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david1300 21st Mar 2015 05:28

Originally Posted by rh200 (Post 8909833)
...The things the two parties have in common is they both have to regulate their desires to the electric which forces them to modulate their view...

Shocking autocorrect, perhaps :p

rh200 21st Mar 2015 05:36

:{ Faarrrkkk! electorate.:p:p

mickjoebill 21st Mar 2015 10:51

Reports state that Mr Fraser who died following a "short illness" was forming a new political party that would distance Australia from military dependence on USA.

Reminds me of Harold Holt's sudden demise at a time he was reconsidering troop support for the USA's involvement in Vietnam.

There is a conspiracy theory around every corner.
Former Foreign affairs Minister Bob Carr noted today that Fraser was very concerned of Australia being dragged by USA into war with China.


alisoncc 21st Mar 2015 11:04

Wasn't going to happen. The US were blackmailing him over how he lost his trousers in Memphis. They had him dead to rights.

Hempy 21st Mar 2015 11:21

You'd have to hope poor Mal got something that night for losing his pants and $10,000 Rolex. At least Billy Sneddon fell off the perch actually on the job with his sons ex, and the condom was 'loaded'..

Stanwell 21st Mar 2015 17:56

Thanks Hempy. I'd forgotten about that.
If I have to go, 'Billy Snedden style' will do me thanks. :ok:

TWT 21st Mar 2015 23:08

FTTN is a joke.

The copper network is a disgrace.I've had line noise on my landline for the past month,they are so busy trying to patch up the network that they haven't got around to me as yet.Of course,the ADSL speed is woeful with the line noise too.Line noise is usually a result of corroded copper terminations somewhere.I'm one of the lucky ones,at least I do have a circuit to the exchange.

If it can't handle ADSL without problems,it sure won't handle anything faster !

It should always have been FTTH.

No Cookies | dailytelegraph.com.au

Hempy 22nd Mar 2015 03:13

Originally Posted by Stanwell
If I have to go, 'Billy Snedden style' will do me thanks.

According to the lady concerned - "I thought he was coming, not going" :ok:

MTOW 23rd Mar 2015 08:11

WTF was Julie Bishop thinking with her carrying on in the background the way she did while Joe Hockey was eulogising Malcolm Fraser? She's too canny a political operator (or you'd hope so) not to know the cameras would pick up her facial expressions and the head in hand gestures, so what message is she trying to send?

And to whom?

The more I see of her lately, the more worried I become.

Ascend Charlie 23rd Mar 2015 09:27

She's the same idiot who said we would support those 2 drug dealers for a comfortable life in jail for the rest of their days. But our pensioners deserve it whereas those 2 don't deserve a thing. Well, a couple of 7.62s, but that's about all they deserve.:ooh:

Hempy 23rd Mar 2015 09:59


Senator LAMBIE (Tasmania)

I move:

That the Senate take note of the answer given by the Attorney-General to a question without notice asked by me in relation to treason and sedition charges.

The Attorney-General, in answering my question without notice today regarding the laying of treason and sedition charges against Australian citizens who have clearly assisted or fought for Islamic State, shows that this Liberal- National government has gone soft on Australian citizens who choose to assist or fight for our enemy, an organisation that calls itself Islamic State, or ISIS. If the Liberal and National parties were fair dinkum about addressing the growing threat of Islamic Australian citizens who clearly are assisting the Islamic State organisation, then the Attorney-General and Australian law enforcement agencies would have laid the serious charges of sedition or treason against any Australian citizen who assists, as the legislation reads, 'by any means whatever'—and I will repeat that: 'by any means whatever'—an organisation that is engaged in armed hostilities against the Australian Defence Force.

The government are quick to say to the Australian people that we need to introduce new laws which take away and undermine basic civil rights to privacy because we need to crack down on Australian citizens who fight for or support the Islamic terrorists who want to kill us. But the government, by the Attorney-General's reply to my questions today, have shown that they are too lazy and stupid, or are trying to win political favour with the Australian Islamic community, by not laying the high-crime charges of treason and sedition against the hundreds, probably thousands, of Islamic Australian citizens who assist or have fought for the butchers of Islamic State.

