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Eddie Dean 16th Jun 2015 09:00

Pinky, in fact it was brought up just before the execution, that a Judge had asked for a bribe. God knows why they did not pay it.

Worrals in the wilds 16th Jun 2015 09:05

How are ya BTW?:D
Not too shabby thanks, hope you're well! :)

I have on occasion wondered if the two recently executed persons in Indonesia had offered an `appropriate` amount at an early opportunity whether or not they would still be alive!
I've also heard that theory from people who've worked up there, and also wrt Our Schapelle :rolleyes:. Who knows, I guess. What they did do wrong (as reported by the press both then and leading up to their execution) was carry-on and swagger throughout the initial trial. And the local politics changed. Lots of factors that we've all hashed over a few times already, though no offence meant of course.

Did you just invoke the Goodwin Law?
I don't think so; he didn't actually compare any poster to the Big H. :E:} Thanks for reminding me about Engels, it's been a while since I read his stuff. His description of Industrial Britain is great for putting all our modern 'woes' into perspective.

Eww, Pyne's just bobbed up on the Project. Must Vacate Building Quickly and Quietly...:ugh:

parabellum 16th Jun 2015 09:10

Just don't expect everyone to 'march to the drum'...some of us are capable of independent thought rather than falling for hyped up propaganda.
Sad fact is, Hempy, there is little or no evidence of that on this forum. For a start, I give you Ethel.

____________________________________________________________ _

As part of the submission to the Indonesian president the fact that money had been requested but was not available was included. No idea how much would be involved but it wasn't forthcoming.

Worrals in the wilds 16th Jun 2015 09:23

Everyone falls for hyped up propaganda from time to time; it's carefully designed that way. Remember when the ABC did a political compass quizz a few years ago, and we all scored more or less the same? :\

I think we have a fair mix of posters here, which is good because it keeps it interesting. :ok: Most reasonable people who aren't zealots are conservative on some issues and progressive on others. The two major parties find this within their memberships (and more importantly amongst the swinging voters :eek:) and have to juggle accordingly. The gay marriage issue is a classic example of this; some so-called conservatives are a whole lot more supportive than other so-called progressives, and that's just within Parliament.

Society opinion (and therefore politics) is not nearly as divisive, stupid or black and white as the MSM's lazy megaphone commentators would like everyone to believe. IMO that's one of the reasons they've gotten so lousy at predicting election results.

SOPS 16th Jun 2015 09:26

Hey Para, I will see your Ethyl and raise you Two Dads.:E

Hempy 16th Jun 2015 10:06

Pretty irrelevant tbh, unless SHY posts on here anonymously. I doubt it though, apart from Senators Heffernon, Gallagher and Xenophon, I doubt there's a politician that knows one end of an aeroplane from another..

Worrals in the wilds 16th Jun 2015 10:09

They all know which end Business class is in, and where to find the Chairman's Club. :ugh::ugh:

...and raise you Two Dads.:E
Have an Abbott. No please, do; with salt and extra garlic. Nasty, devisive, negative, fear-mongering, arrogant, smart-arssed self-entitled ignorant POS... And again, I voted for Howard's government several times over. I'm not rabidly anti-Liberal and I don't actually mind the majority of the front bench. Abbott and Hockey, however...

Eddie Dean 16th Jun 2015 10:11

SHY may not know much about aeroplanes, but she sure knows about patrol boats

Hempy 16th Jun 2015 10:12

Worrals, I humbly stand corrected :sad:

Worrals in the wilds 16th Jun 2015 10:45

Worrals, I humbly stand corrected :sad:
No worries. I am what I am. Partisan these days; but it's been a journey. I eventually picked a side after seeing the (now former) Queensland LNP government go 100% berko in a power crazed frenzy. Watching the current federal government, I see parallels. For all that, I'll not pretend to be a life-long leftie; firstly it would be untrue, and secondly I have enough archived posts on here to prove otherwise :} (as has been previously pointed out).

Alexander Pope, writing in 1733; 'In moderation, placing all my glory, while tories call me whig, and whigs a tory.' :E:E:cool:
Satires, Epistles, and Odes of Horace Imitated. The First Satire of the Second Book of Horace. Satires. Alexander Pope. 1903. Complete Poetical Works
Nothing changes.

Pinky the pilot 16th Jun 2015 11:19

I will see your Ethyl and raise you Two Dads.
I fold!!:uhoh::*

Have an Abbott. No please, do; with salt and extra garlic. Nasty, devisive, negative, fear-mongering, arrogant, smart-arssed self-entitled ignorant POS
As someone who has never voted labor and probably never will, I will sadly have to agree with about 90% of the above quoted observation.

I really think he just has NFI of how the majority (read real world) thinks!

However, is there a viable and realistic replacement?:confused:

Worrals; I love you!:ooh: For your mind of course.:D;)

Hempy 16th Jun 2015 11:49

You agree 90% but you still won't ever change your vote. Says it all..

Originally Posted by Pinky the pilot
However, is there a viable and realistic replacement

As much as he gets bashed, Turnbull seems the only 'moderate' option. If it's Christopher Pyne I'll be moving to New Zealand.

