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Pinky the pilot 27th Jun 2015 09:15

but what is the likelihood in Australia?
Worrals; I really hope for everyone`s sake that those words do not come back to bite you on the bum!
Or in other words I hope that some lunatic jihadist never succeeds in carrying out a major terror attack in Australia.

Australia Will Be Next and 2. one in twenty immigrants is a jihadist. Now maybe he's written a PhD on the subject and has oodles of evidence to back up those two very sweeping and scary statements, but if he does it sure wasn't mentioned.
Maybe he's actually pulled them out of the Book of Inflammatory Phrases that's issued to every 'expert' who appears on the morning breakfast programmes.
Agreed re your comment of the `expert.`:hmm: However, playing devil`s advocate here; What if there is some slight truths to the statements?

I know one thing though; I would never ever rely on a typical beat Copper in South Australia to protect me with his (or her) issued sidearm, knowing just how well trained and profficient they are in the use of those firearms!:rolleyes:

Worrals in the wilds 27th Jun 2015 09:29

At least they carry a side-arm, that's more than they do in the UK (unless it's changed)?

Worrals; I really hope for everyone`s sake that those words do not come back to bite you on the bum!
I didn't say it wouldn't happen. I hope it won't happen but I'm not naive enough to think it can't happen. However, given the number of fatal house fires, car accidents, horrible murders/manslaughters and other newsworthy events in Australia this year I think it's important to remember that while some people are really unlucky to be in the wrong place at the wrong time :sad:, heart disease, cancer and car accidents are statistically more likely to end up in the 'cause of death' box on your death certificate.

The same thing happens every time there's a random murder; the media jumps in and maximises their returns by making everyone scared and miserable. While they may have a point, it's invariably whipped up into a fervour. It doesn't matter that the murder rate is falling, or that most people who are murdered know their attacker; the randoms are much better press, so we hear lots more about them than the more frequent 'ten drinks then have a dispute over money/partner/something dumb' murders that are much more prevalent, and therefore a greater risk to the community.

Frankly the worst ones will be well planned and where their least expected.
So far (and long may it last) the planning has been pretty amateur. Today's Australian devoted a lot of pages to the two Australian jihadists (some of it very interesting, and I'd recommend this weekend's edition to anyone who doesn't regularly get The Weekend Tory Bugle :\, just skim past the Tory bits :}). They come across as a pair of complete bozos. Again, long may it be bozos rather than people who know what they're doing; so far it does seem to be bozos.

bosnich71 27th Jun 2015 10:10

The thoughts of some on here that the chances of being slaughtered by an Islamic nutter are relatively low are probably correct. Having lived in Britain for a fair amount of the time that various Irish blokes were busy blowing up parts of the landscape ....including two pubs that I frequented at the time.....I ,like most ,didn't dwell too much on worrying about my health.However, I do feel that the present problem is not about being killed by the latest lot of terrorists but more a case of being taken over by them whether by stealth or more directly by subjugation. after all the Irish were only interested in their own country and it's freedoms and not in taking over the world as do the blokes from the sandy areas seem to be. Or have I got their aims completely A... about face.

Hempy 27th Jun 2015 10:35

bosnich, I consider myself reasonably pragmatic. There is no doubt that a 'threat' exists, just like the Communist threat, or the IRA threat, or the Jewish threat, or the (insert fear here) threat.

It's a matter of degree. ISIS (or whatever they call themselves these days) are the 'flavour of the month'. For lots of reasons.

How many Australians were Nazi sympatisers during WW2? How many Australians were Communists during the Cold War? How many Australians support ISIL? It all adds up to the same thing. Disaffected nutbags will look for a cause, whatever it is, wherever it is. It's a fringe.

Does that mean we all have to jump at shadows and hide under our beds or start acting like it's WW3? You can, if you like, as can SOPS and Pinky and rh and the rest of the right wing 'must have someone to hate' fringe. Play their game - each to their own.

Personally I'm with Worrrals, if we live in fear they've already won.

parabellum 27th Jun 2015 10:56

Of course they can say that, your contract can say anything. Whether it is legally binding is up for argument in the courts and depends on the laws of the land which are set by the government, ostensibly the "better man"
Chuboy, provided it doesn't contravene the law of the land then the law of contract prevails, the employer presents a contract and you sign it.
I'm sure there is no law in Australia that says a company's information can be publicised, at will, by employees and they are immune from contractual action, i.e. dismissal, if that is the stated punishment.

RJM 27th Jun 2015 11:35

alisoncc and others:

Worldwide deaths by terrorism since the beginning of Ramadan (9 days ago):

In the name of Islam: 87 attacks, 18 suicide bombings, 672 deaths, 695 injured

In the name of any other religion: 0 attacks, 0 suicide bombings, 0 deaths, 0 injured

By way of Anti-Muslim hate crime: 0 attacks, 0 suicide bombings, 0 deaths, 0 injured

Source: The Religion of Peace

Sure, The Religion of Peace is an anti-Islamic website, but its figures are invariably corroborated by local media in the places concerned.

