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parabellum 15th Jul 2012 01:30

The more I hear and read of the ALP and the Greens approach to illegal immigrants that come by boat the more I am convinced that they are either totally ignorant of what is really happening or are actually conniving to allow unlimited entry to these unqualified queue jumpers.

In the case of Milne and Hanson - Young I accept their plea of total ignorance of pretty much everything that matters.

(Where is Worrals these days, a cruise, the Olympics perhaps?;)).

Clare Prop 15th Jul 2012 02:17

Groovy baby, Yeah!

Labor is getting its mojo back | Article | The Punch


Not just the Greens who are delusional.

hellsbrink 15th Jul 2012 04:36

Delusional indeed

the party that has gave us superannuation, family assistance, Medicare, anti discrimination, Mabo, land rights, the Franklin River to name a passing few
So this river (for we do not know which one the writer means) would not have existed if it were not for Labor (even though the rivers with that name had been there since times before the existence of the ALP)?

Now, if the muppet writing the article had said something along the lines of the "Franklin-Gordon National Park" (not the full name, I know, just using an example) then she would have had some semblance of credibility in the rest of the article. But to try and say that there would be no "Franklin River" unless the ALP GAVE it to the sheeple is unbelievable. And when you see something as ridiculous as that at the start of an article, you know that it's an imbecile writing the whole thing.

(we won't go into her other claims, especially Mabo)

Andu 15th Jul 2012 04:45

Many here call the Greens 'the watermelons' - (green on the outside, red on the inside). With that in mind, and recalling what the original Reds did with dissenters (or even perceived to be possible dissenters) back between the 1920s and the 1950s, when you consider that on the one hand, the Greens are calling for open door immigration while at the same time, their manifesto (available online) says that their Grand Plan sees a 'maximum sustainable' population of Australia of 7 million, you could be forgiven for asking what they plan to do with the other 16 million already here?

And that's not counting those who would come here under their open borders policy.

So what's their plan? Gulags-on-the-Murray? or Auschwitz-in-the Artesian-Basin?

This would be a good question to pose to every Greens Party member handing out How To Vote cards at the next election.

Andu 15th Jul 2012 20:56

Another boatload of asylum seekers arrives at Christmas Island
Anna Caldwell
July 15, 20128:53PM

UPDATE: A MERCHANT vessel has had to provide assistance to a new boat of asylum seekers north of Cocos Islands tonight as a second boatload arrived on Christmas Island.

The merchant vessel moved to help the boat, believed to be carrying 27 people, about 173 nautical miles north west of Cocos Islands, Australia's most westerly point of territory in the Indian Ocean.

The state of the asylum seeker boat is not known, but it follows a string of rescues.

The group is being transferred to the Cocos Islands, before they are taken to Christmas Island.

Meanwhile a group of 50 men and one boy are receiving medical checks on Christmas Island.

That group is believed to be Tamils, travelling from war-torn zones of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan authorities have arrested 131 would-be asylum seekers heading to Australia and seized a fishing trawler used for the people-smuggling operation.

The Sri Lankan navy detected the trawler off the island's eastern coast on Saturday and it was being escorted to the port of Trincomalee, 260 kilometres northeast of Colombo.

Pappa Smurf 15th Jul 2012 23:40

I can understand refugees coming from there own country--Sri Lanka etc,but via Indonesia is not on.
If i decided on a ship-jet holiday and flew to Indonesia on a one way ticket with the intention of catching a refugee boat back to Aus ,i wouldnt be allowed in ,in the first place.
If a refugee flees his country for safety,then he has succeeded ,even if its the country next door,so why is Australia the target.The money they pay to get on a leaky boat would make them wealthy in nearby countries.
BUT ,news gets back that Aus is such a generous place ,and gives you everything,even more than the residents.
So its a no-brainer really.

oldpax 16th Jul 2012 01:14

The truth
Actually the British government has a secret airline of surplus RAF transport planes that is for unemployed pilots and they are flying all our surplus illegal immigrants into Indonesia under a secret agreement between each country!!

allan907 16th Jul 2012 01:32

With the ALP/Greens bleeding hearts on this matter bending over backwards for those arriving by boat and jumping the queue does giving the red carpet treatment to those rich enough and able enough to afford this route fly in the face of the socialist principles of helping out the poor and disadvantaged?

Hmmm. Though so!

And how come, after all this time, and the dismantling of the Howard system, and the bleeding hearts of the faithful few on here, the ALP and Chris Bowen are now saying that offshore processing is "essential"

The Federal Immigration Minister Chris Bowen says Australia can't increase its humanitarian intake of refugees until a system of offshore processing for asylum seekers is reinstated.
Hoist by your own petard #2: Despite "rescuing" boats a mere 50 nm off the Indon coast and bringing them to Christmas Island Bowen says:

If you turn a boat back either in Australian waters or international waters, under international law they must be brought to the nearest port of call by the rescuing authority, which would be Australia.
my bolding.

It's astounding that a Cabinet Minister doesn't actually understand the concept of "nearest port" under International Law.