Pinky the pilot 16th Jun 2015 12:06

You agree 90% but you still won't ever change your vote. Says it all..
I said probably never Hempy!! And yes, that will apply until and unless Labor get it into their thick heads that..

You cannot spend more money than you earn.

There is such a thing as being paid too much money for doing a normal job. ie Employers do not have bottomless pits of money to pay employees.

Not everyone who declares themselves to be a `refugee` is really one.

And that there are certain legal and proper ways to enter this country. Buying a place on a leaky boat and throwing your documents overboard once on the boat is not one of them!

Nuff said?:ugh:

SOPS 16th Jun 2015 12:09

Worrals, while I might disagree about some of your points about Tony Abbott, are you suggesting Shorten is a better alternative?

Personally ( hard hat is on) I would like Scott Morrisson as PM. But that's just me.

SOPS 16th Jun 2015 12:19

Can't agree enough with you Pinky. Those that come by legal means may be allowed a place in our country, as long as they make an effort to fit in. And my local Vietnameese freind that owns the resturant has. He drops in to our house for a beer on Sunday's. Our local green grocer has, he supports the local foot ball team as did his father and grandfather. How do I know this, our family has owned the shop next to his since 1931. We are all of the same community.

It seems to me, those that arrive in illegal leaking boats, have no intention to fit in, just go on a welfare gravy ride, and in some cases, plot to kill us. And in many cases, expect us to adopt to their rules. Sorry, if you don't like what you have here, hop on the next plane to Saudia Arabia.

bosnich71 16th Jun 2015 23:20

" nasty, divisive, negative, fear mongering, smart arssed, self entitled ignorant POS".
Crikey, Worrals,for a moment then I thought you'd seen the light and was referring to Gillard.

chuboy 16th Jun 2015 23:26

Worrals, while I might disagree about some of your points about Tony Abbott, are you suggesting Shorten is a better alternative?
It's not a one or the other. Personally I think neither leader is a suitable candidate, in fact I actually prefer Abbott to Shorten because Abbott at least speaks his mind (which is part of the problem but at least he puts it out there). I don't trust what Shorten has to say at all. It's a rather desperate situation in my view. Although I don't wholly agree with the Greens on many, if any of their policies (I work in the energy industry to start with - and not the renewable kind), I do think of our three party leaders I would prefer Richard di Natale as PM, based purely on the way he conducts himself as a politician and represents Australia.

If you don't spend much time on "social media" ;), it's difficult to appreciate the new world politicians live in, where a gaffe is not quickly forgotten by the "goldfish-like memory of the populace". Rather it is preserved permanently in the form of its original, easily searchable quote in a news article - and then turned into a meme which will be circulated ad nauseum until the next election. Relying on most people to forget what politicians said doesn't work anymore. All but the most stubborn Luddites use the internet every day and the platform is there for anyone to use to influence people's political views.

Therein lies the problem for Tony. In your own circles, people may not have a problem with him. But I can assure you that amongst the Gen Ys (almost all of which are now old enough to vote mind you, and primarily the creators of the "content" you see on the internet), he is considered our very own George W. Bush - even by people who are not particularly left wing. :eek:

Techno-savvy whiz-kids control the narrative that people see on their Facebook page, and not many of them are sympathetic to outbursts like "I think wind turbines are a blight on our landscape". The fact that the quote was made in the context of a 2GB interview, where the audience were all rabid right-wingers ready to be riled up at the slightest suggestion we deviate from the way things were always done, is irrelevant. It was mere hours before someone had collated a collection of side-by-side photographs of wind turbines vs open cut coal mines, the pictures were spread on the internet and it was another own goal for the Coalition.

I think Turnbull stood a chance of appealing to the whiz kids as leader, until he crippled the rollout of next-gen broadband. They won't have a bar of him now. Julie Bishop or Scott Morrison are the only other choices left, but one way or the other Joe Hockey and Tony Abbott are just 100% toxic to the Coalition's image now so until both of them go they are a sinking ship as far as voters who read the internet rather than the newspaper are concerned.

bosnich: I'm so terribly sorry for disappointing you all those times I never got around to addressing your replies, if ever. I do honestly only get a chance to write a post here once every day or two, and by the time the next opportunity comes around the topic of conversation has usually moved on and people have grown bored of discussing whatever it was I had posted about yesterday :zzz:

Not that there is ultimately any point in posting anything in this echo chamber of a thread - I am not aware of a time when any person here has changed their view, not even after reading a considered and thoughtfully-composed expression of opinion to the contrary :}

Saltie 17th Jun 2015 00:49

Chuboy, you're certainly right about the younguns seeing T A as poison. The drip drip AbbottbadAbbottbad technique the Left have used on FM radio and social media has been incredibly effective.

SOPS 17th Jun 2015 01:45

I know it's been very effective on my kids. And they are all in their 20s

SOPS 17th Jun 2015 02:37

Imagine if this story was about Tony Abbott iso Bill Shorten, there would be a feeding frenzy going on.

The Killing Season: Labor MPs support leader Bill Shorten after claim he can't be trusted - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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