These figures should concern everyone, because:

"Any man's death diminishes me,
Because I am involved in mankind"
- John Donne

And for more practical reasons of policy and security. Any of us could be on a bus, or in a restaurant, or at work, and become a victim of random Islamic violence. The chances of it happening are irrelevant. The fact that it is happening, and to significant numbers of people, is relevant.

It's not just the deaths. either. It's the demands that we change our way of life to accommodate people who have no time for us.

MTOW 27th Jun 2015 12:21

Given the comments from some here in the most recent posts, this comment from 'Mike of the Shire' on Larry Pickering's blog might be considered pertinent (by some - if not those who assure us there's nothing to worry about).

Never have a people embraced their political and cultural demise with such complacency as the dimwitted denizens of Europe, North America and Australia.

alisoncc 27th Jun 2015 12:24

In the name of Islam: 87 attacks, 18 suicide bombings, 672 deaths, 695 injured
But how many were "green on green", as in muslims killing other muslims. If you were to compare numbers pro-rata populations to the Northern Irish catholics to Northern Irish protestants, is it any worse? I suspect not.

Still see no reason to panic. Being killed by a terrrorist in Australia is probably as likely as being run over by the proverbial bus. Not often enough to warrant any anxiety attacks.

RJM 27th Jun 2015 12:41

Green on green...

That's an excellent point, alison, and it would be interesting to see the figures broken down to show 'deaths of Westerners'. I suspect that the vast majority of the deaths are of Muslims killed by Muslims, and that's another matter. Still, and I hesitate to mention the Nazis in this connection, while Germany was 'only invading the Ruhr etc, the future Allies didn't act.

I also agree that the chances of any individual in the West being a victim of this is very remote, but the precautions Western governments are obliged to take, by themselves, are a big enough drain on resources and time to be a concern.

So while we should not be alarmed for our personal safety, the issue as a whole is significant for its current costs and for the possible effects on our future way of life.

SOPS 27th Jun 2015 15:52

I'm worried that Hempy thinks I am a right wing fringe that needs something to hate. All I am is concerned for the future of my country.

Takan Inchovit 27th Jun 2015 21:05

Personally I'm with Worrrals, if we live in fear they've already won.
Complacency means they will win, history reinforces this over and over again? It seems like the new generations have no clue about the past, sort of like a collective amnesia.

Pinky the pilot 28th Jun 2015 08:31

I'm worried that Hempy thinks I am a right wing fringe that needs something to hate. All I am is concerned for the future of my country.
Likewise. Hempy; I don`t hate anyone or anything! Hatred eventually consumes the hater!!
And I have no intention of becoming known amongst my circle of friends and acqaintances as a bitter, twisted and miserable old bastard!:=

It seems like the new generations have no clue about the past, sort of like a collective amnesia.
The old saying Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it springs to mind.:hmm:

CoodaShooda 28th Jun 2015 09:14

The last couple of generations have not been taught history in any meaningful way.

So they certainly can't learn from it. :ugh:

Hempy 28th Jun 2015 09:36

If the cap fits..

Btw, what history do you speak of? Kristallnacht?

MTOW 28th Jun 2015 10:13

Hempy, I think there are quite a few here who really hope you (and therefore all of us) never find yourself in a situation where that smugness you display here is ever wiped from your face, because if ever it is, it will be very, very ugly - for you and for us all.

I for one fear that the day might very well come - and sooner than certainly you think.

Hempy 28th Jun 2015 10:48

fear all you like champ. The complex counts on it :rolleyes:

bosnich71 28th Jun 2015 11:36

MTOW...Anyone who uses rhetoric such as Kristalnacht to rubbish someone's quite reasonable concerns is best ignored.

Hempy 28th Jun 2015 11:43

Godwin really has created a useful "hold-all" for deniers, hasn't he.

What's the difference between Berlin 1935 and Australia (i.e the great ole US of A) in 2015? The propaganda seems pretty similar..

Do explain.

CoodaShooda 28th Jun 2015 11:53

Actually, Kristallnicht is an appropriate example.

A member of my family graduated from high school in 1972, 27 years after the end of WW2. Despite being dux of the school and going on to a successful career in law, she graduated from high school not knowing which countries had been on which sides during the war nor, indeed, which side had won.

For my part, my knowledge of the conflict was gleaned from reading outside school, not from the curriculum.

I have since had three children go through what passes for a modern education. None have learned any history of value. Indeed, none of them have had any interest in history fostered by any of their teachers. The same can be said of their friends.

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