously like one of those “as told to” autobiographies. You know “Alan Joyce – Fighting Words” as told to…

Nobody would bother to buy a normal autobiography from AJ. However, released this way, with enough controversy kindly provided by Qantas, it might just sell and put the cherry on top of his retirement cake.

As for stopping the release? Please? Publish on Amazon in the US. Try and stop that. Ha!

Sounds like a publicity stunt to me.

SOPS 2nd Jul 2015 06:28

Man accused of recruiting Australians to fight with IS allowed to live in Sydney mosque during Ramadan - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Is it just me? Does anyone else think this is mad?

RJM 2nd Jul 2015 07:43

It's mad. Too bad we can't suggest he recruits himself and p*ss him off to Syria.

MTOW 2nd Jul 2015 08:15

SOPS, as someone who lived in the Middle East for 20 years, I can assure you that the people from that part of the world utterly despise our authorities - and our legal system - for displaying what they see as craven weakness. In the Arab world, if you are in a position to wield power, you wield it - to the fullest extent you can.

The Arabs who have moved here cannot believe that our legal system bends over to accommodate them - and whenever it does, they promptly tighten the ratchet one cog more. And when they achieve that, they push and squeeze and demand until that ratchet clicks yet again. And then... 'click' - again. And again. And again.

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