Clare Prop 16th Jul 2012 04:29

Remember that Ruddd set the precedent with the Oceanic Viking, all they have to do at the Indo port is refuse to disembark and hey presto, fast track to Australian residency.

So all that would achieve is that the ships were delayed for a few hours caving in to the emotional blackmail before they could rush off to pick up the next lot.


parabellum 16th Jul 2012 08:23

i wouldnt be allowed in ,in the first place
Unless you had the special, anywhere between $200 and $500 per head, 'Administration Fee', per person and payable in US$ please!


o all that would achieve is that the ships were delayed for a few hours caving
in to the emotional blackmail before they could rush off to pick up the next
Yes, if you let them onto a RAN ship, but if you can get them back to Indonesia on their own boat, without them deliberately sinking it first, you may have a chance, might need to put armed marines on board until the boat was handed over to Indonesian authorities..

Andu 16th Jul 2012 13:41

The Pickering Post

Election to trial electronic roll checks

The 2013 federal election will trial technology to electronically check voter enrolment, but it won't be rolled out across all seats.

Two years ago the federal parliament passed laws allowing electronic checking of the voter roll.

Electoral commissioner Ed Killesteyn told a parliamentary inquiry hearing in Canberra on Monday that despite the laws being in place the full system would not be up and running for the election likely in late 2013.

He said if the system was to operate it would require more than 45,000 electronic devices being rolled out at great cost to the government.

Then there was the practical issue of setting up a computer network that could automatically duplicate the electoral roll to a central point, he said.

A "modest number" of devices would be trialled for pre-polling voting, mobile polling stations and election-day polling booths for the 2013 election.

"There is a process of learning we need to go through," Mr Killesteyn said.

If an election was held before late 2013 the system would not be ready to be trialled, he said.

Electoral matters committee chairman, Labor MP Daryl Melham, said he doubted whether the system would be as good as the current manual checks.

"It will blow up in the face of the election in which it is conducted," Mr Melham said.

Mr Killesteyn also confirmed to the committee that changes to electoral law would continue to allow political parties to send out postal vote application material.

Liberal MP and committee member Bronwyn Bishop said the process was made unclear by the law changes.

The hearing continues.

Andu 16th Jul 2012 14:02

An even more interesting article from Larry Pickering: (well worth the read)

The Pickering Post

And more interesting than that:

Message from admin.
The Pickering Post website has unexpectedly gone down. We are receiving reports that there may have been some hacking or intervention, in only 2 hours after we have uploaded the Gillard story. Our IT staff are looking into it. Please be patient as we try to get back online. In the meantime, you can go to The Pickering Post Facebook page for updates at:

allan907 16th Jul 2012 15:10

Fascinating article Andu. I particularly liked

Gillard's former partner in this Bonny & Clyde type crime spree, now has to hide under a rock cooking meals for pensioners while she cavorts the World stage throwing money around that she doesn't have. He has reason to be angry.

Wilson was disposable, as were Rudd, McClelland and Wilkie, in her attempt to hold power. Wilson says Gillard is equally culpable but he can't expose her without further incriminating himself.
One does wonder whether events on this and previous threads where individuals have been banned and threads shut down because of "interference" by some were not part and parcel of the attempts by Sussex St to stifle criticism of this current rabble. But I suppose that's drawing a long bow - isn't it???

Fubaar 16th Jul 2012 23:23

Just announced on the radio - two more boats today. They'll be publishing a timetable next.


I liked

Electoral matters committee chairman, Labor MP Daryl Melham, said he doubted whether the system would be as good as the current manual checks.
I wonder what defines "as good"? Could it be "not as good = more difficult to fiddle"?

eagle 86 17th Jul 2012 01:45

I notice in the latest news juliar is still blaming Abbott for her failed illegal immigrant program and hopes that the solutions found by her committee led by my old mate the helicopter pilot will sort out the problem. Unfortunately my experience on such committees shows me that they already have the solution - given to them by juliar in their terms of reference - and all they have to do is come up with is the arguments to support the conclusions. At a ministerial level this government does not have the guts to blame the real culprits blocking a solution - the greens.

Fubaar 17th Jul 2012 02:26

I have to agree, eagle. I don't think Angus will come up with anything that will rock the boat enough to spill the gin and tonics on the poop deck. He's too much the politician to do that.

allan907 17th Jul 2012 03:33

If he comes up with anything that contradicts the government's line then Angus is a dead man. So don't hold your breath.

He doesn't want to be known as the man who finally brought down this corrupt incompetent government - and in any case with the public love-in between him and Jooliar why would he want to?

Saltie 17th Jul 2012 04:16

He doesn't want to be known as the man who finally brought down this corrupt incompetent government
If I found myself in his unique position, I'd jump at the chance. If he did it, he wouldn't have to buy a beer at a RAAF reunion for the rest of his life. And maybe the Libs would give him the GG slot eventually rather than this sorry lot.

Solid Rust Twotter 17th Jul 2012 06:47

...He doesn't want to be known as the man who finally brought down this corrupt incompetent government - and in any case with the public love-in between him and Jooliar why would he want to?
To demonstrate ownership of a spine?

SOPS 17th Jul 2012 07:25

To show he actually has a few brain cells to rub together??

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