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SOPS 12th Jun 2015 10:39

Two Dads has to remain in a constant state of outrage. That is her reason for being. She would be outraged if her latte was empty.

I bet she would be really outraged if she actually had to weave some sandals and house a few country shoppers in her own house!

SOPS 12th Jun 2015 10:45

You are right Hempy, I am wrong. 50000 country shoppers rolling up in illegal boats cost the country nothing to administer. Silly me to think otherwise.

An article from around two years ago when labour was still in power, with their excellent border policies in place......


chuboy 13th Jun 2015 01:49

How to become rich:

1. Take the life savings of asylum seekers, promising to deliver them to the Australian mainland.
2. Spend as little as possible on the boat.
3. Begin voyage, be intercepted by Australian navy.
4. Take cash from Australian government, return to Indonesia.
5. Repeat as required.

parabellum 13th Jun 2015 02:08

Just one flaw there Chuboy, the smugglers take the big bucks and stay onshore, they then find out of luck inshore fishermen with leaky boats and promise them a very small amount of the total fees charged of the illegals. The crew of the boat are not the smugglers. But here's a thought, $5000 each to a couple of fishermen is enough to enable them to buy a lovely new boat and return to safe fishing!

The suggestion by SHY and her cohorts that paying the crew to return to Indonesia is actively participating in people smuggling is nonsense. The cost of protecting the borders and buying serviceable lifeboats to return illegals to Indonesia is not classified as 'participating in people smuggling'.

SOPS 13th Jun 2015 02:28

But SHY and Labor cannot stand the fact that the boats have stopped. They will jump at and down at anything they can find in their mock outrage. Bill needs something to be outraged at to deflect the fact he is going before the Royal Commission. I wonder how many ' I can't recall moments ' he will have?

As far as the ( alleged) payments to boats to turn around...good plan I say. It's cheaper than giving them a new life boat to go back in.

Ken Borough 13th Jun 2015 08:28

the boats have stopped

How do we know that the boats have stopped? As this entire shameful affair is shrouded in so much secrecy, it's clear to me that even Dutton the Dunce doesn't know what is happening. After all, he used to be a plod. With this latest issue on top of Abbott's comments about wind farms and renewable energy as well as bumbling Joe's continued guffaws, I believe that there are many Australians wondering what kind of people we have running the country - kind of makes one want to turn back the clock. Is there any evidence that Abbott and his mob have a moral compass of any kind?

MTOW 13th Jun 2015 08:40

kind of makes one want to turn back the clock.
How far would you like the clock wound back, Ken?

Goldfish and their memory span is a term that comes to my mind as I read your post.

james ozzie 13th Jun 2015 08:41

Paying off smugglers
Human nature being what it is, won't they just keep repeating? Eventually with a boat load of pals pretending to be migrants, in to share the loot?

Meanwhile, on a boat load of "real" migrants - they see the crew taking money and turning back. So what happens next? Murder the crew and chuck'em over the side, after grabbing their cash. Continue voyage.

parabellum 13th Jun 2015 09:20

james ozzie - Mustn't forget that the crew on the boats are not the smugglers, the smugglers have more sense than to get on a leaky boat.

The boat crew are the unfortunate owners of a boat no longer very sea worthy and for what the smugglers pay them are prepared to take it on a one way trip, they know they will lose their boat and maybe spend a spell in prison. These are desperate people, once they have a seaworthy boat they won't be looking for illegals to fill it so that they can promptly lose it. The MSM and the ALP/Green pollies keep referring to the crew as the smugglers, that simply isn't true, they know it but it is more sensational when said like that.