The law which served previous generations of Australians who fought killers who wanted to impose by force a brutal dictatorship on our nation is clear. Division 80 of the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act 1995 states that any Australian who engages in conduct that assists by any means whatsoever, with intent to assist, another country or an organisation that is engaged in armed hostilities against the Australian Defence Force is guilty of treason and/or sedition and should face seven years to life in jail.

The key question Prime Minister Abbott and Attorney-General Brandis must answer before any new anti-terror laws which take away or undermine basic civil democratic rights pass this Senate is this: why have you failed to use tried and tested existing laws which came into being to protect the majority of law-abiding, proud Australians from these exact circumstances, which are coordinated attacks from a group of dirty, savage, filthy traitors?

The Islamic State supporter who carried out the Sydney siege and brutal killing, as well as being a criminal, was an Australian citizen and clearly an Australian traitor. Man Haron Monis's actions were designed to assist the organisation Islamic State. I would like the people of Tasmania and Australia to consider this set of circumstances that could happen in the future. What if a traitorous Australian citizen like Monis survived a siege after killing Australian citizens? Should that person face a maximum penalty of life in jail or should an Australian jury have the option of imposing the death sentence on a killer, traitor and terrorist supporter? While I normally oppose the death penalty, I say yes to the death penalty for only these circumstances.

In closing: as many will know, I have received a letter and photos from a writer who has threatened to behead me if I do not convert to Islam and support sharia law. It could be a hoax. It could be real. Either way, my message to Islamic State supporters in Australia is clear: get stuffed. I will not be intimidated and I will not be threatened. Anybody who supports and advocates for sharia law, the law of our enemies, should be put behind bars or deported. It is as simple as that.

Stanwell 23rd Mar 2015 10:46

I'm not normally so hard-nosed, but I'm inclined to agree with you there.
Goodnight chaps, you had your day in the sunshine - at other people's expense.:=

Also you, Hempy.
I've had some reservations about Jacquie but I have to go along with her on that one.

I listened to Malcolm Fraser's 2012 Whitlam Oration on Radio National a little earlier this evening.
The second half of it, where he addressed Australia's relationship with the USA - and China, made for some interesting listening.
Thank you, Malcolm.

parabellum 23rd Mar 2015 12:11

I believe that several years ago Malcolm Fraser completely lost the plot and never found his way back, now that he has died it will be a while before anyone in public office sticks their head above the parapet and draws attention to this.

Julia Bishop, by virtue of her office, is duty bound to propose all and any solution that might save two Australian lives from a death penalty. Rest assured there are ample jounos just waiting for any opportunity at all to denigrate Bishop, Abbott and/or the LNP, she will be damned if she does and damned if she doesn't explore every avenue that might stop an execution.

Stanwell 23rd Mar 2015 13:39

It's all very well to speculate on Malcolm having lost the plot at some stage.
Contrast that with Tony - who never had it in the first place, OK?

bosnich71 24th Mar 2015 06:11

Hold the presses !
Major Australian news !
Abbott eats an onion !
Bishop rolls her eyes !

F.F.S. I'm beginning to think that we all need a reality check.

Flying Binghi 24th Mar 2015 12:03

...my message to Islamic State supporters in Australia is clear: get stuffed. I will not be intimidated and I will not be threatened...
Heh... She will be called the 'Tasmanian Devil' for that..:cool:


rh200 24th Mar 2015 12:22

Contrast that with Tony - who never had it in the first place, OK?
Care to back that up with some facts and examples. And I don't mean catch phrases that are a result of not having the gift of the gab.

parabellum 25th Mar 2015 04:06

Stanwell - apart from your comment being completely irrelevant to the topic under discussion, what rh200 said.

Hempy 25th Mar 2015 04:21

That well known huggy fluffy Communist ranting red rag, the Australian Financial Review, seems to have summed it up.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott literally has lost the plot
Tony Abbott loses the budget plot | afr.com

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