Ken Fortunate that the views you hold are the views of a small minority, plenty may espouse them, it's a party requirement, but the more the ALP and their supporters broadcast them then the more the LNP must be getting things right. :)

Takan Inchovit 13th Jun 2015 10:32

Is there any evidence that Abbott and his mob have a moral compass of any kind?
Quite easily insert political party of choice here!

rh200 13th Jun 2015 15:13

How do we know that the boats have stopped?
They have stopped comming here, thats a start:p

Is there any evidence that Abbott and his mob have a moral compass of any kind?
Yes to save lives, versus the lefts," to have as many die as possible in the so called nobal cause of fleeing persecution". How many have drowned lately?, seems like a perfectly good moral compass to me.

RJM 13th Jun 2015 15:26

Originally Posted by SOPS
Labour's failed border policies cost the taxpayer billions
Care to back that up with facts, or is it just your personal opinion?
$2 billion was the last figure I read, Hempy.

parabellum 14th Jun 2015 04:10

Labour's failed border policies cost the taxpayer billions
Care to back that up with facts, or is it just your personal opinion?
Probably work it out for ourselves Hempy, can't we?

Cost per day to feed a person, $3 breakfast, $7 lunch, $10 Tea/dinner = $20.00 = $1,000,000 per day now, 2015..

Gas and electricity, say $0.50 per person = $25,000, as above.

They started arriving around 2007 and were stopped in 2014, so let us say that is seven years, an average of 25,000 people to be fed etc.

365 x 7 = 2,555 days x $20.50 = $52,377.50x 25,000 =$1,309,437,500

Now that is just food and power, add in medical and clothing, also education for the children and any other legitimate expenses you can think of, like the wages of the people that deal with them, fuel etc. and you will have $2Bn +++++ I would think.
That bill is shared between about 11,000,000 tax payers, personally I can think of better things to do with my money than fund these fraudsters who have deliberately 'lost' their ID etc.

SOPS 14th Jun 2015 04:18

Para...the leftys will never believe your figures. You are making them up. All those poor persecuted people need is a hug and some understanding. They cost the country nothing.:ugh:

RJM 14th Jun 2015 04:23

...and we can go and talk to the nasty people in their countries who have made them want to leave and explain to them that it's nice to be nice.

Fubaar 14th Jun 2015 04:23

Larry Pickering has just published an - if true - truly shocking new article alleging that women were gang raped and then murdered by being thrown overboard on a number of asylum seeker boats during the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd years and that these reports were known by Australian officials at the time but were ignored both by the Australian (Labor) government and (surprise, surprise) Human Rights Commissioner Gillian Triggs. it goes on to say that the suspected perpetrators were quickly moved on (to Australia) rather than have the allegations investigated.

However, don't waste your time attempting to read the article on Pickering's site as the site has been (yet again) hacked and made inaccessible by a person or persons unknown.

This is almost a daily occurrence on Pickering's site.

If this story is true and the MSM fail to pick it up, it speaks volumes about what a one-sided sham our MSM has become. I suppose the important words are "if this story is true". Read the details, (after the hack has been overcome). It will shock even the most cynical among you. If it is true.

RJM 14th Jun 2015 04:25

"I'll call out misogyny wherever I see it." - J Gillard

Fubaar 14th Jun 2015 04:29

Hack overcome. Here's the link:

News - TRIGGS UNDER LABOR - The Pickering Post

SOPS 14th Jun 2015 06:42

Asylum seekers: Opposition warns paid people smuggler claims are damaging relationship with Indonesia - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

'Full court process' before stripping citizenship of suspected terrorists makes sense, Labor immigration spokesman Richard Marles says - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

This guy is a active today. First he doesn't like the ( alleged) paying of the boats to turn around because it's using taxpayers money. How much would it cost the taxpayer if the boats got through?

And he wants to give whack jobs who want to kill us the right to tie up the courts for years, using taxpayer funds no doubt, trying to prove why their citizenship should not be removed.

The loony left, at its best.

Hempy 14th Jun 2015 12:29

Waleed Aly Has Directly Called On Tony Abbott To Confirm Or Deny That Australia?s Paid People Smugglers | Junkee

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